Beloved by many gardeners - rose "Ambians"

Beloved by many gardeners - rose "Ambians"
Beloved by many gardeners - rose "Ambians"

This plant can be classified as hybrid tea. The variety was artificially bred in France back in 1998. After that, the Ambians rose rightfully won almost all the exhibitions held by world-famous florists. Cultivation is acceptable both in greenhouses and in open ground to decorate the territory.

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The bush is quite tall and reaches a height of more than a meter, while its width can be more than 80 cm. Thorns on the shoots are present, but in small quantities. The diameter of one flower is approximately 10 cm, and its height will be 8 cm. The colors of the buds are always very bright and saturated, and one inflorescence can contain up to 40 petals of different sizes.

Location, lighting and watering

Ambianth is categorized as re-blooming as it blooms throughout the season. Rosa Ambians have almost no fragrance, and the opening is slow enough, which allows them to bloom for a very long time. The leaves are large and have a rich green tint. Like other flowers, this variety of roses is not recommended to be planted under the crowns of large trees, where the plant lacks sunlight and nutrients.

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The plot with planted plants shouldbe on a small hill in order to completely eliminate the possible stagnation of moisture on the soil surface. If such conditions cannot be met, a special drainage is required. It is worth noting that the roots of an adult plant reach more than a meter in length, so the groundwater level should be significantly lower than this indicator. Abundant watering can stop the growth of the root system, which will lead to the inevitable death of the plant. You can fertilize a plant such as the Ambiance rose with peat mixtures or manure.

Diseases and pests

This beautiful rose is often prone to powdery mildew. The Ambians variety is susceptible to various fungal infections, which inevitably leads to damage to the root system. A thorough inspection of the plant will help to detect the disease in time, as white spots appear on the leaves, after which they curl up and fall off. This disease may be the result of enriching the soil with poor-quality nutrients found in fertilizers.

External factors

Sudden temperature changes can also cause a number of adverse effects. The temperature at night can be very different from the daytime, the plant will feel it right away. "Karbendazim" will help remove pigments from the affected leaves, they just need to be washed with a product. Such procedures should be carried out once a week and until the disease passes.

Ambianz cut rose will stand cut for at least two weeks without any further feeding or manipulation.

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