Andrew Wilson: American actor and director, biography

Andrew Wilson: American actor and director, biography
Andrew Wilson: American actor and director, biography

Andrew Wilson is an American actor, director and producer of Irish origin, born August 22, 1964 in Dallas (Texas, USA) in a creative family.


His mother, Laura Cunningham, was a photographer and his father, Robert Wilson, was an advertising executive and public television station operator. Andrew's younger brothers - Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson - are famous Hollywood actors who starred in more than a hundred films each. In childhood, all three studied at St. Mark's School for Boys in Dallas, Texas, along with other well-known Hollywood actors Tommy Lee Jones and Stephen Dignan.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is an actor who showed creativity as a child. He grew up as an artistic child, loved to demonstrate his talent in the performing arts in public, and also showed a genuine interest in independent productions of small plays and fairy tales of his own composition, which he enthusiastically showed to his family and friends in a playful way.

Working in movies

Andrew Wilson first appeared on screen as an actor in The Jim Henson Hour, which aired in the US from 1989 to 1992, a year later he starred in the TV movie The Last Underwaterboat "(1993), followed by acting and producing work in" Bottle Rocket "(1995). Wilson's fame was brought by successful projects, highly appreciated by both critics and viewers -" Rushmore Academy "(1998)," The Tenenbaum Family "(2001) and "Scammers" (2002). Of the minor roles (episodic) can be distinguished in the films - "House of Pain", "Unkissed", "Wormy Fruit", "Charlie's Angels", "Return of Merlin", "Model Male", "The Show Begins", "The Big Steal", "Baseball Fever", "Handy Week", "Cool Cupcakes" and more.

He directed the comedy film "The Wendell Story" (2003), starring both of Andrew's younger brothers. In 2014, he directed the short film Satellete beach with Luke Wilson. The picture was nominated for honorary awards, received a victory at festivals in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. This year, Andrew for the first time took part in voicing one of the characters in the science fiction thriller "Dark Road". In general, in his creative career there are works in the comedy genre, in which the actor shows the greatest interest.

Private life

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Andrew Wilson currently lives permanently in California, was married to African Nnogo Obiamiwa, the former spouses have a joint child - son Joseph Wilson, born in 2003.

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