Monument "mother-in-law" in Tula: photo, description and address

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Monument "mother-in-law" in Tula: photo, description and address
Monument "mother-in-law" in Tula: photo, description and address

Many anecdotes are composed about the relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law. In life, not all men have a negative attitude towards the mothers of their wives. For example, in the city of Tula they even erected a "monument to the mother-in-law". This is the unofficial name of the majestic sculpture of a toothy dinosaur. Why does the "mother-in-law" monument in Tula look exactly like this, how to get to it?

The kindest dinosaur

Tula Exotarium

Tula regional zooexotarium is the only zoo in our country that specializes in keeping reptiles and amphibians. Today, its visitors can see various species of birds and mammals, but it is cold-blooded animals that dominate the collection and are the main pride of the employees.

Zooexotarium occupies a building in the central part of the city, at the intersection of Oktyabrskaya and Liteynaya streets. In 1989, it was decided to install a thematic sculpture near the entrance to the zoo. The image of the Tyrannosaurus rex was chosen unanimously and very quickly. The most famous and formidable dinosaur may well be considered the king of the reptile world.

The work on the monument was entrustedsculptor Yu. A. Uvarkin. The master of his craft tried to make the dinosaur as majestic and realistic as possible, but at the same time fearless. And this decision was correct, since every day the zooexotarium is visited by a huge number of children, including those of the most tender age. The statue, which today the locals call the monument to the mother-in-law in Tula, was inaugurated on September 18, 1989. If you look closely at the face of a giant lizard, you can see that he really smiles. The sculpture quickly fell in love with the people of Tula, and even the smallest residents of the city are not afraid of the "Teschesaur".

Interesting facts about the Tula "mother-in-law"

monument to mother-in-law in Tula

In addition to the informal nickname, the sculpture has a completely official name. The sculptor Yu. A. Uvarkin named his creation by the female name Tina. It is quite possible that it was the definition of the sex of the dinosaur that became the premise for the jokes.

The sculpture is an exact copy of the reconstructed appearance of the lizard Tyrannosaurus Rex. The creator claims that he even observed the scale of 1:43. Today, the monument has several unofficial names: the “mother-in-law” monument in Tula, “teshezavr” and even the Tula dinosaur. If you turn to the city archive, you will be surprised to find that there is no monument to the prehistoric lizard in the city.

When ordering a monument, employees of administrative bodies thought for a long time about the correct execution of documentation. No one in the region had previously encountered the installation of monuments to dinosaurs. But sculptures were popularcompositions with horses. For this reason, the Tula exotarium has registered its symbol as a monument to the horse. The sculpture is made of concrete and sheathed with a copper layer. The height of the dinosaur is about three meters.

"Mother-in-law" turns into…

monument to mother-in-law in different outfits

Tula people have an interesting tradition: from time to time, a dinosaur monument is dressed up in various costumes. Usually the change of outfits is timed to coincide with some holiday. For example, on March 8, "Teschezavr" puts on a dress with flowers, and by September 1 - in a female school uniform. On New Year's Eve, the monument to the "mother-in-law" in Tula is dressed up in the costume of the Snow Maiden. All these gigantic outfits are carefully stored by the employees of the exotarium in the storerooms.

City residents love their unique dinosaur. "Mother-in-law" regularly participates in all holidays, the birthday of the exotarium and the date of the grand opening of the sculpture itself ("mother-in-law" birthday) are celebrated on a special scale. Several interesting traditions are associated with the monument. Many grooms believe that if you lay flowers at the bronze “mother-in-law” on your wedding day, your relationship with the bride’s real mother will be warm and friendly. Many married men bring flowers to the feet of the T-Rex and every March 8th.

Where is the dinosaur monument in Tula?

Finding the main city dinosaur during a tourist trip to Tula is not at all difficult. The monument to the "mother-in-law" in Tula has the following address: st. Oktyabrskaya, 26. The nearest public transport stops: Arsenalnaya and Lunacharskogo Street. The sculpture is installed near the building of the zooexotarium, anddue to its impressive size, it is clearly visible from afar.

An interesting fact: the monument was originally planned to be installed on the territory of the zoo. But since it would not have been clearly visible from the sidewalk, the monument was erected on the street. You can visit it without buying tickets to the exotarium, at any time.

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