Development of the metro in Moscow and regions

Development of the metro in Moscow and regions
Development of the metro in Moscow and regions

The Moscow Metro is one of the most popular types of public transport. The development of the metro today provides an opportunity for millions of residents of the capital and the nearest suburbs to quickly get from one end of the city to the other, even in the hottest time. The Moscow subway actually ensures the uninterrupted operation of the main economic, political and financial artery of the country. How is it supposed to develop the subway in the future?

Moscow Metro

The metro in Moscow is considered to be one of the largest in the world. Today, annual traffic volumes equal an impressive figure - about 5 billion people. Every year this number is only growing, and many citizens have a feeling that the metro is no longer able to cope with the transportation of passengers, this becomes especially noticeable during the so-called peak hours. According to experts, the need for new stationsAlmost 2 million people are being tested by the subway, at least 100 more kilometers of tracks must be laid to meet their needs.

metro development

Problems of past years

For the first time, the idea that the development of the metro is a necessity, not a luxury, was discussed back in 2002. In the Decree of the Moscow Government of May 7, the following ambitious tasks were set for the city:

  • Creation of new lines (Lublinskaya, Mitinskaya, Solntsevskaya branches).
  • Organization of new stations and new tracks for existing lines (Serpukhovskaya, Taganskaya, Zamoskvoretskaya branches).
  • Organization of light metro stations in Moscow.
  • Organization of additional entrances at the busiest metro stations.

Among other things, the long-term plans also included tasks for the reconstruction of existing stations, as well as the rolling stock itself. Today, more than 12 years later, it is possible to sum up the first results and state with confidence that the metro, whose development plan was presented in 2002, has significantly expanded and improved.

metro development plan

Development plan until 2020

However, the Moscow authorities and the leadership of the metro are not going to stop at the achieved results. At present, a plan has already been developed to ensure the development of the metro until 2020, the relevant information appeared in the press in 2012. All developments were approved by the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, who stated the need to focus all resources on developmentMoscow subway. Projects of subway schemes were published in print and on the Internet, which truly impressed all residents of the city. Key tasks include:

  • Construction of 150 kilometers of new lines.
  • Opening 70 new stations.
  • Creation of the second ring of the Moscow subway.

One glance at the map is enough to understand how the Moscow metro will change. The development scheme will provide the opportunity for rapid movement of residents of the most remote corners of the capital. This fact will relieve congestion from the most problematic highways and help minimize traffic jams in such areas. Extensive construction is underway in the east and southeast of the capital, as well as in the Moscow suburbs.

moscow metro development scheme

In 2015, the Moscow metro will be laid in the city of Lyubertsy. Large-scale projects today require decent financial costs, the city government allocates up to 100 billion rubles a year for new projects.

Which stations will be open

The last new metro stations opened in Moscow, indicating active work, are Novokosino and Alma-Atinskaya, the latter, by the way, was created under the working name Brateevo, but was renamed at the last moment. Thanks to such large-scale work, in the near future, only 13% of the population of the capital will live in areas not covered by the metro. And this figure is less than half the one that is called at the moment. A number of new stations will be opened in the center (Volkhonka, Plyushchikha, Suvorovskaya), as well as onterritories of New Moscow (Rumyantsevo, Troparevo, Solntsevo). A completely new metro line in the west of the city will connect the first and second rings, as well as the Delovoi Tsentr station. In the south of the city, it is planned to carry out work to create a jumper between the gray and orange lines, in the Butovo area.

metro development until 2020

Work on the opening of new stations will also take place in the north of the capital, the Chelobityevo point, designed to unload the Mytishchi direction, deserves special attention.

Metro in St. Petersburg

Never before has the Moscow metro, whose development plan was presented just recently, been built at such a significant pace. However, such active work is carried out not only in the capital of Russia, but also in a number of other cities. So, large-scale events will be held until 2020 in St. Petersburg. Until 2012, the main forces were sent to complete the work already begun and open lines in the Frunzensky district and Kupchino. In addition, new stations and depots for trains were repaired and opened. In total, it is planned to lay about 70 kilometers of lines in the city, on which about 41 new stations will be opened. To ensure uninterrupted operation, 7 more electric depots will be built. The development of the metro in the northern capital will also help the city solve the problem of traffic jams.

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