Bullets 12 caliber "Strela": characteristics, photos, reviews

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Bullets 12 caliber "Strela": characteristics, photos, reviews
Bullets 12 caliber "Strela": characteristics, photos, reviews

According to experts, the effectiveness of hunting depends both on the skills and abilities of the shooter, and on the right weapon and ammunition for it. Judging by the numerous reviews, at a distance of up to 70 meters it is best to use smoothbore guns that shoot a bullet. From this distance, the "smoothbore" is very effective. As practice has shown, a 300-kilogram boar can be killed with an accurate hit by one 12-caliber Arrow bullet from such a distance. If the distance is reduced to 50 meters, then it is not difficult to shoot an elk. You will learn about the device and characteristics of the 12-caliber bullet "Arrow" from this article.

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About the classification of 12-caliber bullet cartridges

According to hunters, when choosing 12-caliber bullets, difficulties often arise. Before opting for any modification, experts recommend taking into account factors such as the conditions in which you have to hunt and the weight of the beast. When classifying 12 gauge bullets, the following are taken into account:signs:

  • The material from which it is made. Bullets are steel, brass and lead. In the latter case, it can be "pure" or with the addition of antimony or arsenic.
  • Presence of a shell. Projectiles are unshelled and semi-shelled.
  • The level of destruction in the body of an animal. Bullets can be expansive or non-expansive.
  • Shape. This parameter will determine what stabilization will be inherent in the projectile during the flight. Bullets are arrow, turbine, arrow-turbine and round.

What do hunters prefer?

Some shooters take heavy caliber bullets with them. Such hunters explain their choice by the fact that the heavier the bullet, the less chance the beast will have of surviving. There is a category of consumers who prefer to shoot a sub-caliber bullet in a container. According to them, such ammunition wears out the barrel channel the least. As you can see, each of the parties gives irrefutable arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of bullet-type ammunition. The great popularity of 12 gauge is due to the fact that such a projectile can be considered universal, since it can be used to hunt both small and large game.

bullet arrow 12 caliber reviews

Therefore, the most popular models of small arms are produced under 12-caliber bullets. Due to the fact that 12 gauge bullets have different designs, shapes and flight characteristics, it will not be difficult for a beginner to get confused. Today, cartridge products are presented to the attention of hunting enthusiasts in a fairly wide range.assortment. Judging by the numerous reviews, the 12 gauge Arrow bullet is considered quite popular. More about this projectile below.

Introducing ammunition

12 caliber bullets "Arrow" appeared on the shelves of specialized stores in 1989. These munitions are manufactured at the Krasnozavodsk Chemical Plant (KHZ).

Chemical plant

Strela bullets are available in two calibers, namely 12 and 16. In the first case, the projectile weighs 32 g, in the second - 28 g. They are contained in Record cartridges.


Judging by the reviews, the 12-caliber bullet "Strela" Record outwardly has much in common with an aerial bomb. Already by the name alone it becomes clear that the design has an arrow-shaped shape with six plumage. In the design of this bullet, it is necessary to have a light shank, through which the projectile is stabilized during flight. To prevent 12-gauge "Arrow" bullets from flipping, their front parts were made heavier. Thus, the projectile turned out with a center of gravity shifted forward.

About device

12-caliber bullets "Strela" are contained in special containers, which are two shells of a semi-cylindrical shape. The interior of this container is made in such a way that it coincides with the profile of the projectile. The outer profile of the ammunition is represented by six truncated cones connected to each other. The developer chose what diameter they should have and at what angle they should be inclined, taking into account such a parameter as obturation. What should have been doneto prevent deformation and burnout of the sleeve? Specialists of the Krasnozavodsk Chemical Plant decided to strengthen the bottom of the Record. To prevent powder gases from escaping from it, the sleeve had to be made as tight as possible. As a result, when selecting a container, the thickness of the case wall was taken into account so that the bullet fits as tightly as possible. Despite the rather good design of the ammunition, according to experts, today work is underway to improve the Record cartridge.

bullet arrow record 12 caliber reviews

How is a cartridge made?

This ammunition contains a paper or polyethylene sleeve, a non-rusting Zhevelo-N primer, a cardboard powder pad, wads and a container in which a 12-gauge Strela bullet is inserted.

bullet arrow 12 caliber characteristics

Rekord is equipped with Falcon gunpowder. After the cartridge is assembled, its sleeve is rolled in such a way that its end part overlaps the end of the container with the projectile with an emphasis.


Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, the 12-caliber sub-caliber bullet "Strela" has fairly good ballistic performance. For example, this projectile is moving towards the target at a speed of 496 m/s. A 16-caliber bullet per second covers a distance of up to 403 m. The average maximum gas pressure is 651 kg / cm2. For 16-gauge shells, this parameter has been increased to 733. Dispersion is observed during firing. From a 45-meter distance, this figure for the 12-gauge "Arrow"is 19 cm, for a 16-caliber projectile - 15.5 cm. For those who decide to equip this hunting ammunition on their own, experts recommend using Sokol gunpowder with a weight of no more than 2.3 g. For a 16-gauge, a weight of up to 1.75 Judging by the reviews, it is not uncommon for this bullet to pass through a shot elk from a distance of 80 meters.


To buy one Record cartridge equipped with the Strela bullet, you will have to pay an average of 28 rubles. Ammunition "Strela" of this caliber is considered relatively cheap when compared with other shells. For example, the cartridge "SKM. Industry”, using a 32-gram Tandem steel bullet, will cost you 35 rubles. A Gavpatron equipped with a 32-gram B&P projectile will cost you a little more. The price of this ammunition is 68 rubles.

One KZORS ammunition with Polev's 28-gram arrow bullet will cost 63 rubles. Like the "Arrow", this bullet contains a rod connected to a plastic shank with 6 blades. Unlike the Arrow, the KZORS bullet is conical in shape.

For those who are interested in 12-gauge bullets, we can also recommend the Fetter cartridge. The target is hit by a 32-gram Gualandi bullet. The price of one cartridge is 50 rubles.

What do experts advise?

Hunting will be effective if the shooter makes the most of all the possibilities of a 12-gauge bullet. Despite the fact that these bullets are cheaper, in terms of their ballistic characteristics they are not inferior to expensive products. If we compare "Arrow" with a 40-gramimported bullet, then the battle of the projectile from the KHZ is more stable and is 5 cm against 7 cm from abroad. According to experienced hunters, the Strela with the Record cartridge gives the best result at straight open distances.

sub-caliber bullet 12 caliber arrow

It is in such cases that the bullet has good accuracy. If you had to hunt in areas with dense bushes or in small forests, then most likely this arrow-shaped projectile will ricochet. In addition, experts do not advise shooting if there is any obstacle in front of the target.

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