Marie Senn - blogger biography

Marie Senn - blogger biography
Marie Senn - blogger biography

Marie Senn is rightfully considered one of the idols of modern youth. She has been successfully blogging on YouTube for several years now. Now her channel has more than two million subscribers, the girl's career is developing successfully, and she herself does not plan to stop there, setting herself new goals.

Biography of Marie Senn

It is known that Marie was born in the city of Kharkov in 1993. Many are interested in the biography of Marie Senn, but the girl does not distribute this information. Little is known about her parents and family.

Since childhood, Marie Senn was different from other children. She had an exotic appearance - dark skin and dark curly hair. This is what attracted the attention of modeling agencies. When the girl was six years old, she was offered the first contract, and she began to work as a model. It was this moment that became a turning point in her life.

This job was a good experience for her. Senn began to behave confidently at various photographic shoots and ceased to be afraid of the camera. She starred a lot for catalogs and various stores. Parents strongly supported their daughter andaccompanied on photo shoots. Therefore, Marie Senn knows firsthand what it means to work from childhood.

Marie Senn - model

In 2010, our heroine began to seriously get involved in singing. In the biography of Marie Senn, art occupies a lot of space. She decided to leave her modeling career and try to make it on stage. Having vocal abilities, the girl easily auditioned for the Chornobrivtsi group, well-known in Ukraine. The girl sang in it for two years, but then left her without explaining the reasons.

A little later, Marie recorded a solo song, which she called "Smile", which became quite popular in Ukraine. But Senn decided not to continue her career as a singer because she became interested in filming videos.

Vlogger Career

Marie Senn started her channel on the popular platform in 2012. Videos of the girl quickly gained popularity because she already had fans. Marie shot material on various topics, but sketches were the best for her. She also recorded several videos with such popular vloggers as Mariana Ro and Sasha Spielberg.

Marie Senn's personal life

Private life

Marie is regularly invited to shoot for magazines and online stores. She can often be seen at various awards and shows. Another girl is engaged in advertising and recently began to try her hand at cinema. So, she starred in the movie "Yolki 5" along with other famous bloggers.

Despite the abundance of interviews and a rather open lifestyle, the full biography of Marie Senn still remains insecret. Marie rarely talks about her personal life, but in one of her videos, the girl admitted that she has been in a relationship with actor German Chernykh for 4 years.

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