Quiet hunting. goat mushrooms

Quiet hunting. goat mushrooms
Quiet hunting. goat mushrooms

Goat mushrooms are the most common representative of tubular fungi. In their appearance, they are very reminiscent of the flywheel, which also belongs to this class. But goat mushrooms, unlike others, are slightly smaller in size. Their hat is about 3-9 centimeters in diameter, however, with age it can reach 12 centimeters. Often, these mushrooms are confused with butterflies in rainy weather - their hat becomes slimy and shiny. However, the latter are still larger in size and have a small cuff skirt on the leg - a characteristic feature of these mushrooms. In goats, detachment of the upper skin is observed, which does not happen in butterflies. The stem of mushrooms reaches a height of 2 to 10 centimeters and up to two centimeters in diameter, it is the same color as the cap.

goat mushrooms

Among the people, goat mushrooms, the photos of which are presented in the article, have many names. These are, for example, a lamb, a lattice (or lattice), a swamp, a cow (or a cow mushroom), a dry butter dish, an Ivanchik and a number of others. They grow in moist coniferous forests, although sometimes, very rarely, they can also be found in dry deciduous forests. Reshetniks are unpretentious and are found throughout the territory of Russian forests and in slightly swampyterrain. Mushrooms appear in July and keep until the end of October, almost until the first frost. The hat resembles a brown pillow, which loses its shape with age. On the reverse side, goat mushrooms have a tubular structure and resemble a sponge. The color of the lower part varies from light brown, almost yellow, to brown. By the way, the famous noble mushrooms, such as boletus, boletus, boletus and porcini, also belong to the Boletov family, to which this representative belongs. All of them gradually turn blue on the cut. Unlike many other species, the kid does not have false representatives.

goat mushrooms photo

The mushroom has an excellent chemical composition. These are amino acids (tryptophan, histidine, methionine), phosphatides, lecithin, glycogen, vitamins of group B, PP, D, carotene. Of the minerals - phosphorus. The digestibility of amino acids is 75%, and fat - 90%. In pharmacology, a strong antibacterial effect of this fungus is known.

In terms of its taste, reticulum, like many mushrooms of this class, belongs to the third category and does not differ from flywheel. Both the one and the other are very often used for drying. Mushroom powder is made from them, which is then used in cooking to flavor meat dishes, sauces, soups. Dry them, after wiping with a cloth, in a ventilated room in the sun or in an oven at a temperature of 70-80 degrees with the door open.

These mushrooms are also suitable for frying, stewing or pickling. So that they do not taste bitter, they are slightly boiled. But it should be borne in mind that boiled mushroomsa purple hue appears.

mushrooms in July

Among the many mushrooms common in Russian forests, goats are famous among mushroom pickers due to the fact that they are easy to collect - they settle in fairly large families, they are easy to find and it is impossible to make a mistake with them - as mentioned above, they have no false representatives.

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