Sights of Korolev, Moscow region: description, history and interesting facts

Sights of Korolev, Moscow region: description, history and interesting facts
Sights of Korolev, Moscow region: description, history and interesting facts

Many of us want to get acquainted with the history of other cities, their memorable places. But most simply do not have time for this. After all, the road, excursions and rest can drag on for a long time. But why go far? You can find a day and go to the nearest city in your area.

This article is for Muscovites. Not far from the capital is the beautiful city of Korolev, the sights of which we will consider. Various sightseeing tours and tours of memorable places are quite popular here. So, let's find out what this city is famous for and look at the sights of the city of Korolev, Moscow Region.

The first thing S. Korolev is associated with is rockets, the first flight into space, Gagarin. But there is also a city in the Moscow region, which bears the name of a great scientist and designer.

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In the twelfth century, several villages of Slavic tribes scattered along the banks of the Klyazma River settled on the territory of the settlement. It is believed that an old trade route connecting the Principality of Moscow and Vladimir-Suzdal ran in this area. At the beginningIn the eighteenth century, one of the first industrial enterprises in Russia was launched in this place - a manufactory producing linen and cloth. In 1918, the Gun Factory from Petrograd was moved to the territory of the dacha village Podlipki.

Podlipki appeared as a holiday village at the end of the century before last, after which the name changed three more times: in the twenty-eighth year of the last century - the village of Kalininsky, in the thirty-eighth year - the city of Kaliningrad. And in 1996, in honor of the general designer of rocket and space systems, S.P. Korolev, it was renamed the city of Korolev. Its sights are closely connected with the history of the name.

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The structure of Kaliningrad included two more settlements - Bolshevo and Kostino. They have an entertaining story that has become an integral part of the annals of Kaliningrad-Korolev. For more than three hundred years, the Bolshevo land had the glory of an ancient center of weaving production. Back in the time of Peter the Great, the nascent Russian fleet was equipped with canvas from Bolshevo.

Kostino became known in the country and abroad for the presence of a labor commune of homeless children, which was organized in the twenty-fourth year of the twentieth century at the suggestion of "Iron" Felix.

And now let's move on to the main thing. Let's start describing the sights of the Queen.

Air Control Center

The mission control center was established in October 1960 in this town as a computer center that allows processing and analyzing information received from the firstspace devices.

At the present time, the Center is still functioning and carries out flight control of the department of the Russian part of the International Space Station, both manned vehicles and those operating in automatic mode.

The MCC staff will help arrange visits to the center for both Russian and foreign citizens. In the process of traveling through this landmark of the city of Korolev, you will visit the hall from which, over the past fifteen years, the orbital station Mir, crowned with laurels, has been operated. You will also be able to see the Main Mission Control Hall of the International Space Station, and most importantly, it is rarely given to anyone to observe the work of controlling the orbital complex in real time.

You will hear many different stories about the arrangement and activities of the Center, you can watch fascinating videos about the life of astronauts in orbit, but nothing compares to the opportunity to observe the control of the orbital station in real time.

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Space Technology Museum

The name of this attraction Queen of the Moscow Region speaks for itself. Here are exhibits that characterize the history of the creation of our rocket and space technology: from the primary Soviet long-range ballistic missiles to the Energia launch vehicle and the Sea Launch strategic rocket and space complex, from early artificially created Earth satellites to pilot-controlledtransport spaceships of various modifications.

The museum is represented by a demonstration hall, the Hall of Labor Glory and the Memorial Room of S.P. Korolev.


In the showroom of this Korolev attraction, there is nothing but rockets, satellites, and the whole history of domestic and Soviet rocket and space technology unfolds before your eyes.

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The Hall of Labor Glory is a story in the faces of those people who made it, but remained behind the scenes, the story of ordinary hard workers, without whom the ideas of great scientists and designers would be very problematic to bring to life. Everything is present here: photographs, documentary sources, awards, mementos, etc.

In the Memorial room of S.P. Korolyov, the life of a simple person is displayed, everything that a simple layman needed in modern conditions to create.

Besides, visiting any sight of the Queen is not just an opportunity to touch history, it is a chance to watch it. Seeing and touching the apparatus on which Yuri Gagarin returned home is something beyond words. And full-scale models of the original Soyuz-Apollo interethnic orbital complex and the Salyut station located in orbit, with their similarity, make it possible to touch the history of mankind.

Royal Museum of History

Be sure to visit the Royal Historical Museum. In it you will find models of flight equipment, vehicles from the Great Patriotic War,prototypes of combat missiles, artillery pieces, various photographs and documents.

The museum also tells about the contribution of the residents of the city of Korolev to the development of defense and science. The exhibits tell about the life of summer residents at the beginning of the last century, who went through the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. The rocket and space time of the city's development is represented by models of various combat missiles, spacecraft and ships.

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Memorial House-Museum of S. N. Durylin

The Historical House-Museum of S. N. Durylin is a museum of all-Russian general educational significance. Sergey Nikolaevich Durylin - writer, theatrical and literary "critic" (as he called himself) of the first half of the last century.

His house in Bolshevo was built at the beginning of the 20th century, based on the surviving remains of the destroyed Strastnoy Monastery. Durylin collected an amazing collection of icons from the 17th - early 20th centuries, as well as works by K. Malevich, R. R. Falk, M. A. Voloshin, V. D. Polenov, K. F. Bagaevsky, L. O. Pasternak and others. In his House-Museum, photographs and personal belongings of B. L. Pasternak, S. T. Richter, N. D. Teleshev, as well as servants of the Maly, Bolshoi and Art Theaters have been preserved. So here you will not just enrich yourself culturally, but discover many interesting facts for yourself.

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Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva

Well, the most majestic from a cultural point of view is an extraordinary museum of its kind dedicated tocreativity of the talented Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. This museum is known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

It was located in the village of Bolshevo, where the poetess lived in the first days after emigration. The most important fragments of the museum collection are memorial items that belonged to the Tsvetaeva-Efron family. In addition, among the exhibits of the house-museum you will see paintings by Y. Judreau, V. Kleroy, G. Zaitsev, autographs of famous compatriots Tsvetaeva - N. Mandelstam, B. L. Pasternak, L. Libedinskaya, M. I. Belkina and others, as well as things that once belonged to A. S. Efron and S. Ya. Efron, M. A. Voloshin, B. L. Pasternak.

The Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva is not only exhibits related to the priceless past, but also a meeting place for people of the creative intelligentsia, organizing interesting exhibitions and traditional Tsvetaeva readings.

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It is museums that are the most significant sights of the city of Korolev, Moscow Region.

Trinity Church

The Trinity Church was built in 2007 on the territory of the Valentinovsky field. In 2003, a wooden church was erected in the name of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity, in 2005 it was consecrated by Metropolitan Juvenaly of Krutitsy and Kolomna. In the same year, construction began on a large parish two-story brick building in the style of pre-Mongolian churches.

The laying of the first stone of this landmark Korolev was made by Archbishop Gregory of Mozhaisk in November 2006. In the same year, the lower church was erected in honor of the Pochaev Icon of God.Mother with a chapel of the Nativity of the Holy Prophet the Baptist John, St. Spyridon of Trimifuntsky. Sunday school open, library with video viewing.

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The church keeps the miraculous icon "The Image of Christ the Savior Not Made by Hands", the icons of Blessed Xenia and Matrona of Moscow, the large icon of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers, the icon of the rector of the church, John Monarshek, which is an exact copy of Rublev's Holy Trinity.

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