Quiet hunting season. When to pick mushrooms

Quiet hunting season. When to pick mushrooms
Quiet hunting season. When to pick mushrooms

Beginner mushroom pickers are often interested in: “When can I pick mushrooms, is it only in the middle of summer and early autumn? When does the "silent hunt" reach its peak? Let's try to answer this question in more detail. It is important to remember that each mushroom has its own time, and you also need to be able to distinguish edible mushrooms from false ones.

when to pick mushrooms

The first mushrooms appear in the spring, as soon as the snow melts. These are morels and lines. Where and when to pick mushrooms? The conical hats of these representatives of the kingdom of wildlife lift last year's fallen leaves, betraying their presence already in early March, April. Most often they are found in mixed forests, on sandy soil. However, it should be remembered that the spring morel, which is most common at this time of the year, is considered a conditionally edible mushroom. Before use, it requires high-quality heat treatment - before frying, it must be boiled for about half an hour. In May, deer whip, or deer mushroom, appears on rotten wood, which is distinguished by excellent taste. At the same timethe first mushrooms appear. In this case, you should be very careful, because this mushroom is very similar to the white fly agaric.

Spring honey mushroom appears on the stumps and trunks of trees. When to collect? Honey mushrooms are universal. They grow from May to October. They have excellent taste qualities. Moreover, honey agaric can appear not only on the edge of the forest and a clearing, but even in gardens and orchards. Honey agaric also requires care. The fact is that his false counterpart is considered very poisonous. Edible is distinguished by the presence of a special cuff-skirt on the leg.

When can you pick mushrooms?

The next to appear in the forests are flywheels and the first russula. When to pick mushrooms? At the end of May, beginning of June, if the summer is humid. If the beginning of the season is dry, then mushroom pickers may be disappointed when they return from the forest empty-handed. In June, the first boletus and butterflies also appear. Despite the fact that these mushrooms will last until autumn, in early summer they are young and not eaten by worms.

In the middle of summer, it's time for noble mushrooms. These are mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, milk mushrooms. When to pick mushrooms? In July and August, if the summer turned out to be quite wet and rainy. In a dry season, unfortunately, you can be left without a crop. Mushrooms of the summer season are great for conservation for the winter. They are s alted, pickled, dried. Collected and harvested in the warm season, they will bring a piece of summer into the winter cold. At the same time of the year, a large number of poisonous mushrooms appear. Therefore, you should be especially careful and not take mushrooms that cause youdoubts.

what mushrooms are harvested in july

What other mushrooms are harvested in July and August? Together with venerable mushrooms, whose taste qualities belong to the first category, less tasty, but no less beloved mushrooms appear, such as chanterelles, boletus, boletus, russula, honey mushrooms and many, many others.

Finally, autumn. This is the time of honey agarics and rows. Russula, mushrooms come across, in early autumn, during the Indian summer, chanterelles are still found. From October to May, oyster mushrooms are harvested in the forests.

The world of wildlife requires careful attitude. In return for our love, he reciprocates, delighting with excellent harvests at any time of the year.

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