Tver Academic Regional Philharmonic Society: description, activities, reviews

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Tver Academic Regional Philharmonic Society: description, activities, reviews
Tver Academic Regional Philharmonic Society: description, activities, reviews

The Academic Regional Philharmonic of Tver dates back to 1936. For a long time she did not have her own concert hall, so the performances of artists were given at different venues in the city, but even then the musicians earned the love and respect of the public. How does the team live today and what pleases the audience?


The Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic was opened in 1936. In the first concert of the season, the audience heard the works of P. I. Tchaikovsky performed by the newly created orchestra. At that time, the Philharmonic did not yet have its own concert venue, so concerts were given at the Drama Theatre, the House of Officers, the Teacher's House and other places. Performances in city parks and clubs were not rare. Many of the concerts were broadcast by the local radio station.

The organizer and conductor of the orchestra was N. M. Sidelnikov. He gathered musicians from the ranks of professional artists, as well as from talented amateurs. In 1938, the orchestra conducted by Sidelnikov accompanied the famous singer S. Lemeshev,who performed in Tver with concerts.

Academic Regional Philharmonic of Tver

With the beginning of the war, some of the artists were mobilized to the front. After the liberation of the city, cultural life was actively revived, on the basis of the Philharmonic, the Variety Theater, the Song and Dance Ensemble were created. In 1948, the post of head of the Philharmonic was taken by N. M. Sidelnikov, who made a huge contribution to the development of the musical culture of the city. In May 1953, the Tver Academic Philharmonic received a concert hall with 400 seats.

During all the years of activity, new teams appeared in the institution, actual directions of activity were determined. In the 60s, lectures on the history of music gained popularity, which were attended by a large number of listeners. In the mid-80s, a large-scale reconstruction of the Philharmonic building began, which included the expansion of space, the concert hall and major repairs.

Tver Philharmonic Academic Orchestra

Opened in the mid-90s, the Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic surprised the public with a new look and opportunities. The audience was introduced to an organ produced by the famous Czech company Rieger-Kloss. Since then, organ music concerts have become the most visited events in the city.


Today the main musical venue of Tver is a creative union of like-minded people. In 1999, the Philharmonic was awarded the honorary title of "Academic". Management and staff have a lot to be proud of. Musical groups have repeatedly become participants in internationalfestivals in Moscow, where they took pride of place.

Over the past few years, the traditional vocal competition named after A. Ivanov, People's Artist, opera singer and native of Tver, has been held on the basis of the Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic Society.

Tver Academic Regional Philharmonic

The public enjoys attending Philharmonic concerts, purchasing subscriptions for the whole family. The Tver Academic Philharmonic Society is constantly developing, striving to provide the public not only with educational and classical concerts, but also with the opportunity to join the world musical movement. The opening of each new season becomes a surprise for listeners, new works, performers and bands appear in the program.


Every year more than 60 concert programs are given in the halls of the Academic Philharmonic of Tver, many of which become a discovery for listeners. The collectives of the institution are successful not only in their hometown, but are also warmly received on tours in the cities of Russia and in foreign countries.

Traditional events in the life of the city have become the annual charity concerts of the Tver Academic Regional Academy, given for veterans of war and labor, there are also events for children from different segments of the population. For celebrations and public holidays, the Philharmonic prepares special events that celebrate the importance of the event with concerts.

Academic Regional Philharmonic in Tver

The Academic Regional Philharmonic holds a series offestivals of European importance. Events such as the Musical Autumn, the I. Bach Music Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Christmas Choir Festivals bring together groups from all over Russia and the world.


Tver Regional Philharmonic invites city residents to become part of the musical environment. Season tickets have been issued since 1936, the variety of genres of which will satisfy both the discerning connoisseur of classical music and the schoolboy who is just beginning his acquaintance with the great art.

Currently there are 10 types of season tickets. Recently, their options have expanded due to new cycles. So, the subscription "Family" appeared, thanks to which children and adults got acquainted with the program, which included concerts of choirs, including children's, musical performances and much more.

concerts at the Tver Philharmonic

The Camerata+ program has become popular, thanks to this subscription, viewers attend classical chamber music concerts, where Russian and world pop stars perform, accompanied by the Russian Camerata orchestra.


Music lovers among the townspeople often attend concerts of the Tver Academic Regional Philharmonic. Classical, organ and jazz concerts are popular. Spectators note that the concert hall has excellent acoustics, and the skill and talent of musicians and singers is beyond praise. For many, the Philharmonic has become the best place for cultural recreation and the opportunity to touch the world treasures of the classicalmusic.

There are no dissatisfied reviews about the Philharmonic, it is noted that the interior corresponds to the tasks that the team sets for itself. The halls are cozy, beautiful and interesting, the staff is friendly and does everything so that the audience is not distracted from the music. Visitors are very pleased with the variety and richness of events held within the walls of the institution. Many residents are happy to bring their friends and acquaintances here, believing that this is the place where you need to start your acquaintance with Tver.


Philharmonia is located at Teatralny proezd, building 1.

You can get to the place by the following transport:

  • By bus routes 30, 111, 138, 107, 118, 114 or 128 (Novotorzhskaya stop).
  • By taxi 22, 52, or 24 (bus stop "Tverskaya Square").

The Tver Philharmonic invites all music lovers to its concerts and events.

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