I don't want to join the army, what should I do?

I don't want to join the army, what should I do?
I don't want to join the army, what should I do?

"I don't want to join the army" is a thought many young people realize. Student life is more interesting and freer. There are so many prospects and opportunities in the future, but you will have to wear tough kirzachi and wear a terrible uniform. Is it possible to stay in civilian life permanently, what are the options to get away from the draft board?

Finding legal paths

"If I don't want to join the army, then I have to get out" - many people think. To do this, first consider the existing legislation. The first is to get a reprieve. It can be purchased automatically, enter the university for higher education.

I don't want to join the army

"If I don't want to join the army and I'm too lazy to study, then I can find a job with a delay" - and this is also the right idea. Exemption is received by employees of the fire service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations. There is an opportunity to choose an alternative civilian service.

The law provides for the possibility of deferment due to marital status. "If I don't want to go to the army, I can take a child as a dependent. Then no one from the family will take away the only breadwinner," some young people argue like that. However, the wife may be offered payments for the duration of the passageservices.

Who will not be taken into the ranks of the RF Armed Forces

"If I really don't want to join the army, then I need to consider all the possibilities," the potential recruit decides. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, convicted citizens, as well as those serving sentences at the moment in places of deprivation of liberty, are not involved in the service. Persons under investigation are also not subject to conscription. So, the usual hooliganism with consequences will give a respite for the time of clarifying the circumstances. However, this method can ruin the rest of your life.

I don't want to join the army

However, often even the police try to send a recruit to the draft board, trying to find an opportunity to cover up the case. Of course, if the crime is not classified as serious. It is better to look for more painless ways to delay for a normal future life.

He alth

"If I don't want to join the army, what should I do?" - asks yesterday's schoolboy. Doctors know the answer. The most common reason for obtaining an exemption from service is poor he alth. Ordinary flat feet are strong evidence of a guy's inability to perform prolonged physical exercise.

I don't want to join the army, what should I do?

If the son does not want to join the army, it is recommended to undergo an examination at the clinic in order to find possible he alth deviations. Currently, more than 50% of adolescents already have chronic diseases. Unfortunately, this is the statistics of the Ministry of He alth of Russia. This is a good way to save yourself from wearing a green uniform.

However, rememberthat a military ticket due to illness will put an end to future work in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and others, where excellent he alth and the passage of a medical commission are required. In pursuit of obtaining a certificate for release from the army, you can put an end to your future career. Even people who want to consider themselves absolutely he althy have diseases.

It is advisable to find a specialist for this, who is engaged in the search for suitable diseases. An ordinary doctor can make a diagnosis that is disadvantageous in terms of exemption from military service.


If a guy doesn't want to join the army, he can review the legislation that gives a deferment. For he alth reasons, they can postpone the call for one year by decision of the commission on limited fitness. Lucky for those who were recognized as generally unable to serve.

son does not want to join the army

There is a list of diseases that determines the category of conscripts who receive deferrals. However, the recruitment commission in the military registration and enlistment office should establish the suitability or unfitness. This period is set to one year.

To receive this deferment, the mandatory presence of the conscript in the premises is required when the results of the commission are announced. The established category of suitability is brought to the attention. Without it, a deferral cannot be granted.

Difficult cases

If the commission doubts the category of suitability, then by common agreement, the conscript can be sent for treatment to local medical institutions. At the end of the appointed term, the recruit again appears before the commission for a re-examination. Andthis time, the same verdict is possible, which can be repeated several times.

There are positive aspects to this. If the commission made a decision without the presence of the draftee, then it can be challenged in court and receive the required delay. The military registration and enlistment office always has legal deviations in the process of issuing a verdict. Therefore, most cases are winning.

guy doesn't want to join the army

Russian law allows not to be drafted after receiving a summons on a legitimate occasion - a trial in court. If you repeat a similar process periodically in spring and autumn, then you can stay in civilian life for as long as you like. And consideration of the case in court is a very long process and takes almost the entire season.

Family concerns

Knowing the law is also recommended for those who have not wondered about draft evasion. For example, guys whose one of the parents received a fatal injury in the service may not go to the draft board. Such persons are completely exempt from conscription.

Deferments are required to be received until the age of 27, then no one will be able to call on a guy. A good reason is the presence of 2 children, or when the spouse is in an interesting position, confirmed by a medical certificate. If the guy is the breadwinner of elderly parents, relatives or other officially registered persons, they do not call.

Study has always been the best and most rewarding way to stay out of the draft for longyears. Upon graduation, young people could get a job with a reservation and not go to the army at all. If they managed to get a degree, then they had to forget about the draft board altogether.

During the study period, it was also possible to take academic leave for a year due to illness. Which also served as a way to still evade the army. Serving in religious institutions exempts from conscription, but it will be difficult for young people to confirm their status if they do not graduate from some kind of seminary.

If you can’t come up with a right and legal way to delay on your own, then it’s better to turn to professionals. Now there are a lot of savvy lawyers with successful completion of cases in any city.

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