What do Serbs look like? The appearance of men and women, character traits and culture

What do Serbs look like? The appearance of men and women, character traits and culture
What do Serbs look like? The appearance of men and women, character traits and culture

Serbs, a South Slavic people from a land both far and near. Close, because all Slavic languages ​​are similar, and between their speakers, willy-nilly, there is something in common. Far away, because not so much is known about Serbia and the Serbs. The history of the country itself deserves a separate article, and in this we will try to reveal what the appearance and character of the Serbs are.

Serbs appearance

The imprint of history

Determination, perseverance, militancy and unshakable will have long been imprinted on their character and appearance. These traits were instilled by history itself. All the wars that have ever taken place in the European part of the continent have always affected this small state in one way or another. For example, Switzerland has not been at war with anyone for 600 years. As for Serbia, it is the only state in Europe to which armed foreign aggression was used after the end of the Second World War. Moreover, theywere subjected not to simple military intervention, but to radioactive bombing.

But after all this, the Serbs were able not to scatter, where their eyes look in calm countries, but to stay in their own and defend it. Having rallied, they gradually created a new state. They respect their culture, traditions, strive to realize national self-sufficiency and proudly declare everywhere that they are Serbs. Their appearance, in other matters, always says it better than any words.

The history of the country has made them all nationalists, but not those who, like adherents of Nietzsche's theories, seek to exterminate other nations. They are proud of themselves and do their best not to tarnish the reputation of their nation.

the most beautiful serbs

Serbs: the appearance of men

Serbian men have a warlike appearance. Tall stature is typical - short people are less common - shoulders are wide, posture is straight. The nose deserves special attention, it is at the same time thin, straight and at the same time aquiline, the Serbs are mainly famous for it.

The appearance of a man with such characteristic features with his stateliness is very attractive to Russian women. On the one hand, such a person is still a Slav, with a close Russian mentality and the same Orthodox religion. On the other hand, this is a southern dark-haired man, like from oriental tales.

By the way, the hair of the Serbs is dark, not black, in the northern parts of the country there are also light blond. The stately appearance is complemented by a large Adam's apple, slightly protruding cheekbones and a proud posture.

Serbs: the appearance of women

Serbsfamous for their regular facial features. Everything in their faces is harmonious, located exactly as it should. Like men, they are tall. When it comes to which people in Europe are the tallest, one answer is always heard - the Serbs. The appearance of a Serbian woman is Slavic, but with a southern bias - brown eyes, dark hair.

They have a feature that today has even become an occasion for jokes - a love of everything sexual. Aggressive and bright make-up, overly open clothes. They often fail to find a balance between sexuality and vulgarity, and as a result, even the most decent woman can be mistaken for a depraved person.

People famous for their beauty

Serbs male appearance

Among every nation, it is customary to single out especially beautiful people. Looking at them, people of another ethnic group can get an idea of ​​the characteristic appearance of the nation. The list of "most beautiful Serbs" includes world famous athletes:

  1. Dusan Tadic is a football player who plays for the national team in the position of an attacking midfielder. The twenty-seven-year-old young man is a typical belligerent Serbian appearance. Height - 181 cm, straight prominent nose and symmetrical features.
  2. Ana Ivanovic is a professional tennis player. Having carefully examined it, you can understand what the Serbs look like. Dark hair, soft brown eyes and strong figure.
Serbs woman appearance


But the characteristic appearance for the Serbs is one thing, their character is completely different. main feature,present in the majority of the population is the desire for equality. When Turkish rule hung over them at one time, all the nobility disappeared. Noble people left for other countries, defected to the side of the Islamists, died in military battles. As a result, the country was left with a completely equal population by origin.

But, by the way, despite their love of freedom, they never forget about their blood ties - even a separate relationship is valued here. There is also the so-called twinning.

Serbs are born astute psychologists. It is enough for them to look at the clothes, hairstyle, accessories and hear the timbre of the voice in order to understand who is in front of them. But they can only apply these skills to their own people.

It so happened that each social stratum here has its own distinct distinctive features. The bosses speak a little louder, allow themselves to gesticulate rather sweepingly, and wear extremely presentable expensive clothes. Of course, this is not a mandatory rule, but nevertheless, everyone adheres to this, which allows you to identify who is in front of you.

Serbs are by nature hardy, courageous and not afraid of anything. This is not due to recklessness, but to the fact that a difficult story taught them to be fearless. Now this quality is passed from parents to children. Like all southern peoples, they are hospitable, generously greet guests with a table set with the best dishes, joke and even sing songs. But in case of danger, even children will not be afraid to defend their home and country.


Traditionally, all significant days are accompanied by music. Often people sing them themselves, gathered at a large table. They do it at weddings, birthdays and even funerals.

When a person is accepted into a circle of close people, it is simply impossible not to understand. Meetings in this case will not be accompanied by a handshake, but by a kiss on the cheek, always three times. Kissing at a meeting is generally quite normal for all Serbs. These traditions do not mean anything obscene, even if two men kiss.

Serbs keep the oldest tradition of collecting. People gather in churches, public places and discuss something. Honoring Orthodox traditions is just as important for them as national ones. Serbs go to church, celebrate all church celebrations, honor the wedding ceremony and observe fasts.

appearance and character of Serbs

By the way, it is not customary for Serbs to take off their shoes. Even if you came to visit in winter or from a dirty street, you can safely enter the house without a twinge of conscience.

It is also interesting that the first person who came to visit a Serb on Christmas morning is traditionally considered a divine guest. Depending on who exactly comes to the house, he can understand what the year will be like. Serbs sincerely believe that if no one comes to visit on this day, this is a bad sign.

It is customary to personally bring new people here and introduce them to the team. If a new person is brought by someone who is respected and trusted by everyone, then he automatically begins to enjoy the same good location.

Attitude towardsclothing

Serbs prefer to treat their clothes informally. In everyday life, they wear loose European casual clothes. However, the appearance in some places in sportswear can cause not only misunderstanding, but also cause refusal to visit some public places. In particular, this applies to restaurants, cafes, official events. They also react in the country to too open clothes, beach clothes. Such outfits are considered inappropriate.

Evening dresses deserve special attention. When choosing them, the Serbs are repelled by the national costume. He is generally treated with special awe and respect. The men's costume consists of a shirt with a traditional ornament and trousers with a wide step. Festive outfits are decorated with silver cords and buttons. Women's attire is represented by a loose white shirt, richly decorated with all kinds of embroidery (in different parts of the country, the ornament on clothes may differ), over which they put on an equally richly decorated sleeveless jacket.

What do Serbs look like?

Nationwide bad habit

The Serbian people have one common negative addiction - smoking. In Serbia, there is no division into smoking areas and areas where it is prohibited - all places, by definition, are smoking. For a long time, this was allowed to be done both in train compartments and in shops. Therefore, do not be surprised if suddenly someone suddenly lights up next to you on the bus.

But in defense of the Serbs, we can say that they drink very rarely, and if they drink, they do not rage, as happens in Russia. Serbs are extremely surprised whenthey hear that the Russians, drunk, arrange brawls, and do not understand at all where the latter came from.

Youth to be proud of

As mentioned earlier, the Serbs honor both their people and their history. And even the youngest. Young people can easily take a tour of their country and tell about its history as well as a professional guide.

Young people generally feel their responsibility to the country. They try to study well, achieve sports success, defend the honor of their country and raise its position in the eyes of the world community. Sports grounds in cities and villages are packed from early morning until late at night.

Serbs tradition

Forbidden topics

Upon arrival in Serbia, you need to learn that they do not like to remember the war there. In Russia, they often like to raise this topic for general discussion, to remember the fallen heroes and victories for a long time. Perhaps this is due to the fact that everything has long been behind and there are practically no those left who would personally remember the war times.

The events of the Yugoslav conflict are still fresh in Serbia's memory. For this reason, the fraternal peoples of the former Yugoslavia still cannot reconcile (Bosniaks, Macedonians, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Croats, Serbs). The appearance of the Serbs in such cases, without any words, will say that the memories of the war have not yet sunk into oblivion. For conversation, it is better to choose sports or, for example, agricultural topics, without forcing these people to relive recent events.

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