Mortality in Russia: causes, prerequisites and ways to improve the demographic situation

Mortality in Russia: causes, prerequisites and ways to improve the demographic situation
Mortality in Russia: causes, prerequisites and ways to improve the demographic situation

Mortality in Russia is a very acute social problem, which, be that as it may, directly affects each of us. We have a huge country with a population of many millions, but the sad statistics showing how many people permanently leave our state in a year makes us think.

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Statistics for 2015

If we talk about mortality in Russia, then first we should turn to the statistics of the current year. As of January 1, 2015, 146 million 267 thousand 288 people (permanent residents) lived in Russia. These data were calculated after the corresponding surveys were conducted by Rosstat.

On average, 8.55 people live on one square kilometer - this is the population density at the present time. It should be noted that it is distributed very unevenly. This is because the vast majority of Russians (68.2 percent) live in the European part of the Russian Federation, which is only 20.85% of the entire country! (Let's not forget that the vast expanses of the Far North are simply unsuitable for lifeperson). The urban population includes 74.03% of all residents. The rest are people living in villages, urban-type settlements, villages, etc.

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Cigarettes are the cause that claimed millions of lives

Mortality in Russia is increasing for several reasons. But one of the worst is smoking. I don’t want to give an example now of unreliable data, which everyone has probably heard about - that, supposedly, one cigarette shortens life by 11 minutes, or that every 6.5 seconds one person around the world dies from his bad habit. It is impossible to calculate and prove something like this.

However, we should talk about forecasts and real facts. So, for example, every year about 240,000 people die due to diseases one way or another related to smoking - and in middle age. In general, this figure is 332,000. WHO made small forecasts, according to which it was possible to assume that in ten years the number of smokers will increase by 500 million people worldwide. At the moment, their number is 1.3 billion. The death rate of the population in Russia from smoking is frightening. Most importantly, many of those who die from tobacco smoke could live 10 to 30 years longer. Of course, now there is an active promotion of a he althy lifestyle, but whether to prolong one's life or not is everyone's business. But looking at what the mortality statistics look like in Russia, one should at least think about it.

Reason 2 - alcohol

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Alcohol-related mortality is the most severe consequence of alcohol abuse. Our country, unfortunately, is on the list of the most "drinking". And the mortality statistics in Russia from alcohol are also disappointing. This is also due to the fact that we consume much more strong drinks and surrogates than low-grade ones. Every year, drunkenness and alcoholism claim more than 400,000 lives of Russians. Many experts studying the causes of death in Russia and predicting the consequences, assure that in the future, due to the alcoholization of the population, there will be a large demographic decline.

They are also trying to fight this problem - they increase the price of alcohol, cut the time of sales, reduce its availability, but there are no visible results. There are small positive shifts, but this is not enough to achieve a really significant effect.

Positive performance

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However, not everything is really so bad. It is worth looking at the birth and death rates in Russia. Starting from 2010, the population goes "in plus". From 2009 to 2010, the number of inhabitants increased by almost one million! A colossal figure, given that the previous 14 years before that there was only a decline. From 1996 to 2009, as a result of a continuous decline in the birth rate, the number of inhabitants decreased from 148,291,638 people to 141,903,979, that is, by almost 6.5 million! The birth and death rates in Russia have shown a negative balance all these years. But in the last five years, fortunately, things have improved. Since 2010the number of people living in the Russian Federation increased by 4,363,309 people. Growth, by the way, is faster than the decline in those 14 years. And this is very good - the death rate in Russia is decreasing, and more children are being born. Measures taken at the state level should lead to demographic stability.


For some time, mortality in Russia from various diseases was considered a big problem. But lately, things have stabilized in this regard. There were fewer deaths from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, tuberculosis. Positive dynamics is also shown by mortality statistics in Russia among children under one year old. Such a report was provided last year by the state government.

Such positive dynamics was achieved by improving the material and technical equipment of hospitals and laboratories, improving the quality of medical examinations, etc. The government was actively involved in these and other issues. Tangible results were achieved thanks to the so-called routing of patients. The Ministry of He alth claims that over the past five years, deaths from heart disease and strokes have been significantly reduced - by more than 40%!

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What do you need for active growth?

In order for the population to increase more actively in Russia, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for this. Increase maternal payments (first of all), improve the condition of kindergartens and schools, start building new, more modern ones. If young families have problems with housing, then inthis plan should be considered. In general, actively engage in the development of social programs. Because the birth of a child (especially several) is an incredibly difficult and responsible event. Unfortunately, not all regions of the Russian Federation have the conditions for this. What kind of children can you think about when the future parents themselves have a salary of less than 15 thousand a month? So in order to increase the birth rate, the state must first of all take care of the conditions. Make it so that people have not only the desire, but also the opportunity to raise children, future patriots of their mighty Motherland.

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