Ranks in Russian customs in ascending order

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Ranks in Russian customs in ascending order
Ranks in Russian customs in ascending order

Position is a separate part of the organizational structure of the customs service, fixed in the official documentation. It is provided to the employee for practical implementation, determines the range of his duties, rights and degree of responsibility, as well as the legal position in the overall system of the customs structure. What are the ranks in customs? This is detailed in the article.

General list

Ranks in the customs are received by citizens who have just entered the service here, and employees with a certain length of service. In the aggregate list without division into categories, the following ranks appear here:

  1. Ensigns: regular and senior.
  2. Lieutenants: simple, junior and senior.
  3. Captain.
  4. Major.
  5. Lieutenant colonel.
  6. Colonel.
  7. Generals: major, lieutenant and colonel.
  8. State Counselor.

What ranks in customs should be and their appointment is regulated by paragraph 1 of Art. 5 FZ №114.

Job system

Positions in customs

It is formed on the basis of paragraph 2 of Art. 5 designated law. Arranged in a hierarchical manner. Ranks inRussian customs in ascending order are divided into four trains:

  1. Jr.
  2. Middle manager.
  3. Senior commander.
  4. Top management.

Posts of the first three categories and requirements for them are approved by the Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the country. The formation of paragraph 4 is the prerogative of the president.

FZ No. 114 regulates that at the state level, customs officers receive special ranks in the following format.

Rank /Composition





Lieutenants and Captain


Major, lieutenant colonel and colonel


Generals and adviser

First and next

These may be ranks in the customs. Some up to the captain's rank can only be assigned by the heads of the relevant departments. To do this, they must be endowed with a certain right of the Chairman of the State Customs Committee.

Second employees can receive being in the hierarchy from major to colonel. They are assigned by the head of the State Customs Committee himself. The same principle works when an employee moves to the middle or senior staff

Customs ranks from Major General are received from the President. Candidates are nominated by the Chairman of the State Customs Committee.

When an employee is awarded the first special rank, he must take an oath. To do this, he is given a period of 2 months from thismoment. You can find the necessary text of the oath in Art. 19 FZ 114. The algorithm for its adoption is interpreted by the head of the State Customs Committee.

Question about seniority

Special ranks are assigned sequentially in accordance with the position that the employee occupies, as well as upon completion of the normalized period of service.

An employee can be awarded another title as a reward for conscientious work. And this happens before the end of the served period. But, one way or another, the customs officer does not receive a title that does not correspond to the position.

For special achievements, the next rank can be one step higher than the position. But you can become its owner only when the period of service ends.


To get the next rank in customs, and one level above a certain position, there is another loophole. To do this, the employee must have a degree. But this principle is limited hierarchically: after the rank of colonel, it no longer applies.

Customs officers with this degree are also en titled to a financial bonus. It is produced monthly. It is calculated as a percentage in relation to the official salary. Its parameters depend on the magnitude of the degree. These data are reflected in the following table:


Surcharge in %





Associate Professor




An employee receives a bonus in such cases:

  1. If he has a degree by his first day in customs. Accrual starts from now.
  2. He gets his degree while serving in customs. The calculation starts from the day when the All-Russian Academy of Sciences decides to issue a diploma, a candidate, or awards a doctoral degree.
  3. For professorial rank or associate professor status. The accrual is carried out from the day when the Ministry of Education issues a positive verdict on the award of these degrees.

In a misdemeanor situation

If an employee is marked by a disciplinary sanction (an exception is his oral form) or is accused in a criminal case, then his professional promotion is suspended. And he can apply for a new title only after the withdrawal of claims and the completion of the criminal process. Moreover, in the latter, in the second variant, rehabilitating grounds should appear.

Also, the employee does not receive a new rank while an internal check is being carried out.

If the head of the customs organization, without valid justification, delays the submission of a subordinate to the next rank, then he is subject to disciplinary punishment. And the designated employee can count on compensation for the well-deserved funds that he could receive if he was given the next rank in a timely manner.

Shoulder straps and stars. General provisions

All ranks of customs officers are also expressed in the clothes of employees. There are also distinctive features inshoulder straps. This is the number, and the location, and the diameters of the stars, and the geometric shape of the edges, and the color, and more.

Also, an employee in a particular rank is determined by some special elements. For example, representatives of the leadership in the form have a line embroidered with golden thread.

The following details the characteristics of shoulder straps in accordance with a specific rank.

Management staff

In his uniform, shoulder straps have the following distinctive characteristics:

  1. Shape – rectangle
  2. Trapezoid top edge.
  3. Availability of fabric color field.
  4. According to item 3, there is a line embroidered with a textured golden thread.
  5. Green edging. He is missing in uniform on his shirt.
  6. Embroidered stars are available in the same color as the specified thread. Their diameter is 2.2 cm.
  7. The button is concentrated in the upper side of the shoulder straps. This is important!

The photo of shoulder straps of high-ranking customs ranks is presented below.

Shoulder straps of the customs adviser

Special clothing

Customs top commanding officers have epaulettes with the following characteristics:

  1. Rectangular shape.
  2. The top edge looks like a trapezoid.
  3. There is a field of galloon.
  4. Flower fabric intertwined with green piping.
  5. The stars on the shoulder straps are olive. Their diameter is 2.2 cm.
  6. Button in upper zone.
  7. Arrangement of stars - longitudinal centerline.
  8. Their number differs depending on the rank. So on the shoulder straps of the currenttheir advisor 4.
Top management

As for the category of generals, here is the following ratio of stars: the colonel has three, the lieutenant has two, the major has one.

Senior management team

His uniform and special clothes are equipped with epaulettes, which have:

  1. Rectangular shape.
  2. Trapezoid top edge.
  3. There is a field of galloon. It is distinguished by a special combination of fabric coloring with a pair of transverse gaps.
  4. There is a border.
  5. A button is arranged in the upper zone.

Stars are concentrated on them, the diameter of which is 2 cm. Their number and location are also determined by the level of rank in the Russian customs. It turns out the following picture:

  1. Colonel - three stars. Two - from below on both sides in relation to the longitudinal line. The third is above them on the center line.
  2. Lieutenant colonel - two. They are located from two zones from the longitudinal line along the axis.
  3. Major is one. On the designated line in paragraph 2.
senior management

Middle management

The uniform and overalls of this category of customs officers are almost the same shoulder straps as the senior leadership. The differences are only in three points:

  1. One transverse clearance.
  2. The diameter of the stars is 1.4 cm.

For certain ranks, they have their own number. The ratio is:

  1. Captain - four stars. Two below and on both sides of the longitudinal line. Another pair is above them on the longitudinalaxis.
  2. Senior lieutenant - three. The location is identical to item 1. Only one star on top.
  3. Lieutenant - two. Their positions are similar to items 1 and 2.
  4. Second lieutenant - one. Location - on the longitudinal line along the axis.
Middle management

Junior employees

Their uniforms and overalls are equipped with epaulettes, which are identical in geometry and design to those of senior management. The stars on shoulder straps have a diameter of 1.4 cm (as in the average composition). Depending on the rank, their number and location is as follows:

  1. Senior Ensign - 3 stars. All of them are arranged on a longitudinal line along the axis.
  2. Ensign - two. The location is identical.
  3. Junior commanding staff

Sleeve symbols

This is a mandatory attribute complete with shoulder straps and stars to identify the rank of a customs officer. It is sewn to the outside of the mandatory left sleeve. This principle works both for uniforms and workwear for employees.

Patch example

With the help of the sleeve insignia, it is also determined which customs department of the country the official belongs to. The patch is made on the right sleeve, on its outer side. Appropriate clothing type: tunic, jacket or wool jumper.

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