Writer Gabriel Marquez: biography and works

Writer Gabriel Marquez: biography and works
Writer Gabriel Marquez: biography and works

Gabriel Marquez is a talented writer who gave the world such immortal works as One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Plague, Nobody Writes to the Colonel. This amazing man died at the age of 87, but continues to live in his novels. Why not remember the brightest fruits of his work, and at the same time interesting facts from life?

Gabriel Marquez Biographical Information

The birthplace of the writer was Colombia, where he was born in the small town of Aracataca, a joyful event took place in 1927. Gabriel Marquez spent the first years of his life in the house of his grandparents, as his young parents were busy with their careers. As a child, the future writer loved to listen to the fascinating stories of his grandfather-colonel, who shared with his grandson memories of military campaigns and battles. From his grandmother, the boy heard many folk tales, which later played a significant role in his work.

Gabriel Marquez

Gabriel Marquez left the house where he was heldearly childhood, at the age of 9, moving to the city of Sucre, where his mother and father lived. At the age of 12, the boy became a student at a Jesuit college located near Bogotá. He then continued his education at the National University of Bogota, chosen by his parents. The jurisprudence that he studied there did not captivate the young man, but he met the girl Mercedes, who was to become his wife and muse.


Gabriel Marquez never completed his law degree, dropping out of university despite the protests of his mother and father. Influenced by the novels of such geniuses as Hemingway, Kafka, Faulkner, the young man decided that literature was his vocation. In 1950, he first tried his hand at journalism, getting a column in one of the newspapers in Barranquilla, where he then lived. He also joined an informal community of writers, whose members encouraged him to start writing his first work.

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The writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez worked as a correspondent for several years, moving to Bogota and getting a job at the El Espectador newspaper. He traveled half the world, visiting the States, Venezuela, France, Italy. It is interesting that among the states visited by the genius in those years, Russia is also listed. He ended up in Moscow in 1957, being invited to a youth festival.

Highest hour

Surprisingly, only in 1967 the world learned about the existence of such a talented writer as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He put the life of ordinary Latin Americans at the forefront ofwriting the work "One Hundred Years of Solitude" - and did not lose. The novel gave the creator world recognition, many honorary awards.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude is difficult to compare with any other existing novel. It subtly intertwined folk legends and historical reality. The book examines the history of Colombia, covers a two-century period (19-20 centuries). The heroes of Marquez demonstrate a stormy temperament, while not forgetting about spirituality, this combination makes readers fall in love with them.

Most famous works

One Hundred Years of Solitude is far from the only outstanding work created by Gabriel Marquez. Many fans acquired the novel "Love during the plague." Its main character is a man who is unrequitedly in love. The chosen one gives preference to another admirer, but the character does not lose faith, continuing to wait for the attention of an inaccessible beauty. Year after year, his love only grows stronger.

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Worthy of attention are other works by Gabriel Marquez. For example, “No one writes to the Colonel” is a sad story about a man whose exploits are forgotten. The hero of the civil war is forced to survive, receiving only a meager pension. However, the misfortunes do not deprive him of fortitude, courage to fight the injustice that flourishes in this world.

"Autumn of the Patriarch" is a novel that Marquez worked on for many years, repeatedly rewriting the book. Some features of an irremovable dictator from thisworks that have been tyrannizing his subjects for 100 years are borrowed from real-life personalities. Noteworthy is the "Chronicle of the Declared Death", when creating this novel, the writer remembered many grandmother's stories he listened to in early childhood.


Like any other talented writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has his fans and haters. Reviews of his works are very contradictory. To some they seem boring and burdensome, others find them fascinating and exciting, they cannot stop reading.

Fans of Marquez often note how well the writer works out the characters of his characters. The characters that appear on the pages of his stories are often called alive in reviews. Also, the author is often praised for his ability to convey feelings, experiences of people.

Private life

Gabriel Marquez is a man who spent his whole life with a single woman. Even in his student years, the beautiful Mercedes became his chosen one, whom he married shortly after they met. The couple had a son, Rodrigo, who made a name for himself as a director.

The death of a genius occurred due to lung cancer, he had to fight this disease for several years. Marquez passed away in 2014, he left this world at the age of 87.

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