Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks: composition, description, reviews

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Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks: composition, description, reviews
Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks: composition, description, reviews

The Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks is counting down the second century of its activity. Carefully preserving the relics and replenishing the collection, employees strive to tell about the city and its people at exhibitions, lectures, in the halls of the museum, conducting educational work, generously sharing their knowledge with visitors.


The Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks was opened in November 1899. For its organization, a building was built according to the project of the architect A. Yashchenko. Funds for the museum were raised by the whole world, donations came from individuals and public organizations, but the main contribution was made by the military treasury. Part of the items for museum collections were donated by collectors. In 1904, the established "Church Historical Society" began active work on the collection and storage of valuable items, and later the exhibits were transferred to the museum.

During the Civil War, with the advance of the White Guards to Novorossiysk, most of the exhibits, archives, fundsThe Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks and the Don Archive were evacuated in a hurry. The work was carried out in an emergency mode, even an inventory of property was not compiled. Boarded up boxes with valuable cargo have undergone many misadventures, were raided and looted, as a result of which most of the funds were lost without a trace.

Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks Novocherkassk

In 1941 the museum received the status of a regional cultural institution. During the war, the city of Novocherkassk was occupied, the museum was plundered. The Germans took out an impressive collection of rarities, including paintings by famous Western European artists. Some of the valuables were returned in 1947.

In 1999, the 100th anniversary of the Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks was widely celebrated. To date, the premises were renovated, the permanent exhibition was updated. Today the museum complex consists of three main parts, the funds contain more than 200 thousand unique items dedicated to the history, traditions and exploits of the Cossacks.


The modern center of culture and history includes the memorial museums of the artists Krylov and Grekov, as well as the Ataman Palace. The museum has an extensive collection of art paintings of the Wanderers, Western European painting. The pride of the exposition is the "Don Parsuna" collection - a series of Cossack portraits, as well as portraits of the reigning dynasty.

The Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks cherishes the world's only collection of Cossack banners, regimentalstandards, bunchuks of the period of 18-19 centuries. The pearl of the collection is the memorial personal belongings of Ataman Matvey Platov, who became famous in the Patriotic War of 1812 for his feats of arms and became the founder of Novocherkassk.

exposition of the museum of the history of the Don Cossacks Novocherkassk

On the stands of the exhibition halls you can get acquainted with a unique collection of weapons, firearms and cold steel, most of the collection consists of award rarities of the officers of the Don Cossacks, including the generals. The popularity of the museum is supported by the scientific library, the fund of which consists of 15 thousand books, the most valuable early printed copies belong to the 16-18th century, there are 9 thousand of them in the collection.


The exposition and exhibition areas of the museum occupy more than 2 thousand square meters, almost 500 square meters have been given for storage facilities, the remaining areas are occupied by temporary exhibitions.

The most valuable collections of the Museum of the History of the Cossacks in the city of Novocherkassk (Rostov Region) are as follows:

  • Rare pieces of cold steel and firearms, including premium - 650 pieces.
  • Cossack troops banners - 300 unique standards.
  • Art canvases (icon painting, paintings of the Wanderers, Western European painting) - 2000 units.
  • Old printed books - 9000 books.
  • Porcelain, small sculpture - 1000 items.

The Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks conducts research, educational, publishing, exhibitionactivity. Every year, more than 30 temporary exhibitions are opened, the exhibits of which are rarities from the museum's funds. There is an aesthetic education studio, lectures are given, and concerts are held in the music room.

Ataman Palace

The palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and is recognized as an architectural monument. Its construction was due to the fact that in 1827 the crown prince was granted the title of August Ataman of the Cossack troops. To accept the symbol of power in front of the military circle, a residence was built, where in the future it was possible to live, hold official meetings and social receptions.

Construction and interior work were completed in 1862, from that moment the Ataman Palace became the center of the cultural, business and social life of the city. In the second half of the 19th century, a two-storey house church was built at the palace. During the Civil War, the residence became the headquarters of the White Guards, where A. Kaledin, A. Bogaevsky and P. Krasnov worked at different times.

ataman's palace

After the arrival of Soviet power in the city of Novocherkassk (Rostov region), local governments were located in the building. In 2001, the historic building became part of the museum. The exposition was opened to visitors in 2005.

Museum of battle painter

The memorial house-museum of M. B. Grekov was opened in 1957. Mitrofan Grekov is the founder of the battle painting of the Soviet period. The artist lived in Novocherkassk from 1918 to 1931 and it was one of the most fruitful periods of the master's creative biography. Behindduring this time he created 74 canvases, including “The Battle of Yegorlykskaya”, “Cavalry Attack”, “To the Detachment to Budyonny” and many others.

Memorial House Museum of M. B. Grekov

The house-museum is located on Grekova Street, building 124. The artist lived in this house for 13 years, and now the rooms are dedicated to the memory and work of the artist. The funds contain more than 1200 items, including painting, sculpture, graphics, photo archive. The collection is replenished with works of graduates of the Grekov Art School in Rostov. Employees carry out educational, research work. In addition to excursions, visitors are invited to master classes conducted by professional artists.

Krylov Museum

The memorial house-museum appeared as a result of a joint initiative of the Museum of the Don Cossacks and the daughter of the artist L. I. Guryeva. The opening took place in 1979. Ivan Krylov painted over a thousand paintings, including sketches, scenery, paintings. His paintings were highly valued by professionals and amateurs, bought into private collections, exhibited at foreign and domestic exhibitions.

A few years before his death, he donated 900 paintings to the city of Novocherkassk (Rostov region). During the occupation, many paintings suffered at the hands of the invaders. The vast majority of the master's paintings are devoted to the Don region, its open spaces and the beauty of nature. Currently, the museum complex includes a residential building where the artist lived, unfortunately, the workshop has not been preserved. In the place where she oncewas, now an apartment building has been built, on the first floor of which there is a memorial hall of I. Krylov.

house-museum of the artist I.I. Krylova

A large number of the master's personal belongings are stored in the exposition and funds. The materials of the stands tell the biography and creative path of the master. Creative meetings, musical evenings are held in the living rooms of the memorial museum, lectures are given, educational work is being carried out. House-Museum of I.I. Krylova is located on Budennovskaya street, building 92.


The Novocherkassk Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks is waiting for citizens and guests of the city. And invites them to such excursions:

  • Ataman Palace.
  • The role of the Don Cossacks in the history of the Russian state.
  • Don barrows and their secrets.
  • Landscape painter N. Dubovskoy.
  • Singer of the steppes I. Krylov.
  • Artist M. Grekov.

In addition to excursions, visitors are offered interactive classes, games and quests:

  • Quest game "Palace secrets".
  • Interactive lesson "Treasures of the Wild Field".
  • Family Maze Game.
orod novocherkassk rostov region

The cost of visiting the museum for adults is from 50 to 150 rubles, excursion service - from 200 to 600 rubles per person. There are discounts for students, schoolchildren and pensioners.


Visitors who visited the Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks in Novocherkassk noted that the permanent exhibition introduces not only the traditions of the Cossacks, but alsohistory of the region, its flora and fauna. Many liked the halls with weapons, banners, standards of the Cossack troops, some thought that the halls with paintings and antiquities were more interesting. Most sightseers assure that the museum is a great place to learn more about Novocherkassk and the people who created and developed it.

Some visitors indicated that the exposition is somewhat fragmented, many exhibits are missing, that is, the description is present, but the item itself is not on the stand. Also, in the reviews of tourists it is written that the museum has rather local history functions, little can be learned about the history of the Cossacks.

The Ataman's Palace causes more enthusiasm among tourists, it is recommended to visit almost everyone who has visited it. Visitors note luxurious interiors, friendly staff and a rich exposition. According to the sightseers, all the halls of the palace are worthy of attention, the exposition dedicated to the tragedy of 1962 enjoys the constant interest of the public.

How to get there

The Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks is located in Novocherkassk, on Atamanskaya Street, Building 38.

The exposition is available for visits from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00, on Sundays - a day off. You can get to the museum by bus route number 1 or number 9 to the stop "Department Store".

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