Type of female buttocks: structure and shape

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Type of female buttocks: structure and shape
Type of female buttocks: structure and shape

Which part of the fair sex figure attracts the most attention? Men claim that more often they turn their attention to women's buttocks. In today's world, beauty standards are changing rapidly. Let's learn about the types of female buttocks. The structure and shape of the figure in this case are the determining factors.


What type of female buttocks is considered ideal? Rounded shapes have always been in fashion. Every girl dreams of a round butt. How to determine the shape of the female buttocks by the type of figure? There are several characteristic features:

  • Usually a round booty has convex shapes.
  • The lines of this type of female buttocks are not particularly pronounced, they are quite soft and smooth.
  • You can mentally draw a circle.

Scientists say that ladies with rounded shapes have a very good immune system and hormonal levels. In addition, there is an opinion that it is easier for women with this type of female buttocks and structure to give birth to a strong baby. The fair sex with a round butt includes the singer Beyoncé, society ladies from the scandalous Kardashian clan - Kim and Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian


Scientists believe that one of the most common types of female buttocks is the "square" shape. Girls with such booty have good he alth. Feature:

  • This type of female buttocks has a pronounced square shape with sharp corners.
  • A square usually looks flat from the outside. Luckily, this kind of bum can be corrected and rounded up with regular exercise.

Famous model Kendall Jenner and singer Shakira have square buttocks.

singer Shakira


Usually, ladies with broad shoulders have this shape. This type of shape is called an inverted triangle. The butt tapers towards the bottom. Scientists conducted a study in which they found that women with this type of female buttocks in the body lack an important hormone called estrogen. He is responsible for the development of pregnancy, secondary sexual characteristics. Its absence indicates the appearance of nervousness, frequent mood swings, insomnia, and a decrease in female libido. In this case, doctors advise eating more fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts. The fair sex with the shape of the priests "triangle" need to focus on exercises that will increase the muscle mass of the buttocks.

triangular shape


According to a social survey, men like women with the shape of the buttocks "heart" the most. Suchthe butt is similar to a round one, only more weight is concentrated in its lower part. Most often, the "heart" is typical for ladies with an hourglass figure type. They have a very narrow waist and large hips. Since ancient times, such forms were considered the ideal of female beauty. Moreover, there is an opinion that ladies with buttocks in the form of a "heart" are easier to get rid of excess weight.

heart shape


This form is characterized by convex and full buttocks. The pear-shaped butt has very wide hip bones. Representatives of this type have a narrow waist, which creates the effect of huge shapes. Men consider "pear" no less attractive than "heart". In addition, women who naturally have this type of female buttocks are very lucky. They can easily and quickly give birth to a he althy baby without much effort.

pear shape

Female buttocks type - figure definition

Is it true that the shape of the priests can tell what type your figure is? Undoubtedly! The shape of the buttocks can tell about your type of figure. It is generally accepted in the world that there are only four types of female forms: an inverted triangle, a pear, an hourglass and a square.

  • A pear-shaped butt indicates that you are the owner of the second type of figure. The "pear" is characterized by narrow shoulders and waist, very wide hips and a big butt.
  • Triangular buttocks indicate that you belong to the first species. Your body structure is characterized bybroad shoulders, narrow hips, relatively small buttocks. Such a figure resembles an inverted triangle.
  • The square shape indicates that you have the fourth type of figure. He is characterized by a wide waist, hips and shoulders, as well as a flat butt.
  • Round buttocks and a heart-shaped butt most often indicate that a girl has a figure that resembles an hourglass. She is characterized by a narrow waist, wide shoulders and hips, large breasts and a bulging butt.

Provide you with the types of female buttocks with photo.

4 buttock shapes

How to pump up the buttocks?

There is a range of exercises for every butt shape that helps to shape the buttocks and give them a more rounded and beautiful look. It is best to consult with a trainer about this. He will select the complex that suits you. If you want to tighten your ass at home without going to the gym, then we will tell you what exercises are necessary for which type of buttocks.


The main problem with this shape is that you need to make the buttocks more prominent. For the "square" intense exercises to increase muscle mass are suitable. For example, a variety of lunges, side swings, various types of squats. Trainers recommend doing each exercise for three sets of 20 reps.

lunge exercise


This type of butt seems absolutely perfect. However, it is very difficult to maintain its shape. In this case, you need a set of exercises that willpromote the work of all muscles. For example, lunges, deep squats, plies, swings.


The peculiarity of this type of buttocks is that they lack volume in the lower part. Trainers advise doing exercises with weights in order to build muscle mass faster. For example, sumo squats, quad leg raises, swings.

Heart or pear

Girls with this type of shape most often accumulate fat in the thighs. Experts recommend focusing on working out the riding breeches zone. Exercises: squats on one leg, with an expander, leg raises with weight. Such a complex will lift the buttocks, as well as reduce the volume in the legs.

Effective exercise

What girl doesn't dream of having a "Brazilian" butt? Is it possible to pump your buttocks at home? Qualified trainers talked about three exercises that are the most effective. This complex will allow you to tighten the buttocks, make them more elastic and convex. Additionally, you can watch a video with exercises.

Most experts say that the weight bridge exercise is considered very effective. It allows you to work out the buttocks and the back of the thighs. Thanks to this, the butt becomes significantly rounded and raised:

  1. First you need to lie on your back.
  2. Knees should be bent at 90 degrees.
  3. Put a dumbbell or a water bottle on top of your stomach.
  4. When performing the exercise, the feet do notshould come off the floor.
  5. Next, you need to lift the ass up.

You should feel tension in your legs and buttocks. This exercise is recommended to be done in three sets of 25 times. In addition, it is useful to stay in this position for 30 seconds.

Exercise "cross lunges" helps to increase the ass in volume. It works out the gluteus medius muscles:

  1. First you need to put your feet at shoulder level. Hands can be removed to the belt.
  2. Next, you should perform a "curtsy". You need to put your left foot behind your right and sit down. The buttocks should be tense.
  3. This exercise is worth doing three sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

Plie works out not only all the gluteal muscles, but also the riding breeches area. This exercise shakes the ass, and also allows you to remove the "ears" in the inner thigh:

  1. First of all, you need to put your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. You can take weight in your hands.
  3. Then you need to sit down deeply and stay in this position for 10 seconds. Remember to keep your back straight and your feet apart.
  4. The exercise is recommended to be performed in three sets of 15-20 times.

This complex can be diversified with any exercises. The main thing is to remember that regular exercise will make your buttocks bulging and attractive. You can allocate only 40 minutes a day for training, and the result will be excellent.

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