Rappoport Andrei: biography, creative career, personal life

Rappoport Andrei: biography, creative career, personal life
Rappoport Andrei: biography, creative career, personal life

The profession of an actor is interesting and difficult. In order to achieve good results on stage, an artist must work on himself every day, paying attention not only to a particular image, but also to have good diction, be in excellent shape, and emotionally balanced. The article will focus on a talented person who has excellent acting skills, knows how to embody vivid images on stage.

Actor Andrei Rappoport


Rappoport Andrei was born on October 23, 1960. His hometown is Moscow. Talking about the future, the guy initially chose the acting profession. He was interested in everything that was connected with the transformation into heroes, living through various events and life situations, he liked acting. Therefore, it was quite obvious that Andrei Rappoport would become an artist.

The young man became a student at the Shchukin Higher Theater School, which eventuallysuccessfully completed. However, 5 years after admission, the aspiring young actor Andrei Rappoport began to reflect on whether he had made the right choice. First of all, he was tired of the continuous tension in which a theater and film actor usually finds himself. And this tension was mainly connected not with preparing for the next role, but rather with getting a role, realizing one's significance, one's superiority over others.

Talented Director

Acting career

Colleagues talk about Andrei Rappoport as an interesting and creative person. For himself, this man concluded that any artist could fit the main role, but to invent and stage a play that could attract both the audience and the actors is much more difficult, but also much more exciting. Being an actor at that time. Moscow City Council, Rappoport Andrei began to look at photographs during the staging of new performances in a different way - from the position of the director.

But, unfortunately, his desire to make his own film, put on a play or play did not bring results. After some time, Andrei realized that it was not enough to be a good actor or director. He came to the conclusion that for a successful career development, you need to have the ability to attract funds that will be enough to achieve your goal. And then Andrey decided to become a producer. It was a creative upsurge. Andrey not only successfully engaged in producing, but also actively starred in films.

The main films of the actor:

  • "Sleeping and beauty".
  • "Rich and beloved".
  • "Alive".
  • "Russian".
  • "A long goodbye".
  • "Painful hold".
  • "Cage".

Theatrical work:

  • "Reserve".
  • "Passion for Mitrofan".
  • "Mistakes of one night".

Among the films produced by Andrey, it is worth highlighting: "Hockey Games", "Funny Guys", "Listening to the Silence", "The Heart is Not a Stone".

Producer Andrey Rappoport

Private life

Like many other famous artists, the man tries not to advertise his personal life. He believes that it is more important to attract the audience with theatrical skills, and not with stories about what is happening in the family. Andrei does not like to communicate with the press and give interviews. Also, Rappoport is not a supporter of public mass events, especially if they are in no way connected with his professional activities. Fans of the actor, director and producer Andrey Rappoport are interested in his work, and not in the details of his personal life. Colleagues speak of him as a multifaceted person, a successful producer, a talented director, a professional actor, and friends and relatives appreciate and respect him not only as an artist, but also as a good friend, a family man.

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