Biography, creativity, personal life and illness of Svetlana Surganova

Biography, creativity, personal life and illness of Svetlana Surganova
Biography, creativity, personal life and illness of Svetlana Surganova

Svetlana Surganova was born on 11/14/1968 in Leningrad. Her biological parents abandoned her at the hospital. Until the age of 3, Svetlana was brought up in a baby house, and at the age of 3 she was adopted by a candidate of biological sciences - Surganova Lia Davydovna.

The girl grew up as a creative person, as a child she played the violin. She began writing her first compositions at a very young age. Some of them were recorded on studio albums relatively recently, although they were created in childhood.

S. Surganova gathered the first group in the 9th grade. The group lasted for several months, after which it broke up.


After graduating from school, Svetlana enters a medical school, where she gathers a second musical group, which lived a little longer than the first composition. Life for the team was ensured by constant participation in various music competitions and festivals.

Soon, Svetlana meets a talented musician, part-time teacher at her medical school - Pyotr Malakhovsky. Svetlana disbands the old group and creates a new one, but with Peter, which is becoming popular in St. Petersburg.

Svetlana Surganova's disease

The group actively participated in various concerts, but they never recorded a single studio album. Only concert recordings remind of its existence.

Real popularity came to Svetlana Surganova when she worked as part of the Night Snipers group. The girl was directly involved in the creation of the band, and was also its violinist and vocalist.

In 2002, Svetlana left the group "Night Snipers" and began to perform solo, but after a while she organized a new group "Surganova and Orchestra"

Svetlana Surganova's illness

In 1995, Svetlana felt pain in her stomach. Since she graduated from medical school, she realized from the symptoms that oncology may be developing inside her. Fear of hearing the diagnosis made her delay her visit to the doctor and drink handfuls of painkillers.

Due to pain, Svetlana lost her appetite, she began to lose weight rapidly.

In 1997, while visiting friends, she inadvertently lifted a kettlebell as a joke, after which she felt a sharp pain.

Svetlana was taken to the hospital, had an operation, eliminating the consequences of a tear in the intestines. Then the colon cancer of the second stage was discovered, which was operated on right there. Svetlana Surganova's illness forced doctors to resect the intestine with the tube removed.

Waking up after the operation, Svetlana still did not fully understand what had happened to her, and began to joke with the doctor who operated on her.

Understanding came a little later, and with it, not a childish fear.

svetlana surganova second resuscitation


After 2 weeks, Svetlana became infected, and she was again sent to the operating table.

Svetlana Surganova was re-operated. The second resuscitation brought even more physical suffering. After her, the girl began to have severe and sharp pains. The illness of Svetlana Surganova was painful for her. The pains were such that every 15 minutes I had to change the sheets, as they became wet with sweat, and inject powerful painkillers, opiates. Every movement felt like 1,000 knives had been stabbed into my stomach.

Svetlana Surganova's illness chained the girl to bed, she was covered in tubes, catheters, probes.

cancer patient svetlana surganova

According to Surganova, these were the most terrible days that lasted for her forever. Then in a dream she saw only nightmares, and thought that this was her finale in life.

She was preparing to die as she fell into a desperate state of pain.

In those terrible days, close friends visited her and tried in every possible way to help her forget about pain and illness.

Diana Arbenina, her former colleague from Night Snipers, was reading Viktor Pelevin's book while Svetlana Surganova, a cancer patient, was trying to sleep.

Coming to God

During her illness, Svetlana constantly prayed to God and asked him to give strength to heal from her illness. In the process of short dreams, it seemed to her that she was talking to him. She promised God that if he healed her of cancer, she would stopswear and start reading a lot.

svetlana surganova disease

Svetlana Surganova, whose illness is considered fatal, thought a lot why people are sent such ailments. She believed that the illness was sent to her not by chance, but for some kind of life breakthrough.

She recalled the stories of her mother and grandmother, who survived the siege of Leningrad during the Second World War.

Svetlana's mother said that they had to queue for hours for water from the Fontanka, to cook leather belts in order not to die of hunger.

And Svetlana, remembering these stories, was inspired and stopped feeling sad about her illness.


During her illness, Svetlana learned the story of one actress, Glykeria Bogdanova, who had the same diagnosis and had a tube sticking out of her stomach. But this did not stop her from living a full life and performing on the stage of the theater.

Then S. Surganova realized that she could also live with it and go on stage.

Svetlana entered the stage 3 months after the second resuscitation, she was very thin - up to 42 kg. She had a strong weakness, she could barely hold the violin in her hands, but she was able to play the concert to the fullest.

svetlana surganova personal life disease

Svetlana limited herself in her movements, she preferred to perform while sitting on a chair, as she had a bag attached to her stomach, and this greatly constrained her movements.

Sveta lived in this state of light for 8 long years. She had to restrain herself in everything, sit on a strict diet.

This led to the fact that the girlbegan to appear less in public, preferred to be alone.

Svetlana Surganova, personal life, illness and numerous operations - often were an excellent reason for the yellow press to write an article. This was written about all the time while the girl was sick.

During these 8 years, 2 more operations were carried out, and the last one - it was already the fifth in a row, was carried out in 2005.

She had her gallbladder removed, and at the same time a tube with a bag, so that Svetlana could, like all people, fully go to the toilet.

After the last operation, the girl woke up with a great mood and felt a taste for life. She began to enjoy every day she lived.

She was finally able to organize a normal diet, like all he althy people, and began to give concerts more often.

Svetlana Surganova began to think that she had overcome the disease.

Work in the group "Surganova and Orchestra"

The group "Surganova and the Orchestra" was organized as a result of the merger of Svetlana with the group "North Combo".

The girl took the role of vocalist, violin and guitar in the group.

svetlana surganova biography disease

The group also includes the following members:

  • drummer – Sergey Sokolov;
  • keyboardist - Nikita Mezhevich;
  • bass player – Denis Susin;
  • arranger – Mikhail Tebenkov;
  • lead guitarist - Valery Tkhai.

The group's style is mixed from genres:

  • rock;
  • Latin;
  • electronics;
  • trip-hop.

Lyricseither Svetlana writes, or the poems of famous classical poets, such as Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva, are taken as the basis.

The first song "Surganova and the Orchestra" sounded on "Our Radio" in April 2003, and immediately hit the top of the hit parade.

The second song "Murakami" - consolidated the success of the group, as it lasted 6 weeks in the charts at the first position.

In the same month, "Surganova and the Orchestra" performed for the first time in St. Petersburg, a month later - in Moscow.

The first album was released in June this year. The debut album received the Golden Record award.

In August, "Surganova and the Orchestra" perform at the "Invasion" festival, after which they receive annual invitations, as they become its traditional participants.

In 2004, the group received 1 more award from FUZZ magazine for the song "Murakami".


To this day, the group has released many more hit songs and albums, performed at many famous festivals, repeatedly occupied the first lines of various charts and received awards in various categories.

The group still exists, only with a slightly updated line-up.

Yes! This is Svetlana Surganova! Biography, a disease with a complete cure, truly inspire her devoted fans.

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