Curfew in St. Petersburg for minors. The reason for the appearance, the entry into force of the law and the punishment for violation

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Curfew in St. Petersburg for minors. The reason for the appearance, the entry into force of the law and the punishment for violation
Curfew in St. Petersburg for minors. The reason for the appearance, the entry into force of the law and the punishment for violation

It is not the first day among the people that the idea lives to limit everything that allows the life of modern teenagers in order to improve the rapidly declining morality. But all attempts to introduce such laws ended as abruptly as they began. The reason for this result was the unsuitable position of modern laws, which provide for the slightest inaccuracy, but completely lose sight of measures to prevent problems among young people. Any attempt to include them, even theoretically, cannot be successful, because this would require rewriting half of the Constitution, which is not possible. One of these attempts was carried out on the territory of St. Petersburg - a curfew restricted the movement of minors at certain times of the day.

Is there a curfew in St. Petersburg

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Now many people know about the law "On measures to prevent harm to he alth, physical, moral, intellectual, spiritual, mental development of minors onterritory of St. Petersburg". Its entire content can be reduced to the fact that after 23:00, minors cannot be on the street without their relatives. To the credit of the parliamentarians, they have provided a list of restricted establishments where you can go in exceptional cases.

Which seats are restricted

Shop related to the sex industry

The list of places in which the appearance of minors without parents or accompanying persons is prohibited includes establishments from the sex industry and points of sale of alcohol. Restricted places where teenagers can stay until 22:00, and from 16 to 18 years old can stay until 23:00, include parks, public squares, vast stadiums, points with paid Internet access, shopping centers and catering, where irregularly alcoholic beverages are sold.

The first curfew law in the Russian Federation

The first attempt to legitimize a curfew to the federal level was made back in 2008. The information contained in the draft "On measures to prevent neglect and juvenile delinquency" states that all minors under the age of 7 are prohibited from appearing on the street without adult relatives. Older children can be in public places until 22:00. Youth after 16 years - according to their own wishes. The bill needed final processing, so the right to make final amendments was left to each individual region.

Opinionsociologists about its feasibility

Sociologists note that the curfew in St. Petersburg for children is a reasonable, but difficult to implement measure. By itself, the law does not mean anything. For it to exist, the help of conscientious citizens is needed, reporting to law enforcement agencies about naughty teenagers walking at night. Without this factor, the bureaucratic system will be overloaded - its duties will include the need to look for juvenile delinquents and punish imprudent entrepreneurs. And if we take into account how much the curfew is in St. Petersburg, then the additional financial costs for extra-hour police work will fall on the budget.

Will such measures save the morality of the younger generation? Unlikely. If desired, threatening factors can appear not only on the street, but even in the entrances of their own houses or in the stairwell. Moreover, this, if you do not take into account the nature of the rebels themselves. All people were young. And therefore, it is no secret that bans only spur hot teenagers, pushing them to rash acts.

drinking teenager

What Nikolay Dzyuba says about this law

In order to maintain a curfew for teenagers in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to use a lot of resources and time. First of all, society must be accustomed to consciousness, which will call for reporting any child walking alone in the wrong places. But this takes a lot of time. Therefore, the main work to identify night revelers and citizens who saw them but did not report them will fall on the shoulders of the police and the judiciary.

It goes without saying that the guardians of the first will be obliged to organize night patrols, and the police will be attached to them as assistants, punishing juvenile delinquents and irresponsible citizens who were nearby but did not report them. This is not only an insane burden on many law enforcement agencies, but also a great excuse for some people to exceed their authority.

If you look further, you can understand that such a law will affect the more obedient youth, who already behave as expected and stumble in the event of an unfortunate misunderstanding. Rebels know how to get around many laws, and therefore an extra pointer will not become a hindrance. It is from them that in the school walls and on the territory of such native courtyards, many peers adopt bad habits. And this is in addition to the impact of the Internet, which is accessible from any phone that does not have such a popular parental control.

The final conclusions can be reduced to the fact that this law is absolutely useless in relation to children and only adds work to the bureaucracy system. In rare cases, public places pose any danger to minors. The main problems affecting their future life are waiting in the yard, the entrance and within their own family.

How local businesses legally circumvent this rule

Entrepreneur at the bar

The list of establishments where a teenager's foot should not set foot includes points of sale of sex industry products and alcoholic beverages. Not only alcohol, but also beer was classified as alcohol.Entrepreneurs are required to provide special signs that describe the specifics of sales and a reminder of the law for minors. But such a requirement applies to those who have a narrow specialization in alcohol and the sex industry. If, in addition to this, another type of product is sold inside the establishments, then this allows them to allow teenagers to access the assortment at least during daylight hours. Now let's try to remember when the average person saw bars without snacks or sex shops with no underwear at all?

What threatens parents for the rebellion of children

having fun in the club

The curfew in St. Petersburg for minors is valid from 22:00 to 6:00 (academic year) and from 23:00 to 6:00 (summer period). During this time, all youth, whose age has not exceeded 16 years, cannot appear in public institutions, parks, squares, streets, courtyards or inside a transport facility without being accompanied by adult relatives or guardians. This ban is lifted on New Year's Eve, prom and other public holidays.

If the curfew in St. Petersburg was violated, parents face a fine of 3 thousand rubles, a second case before the end of this year - 5 thousand rubles. The most greedy entrepreneurs who let minors in, despite the prohibition of the law, are punished with a fine of 15 thousand rubles. A similar amount will be paid by a driver who takes a child at night, who is not his relative. Depending on the administrative rules of a particular city, entrepreneurs and owners of vehicles may notnot only to fine, but also to oblige to transfer information about such offenders to the police.

Fine rates vary by region. In Arkhangelsk, the parents of the guilty will pay 100-500 rubles. Entrepreneurs who are irresponsible about finding teenagers on their territory - up to 100 thousand rubles.

The law is being phased out

Unofficial sources confirm that Interior Ministry officials no longer punish "violators of the law." The reason for such an act can be explained by the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs belongs to federal bodies and therefore, first of all, should monitor the implementation of federal laws. And the law on curfew in St. Petersburg belongs to the regional ones. It is there that all fines for administrative violations are spelled out to the last letter. Although the police fined irresponsible parents and entrepreneurs in whose establishments juveniles had fun at night, this did not fall within the scope of their authority. Those people who plucked up courage and began to sue, won and sought the annulment of police protocols. Patience was not enough for a long time: the Ministry of Internal Affairs distributed secret information among its employees, in which it was forbidden to contact the curfew.

bar audience

Now all the work to identify violators of the law fell on the shoulders of local authorities. Despite the fact that the possibilities of municipal employees are very limited compared to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this no longer bothers anyone. Everyone is waiting for a completely unrealistic picture: how an official from the city administration will walk alongliquor stores and sex shops looking for underage rebels.

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