What is the reason for the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow?

What is the reason for the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow?
What is the reason for the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow?

The habitual habitat of praying mantises is Africa, Canada, Australia, the southern zones of the USA, Central Asia, Crimea, the Caucasus, the south of central Russia - Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Orel. Currently, the movement of praying mantises is observed not only in Central Russia, but also in Europe, where they have practically mastered the English Channel.

Besides, scientists observe the settlement of insects in the capital of Russia, the Voronezh region, in the Far East. What is the reason for the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow and other large cities? To understand this, let's imagine what this insect looks like.

mantis invasion in moscow


In nature, there are approximately 3 thousand different types of praying mantis. But one thing unites everyone - the manner of folding the forelimbs in a certain way, which resembles a praying person. The praying mantis has only six legs. This insect is quite large, reaches a length of 11-12 centimeters. The head of the praying mantis resembles a triangle with well-developed eyes.

Sharp vision helps the insect react with lightning speed to prey, which is served by smaller insects. The praying mantis can be called a chameleon. After all, he is able to change color in accordance with his habitat. For example, an insect can mimic the color of fallen leaves or bright green grass.

praying mantis attacked Moscow

Mostly people see green praying mantises, as most often insects lurk on trees or in bushes. They are so motionless that it is difficult to notice them. They discover themselves during the flight. It is noteworthy that only males fly. Females only occasionally flutter from one branch to another.

These insects are quite harmless, but their large size and unusual appearance scare people. Perhaps that is why in the media you can find the phrase: "Praying mantises attacked Moscow." In fact, they are harmless. The inhabitants of the Caucasus and Crimea have not been surprised by these insects for a long time and consider them to be ordinary representatives of cockroaches.

Reasons for the appearance of praying mantis in other places

Scientists-entomologists are unanimous in their opinion that the presence of "six-toed" in the capital is a strange phenomenon, but quite understandable. The invasion of praying mantises in Moscow may be associated with significant climatic changes in nature. At the moment, this topic is receiving a lot of attention, as it is considered topical.

praying mantises in Moscow on the street

For the first time, attention was paid to the appearance of praying mantises in the capital of Russia in 2010, when there was a milder winter and it was notedwarming throughout the state. Another reason may be the appearance of various heat sources, to which praying mantises flock. This is also facilitated by: building material, with which houses are insulated; tiled stone, quickly heated under the sun. The technology is constantly improving and, as you can see, it can affect the environment and its inhabitants.

Where did praying mantises come from in Moscow?

Specialists in the field of entomology believe that the movement of these insects is most likely from the Crimea. They arrive from there, following warm air currents. Praying mantises are kind of living barometers. Move to where it is light and comfortable. In addition, the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow and its region can be attributed to the fact that over the past 5 years the number of intercity transportation by freight transport has increased.

where did praying mantises come from in moscow

Insects can come to a large city from the southern regions on these trucks, and then amaze local residents and guests with their appearance. Finally, it can be assumed that a couple of praying mantises are able to escape from the terrarium of an exotic lover and roam the streets of Moscow.

This is interesting

It can be said that the invasion of praying mantises in Moscow has led people to become interested in the distinctive features of these insects. For example, do you know how "six-fingered" breed? The period of their love games falls on August-September.

Unfortunately, for a male, a passionate romance ends tragically. After mating, the female bites offhis head and eats his body. Scientists believe that this behavior of praying mantis females is explained by natural necessity. They need protein, so males are part of their diet.

For humans, praying mantises do not pose any danger. On the contrary, by eating various insects, they reduce the number of agricultural pests. Therefore, if you see that praying mantises are walking in the street in Moscow - do not be afraid of them, let them catch their prey!

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