Sergey Lyubavin: biography, family, wife, children, photo

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Sergey Lyubavin: biography, family, wife, children, photo
Sergey Lyubavin: biography, family, wife, children, photo

Among the large number of Russian chanson singers, there is one singer whose work is very fond of fans of romantic music. Refined style, impeccable manners, pleasant voice and high quality texts - meet Sergey Lyubavin (biography). The wife is the only woman in life. He is called the sex symbol of Russian chanson. Compare with Sergei Yesenin. He collects full halls and whole stadiums applaud him. Women give flowers in armfuls at concerts and creative meetings. What is the reason for such popularity?

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Fans have always been interested in learning as much as possible about the personal life, character and hobbies of their idol. The biography of Sergei Lyubavin deserves special attention, as well as the wonderful songs that he sings. Where was the singer born? To what extent are the real image and the romantic hero of his songs similar or different? What does Sergei Lyubavin like to do in his free time? The biography of the singer, perhaps, will reveal the reasons for his popularity. Curious facts and features of a creative personality. About everythinglittle by little.

The beginning of the creative path

He was born in Novosibirsk, in the creative family of the famous writer Pyotr Dedov and a teacher. Not wanting to take advantage of his father's fame, he decided to take a pseudonym from the eponymous title of Vasily Shukshin's novel, whose work Sergei always liked. He even has a song dedicated to the brilliant Russian prose writer.

The first acquaintance with the world of music happened in childhood. My brother taught me to play the guitar. Seriously, Sergei began to study music at school age, creating a musical group. Behind him is the Gnessin Vocal Studio and the Moscow Faculty of Journalism.

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Sergey Lyubavin (biography). Family: wife, children

While studying at Gnesinka, Sergei met a girl, Elena. Subsequently, she became his wife. Son Ivan was born. Elena devoted all her time to her son and husband. She is Sergey's producer, draws up his creative schedules and travels with him on tour around the country.

Son Ivan was fond of hockey since childhood, now he opened a hockey school for children. Sergei Lyubavin does not like to talk about his family, he believes that this is a world closed to outsiders, and he is very protective of him. Journalists only slightly managed to open it. Thanks to them, we learned that a devoted and loving husband, a caring and demanding father is Sergey Lyubavin (biography). Family is the most important thing in his life.

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Curious facts

  1. When Sergei was at school, on his owncreated his first musical group.
  2. A schoolboy never refused to participate in music competitions and song reviews. Very often won prizes.
  3. For one of his first performances on stage, Laima Vaikule gave him a costume.
  4. Sergey Lyubavin has a scar on his neck, a mark from a bear's paw, which he received while hunting in the taiga.
  5. My father taught me to express my thoughts correctly. He sat Sergei at the typewriter and taught him to compose stories on various topics. And then he pointed out shortcomings and praised especially good places.
  6. Loves real Russian banya and dumplings.
  7. The hype around social networks does not support and Sergei Lyubavin is in no hurry to register in them. The singer's biography confirms that live communication is more important than virtual.
  8. Favorite cities are Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg.

"Flower" with Tatyana Bulanova

One of the singer's most beloved and popular songs has an interesting story. Initially, Sergei Lyubavin wrote it to be performed by one person. But when he sang it to his colleagues, they offered to find a partner and sing the song together. I had to try with the choice, not every singer was suitable for her performance. After all, it was necessary to depict two lovers living in different cities and missing each other.

sergey lyubavin biography family wife

Sergey could sing in a duet with Elena Vaenga, but this did not happen due to the heavy workload of the singer. Mystical powers intervened. Once Lyubavin had a dream that he was singing "Flower" withTatyana Bulanova, although he did not even know her. When the singer was offered to perform this song in a duet, she immediately agreed.

A long search was crowned with success, and fans of the singer's work got an amazing opportunity to hear the monologue of two lovers, amazingly performed by Sergei Lyubavin and Tatyana Bulanova.

The secret of Sergey Lyubavin's success

You can talk a lot about this person for a long time. He is multifaceted. A singer who composes beautiful verses; composer who writes music; musician playing the guitar. Every aspect of his talent is worthy of admiration and special attention.

sergey lyubavin biography wife

Sergey Lyubavin treats fans and listeners who come to his concert with special respect. Biography: family - wife, children convince us that a creative person draws his inspiration from here. If a person has a reliable rear, then his favorite pastime is always to his heart.

He tirelessly gives his autographs to everyone. And the women present at the concerts are given roses. With a gentle smile, he looks at others, he wants to listen and smile in response. Behind the lyrics, one can see the breadth of the Russian soul, suffering and loving. He sings not only his songs, but also to the poems of Sergei Yesenin, with whom he is often compared. They really are similar, and the similarity is rather internal. Concern about the fate of their country, first of all, makes these people related.

Sergey Lyubavin is used to achieving everything himself, but willingly helps novice performers. And the formulaformulates his success very simply: "to give people their soul without looking back, and then - come what may!"

Sincerity in every song, full return at concerts and creative meetings, a beautiful voice, elegance and artistry - this is Sergey Lyubavin's calling card.

biography sergey lyubavin

Sergei Lyubavin (biography): family

Wife, children (photo above) are the sources of his creativity. They inspire him to new hits. Thanks to their love and support, Sergey can safely do what he loves - write the lyrics of his songs.

The main themes of creativity: love for Russia and admiration for a woman. Sergei Lyubavin dedicated a large number of songs to the beautiful half of humanity. But Sergei keeps his fans at a distance, because in his life there is only one woman - his beloved wife Elena. They have been together for more than a dozen years, but managed to maintain tenderness and love for each other, which Sergey Lyubavin sings about in his songs.

The biography of the family is something that he and his wife can be proud of. The secret of a strong and long relationship is quite simple - both a man and a woman should be good and comfortable in marriage.

Advice from Sergey Lubavin

  • Always find time to rest and sleep well.
  • A woman who wants to be loved must find her image and feel comfortable in it.
  • Choose clothes not on the principle that it is now fashionable, but guided by the characteristics of your figure.

Viewer Reviews

Many fans note sever althings that make Sergei Lyubavin stand out from a huge number of performers.

First of all, these are, of course, the lyrics that the singer composes himself. Deep in meaning and lyrical in content, they attract attention. Once you hear a song by Sergei Lyubavin, you will never forget it. The second point that you pay attention to is a strong, well-placed voice. Another nuance that deserves close attention, Sergey Lyubavin is a handsome, stately man, whose grace any woman can envy.

sergey lyubavin biography family wife children photo

It's nice not only to listen to his songs, it's nice to look at him and dream of something beautiful. Connoisseurs of Sergei Lyubavin's work are not only women, he is also interesting to the strong half of humanity. It shows life as it is. Even among everyday life there is a place for love and devotion, fidelity and a sense of duty. He also loves Russia very much, dedicated many songs to it.

The breadth of the mysterious Russian soul has always surprised foreigners: "To be sad, to be so sad; to love, to love so much; to walk, to walk like that." There is plenty of everything in the songs of the Russian guy Sergei Lyubavin: sadness, love, joy and hope.

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