Journalist Olga Bakushinskaya: biography, list of books and reviews

Journalist Olga Bakushinskaya: biography, list of books and reviews
Journalist Olga Bakushinskaya: biography, list of books and reviews

Olga Bakushinskaya is not just a journalist. She is a professional in her field. In her career, Olga goes to new heights, not stopping in front of obstacles, and she is doing very well. Bakushinskaya has gone from a housewife to a talk show host on a popular TV channel, she can be equal to any person who has set a goal and is moving towards it. In the profession, Olga Bakushinskaya has the glory of a tough and extraordinary personality, her colleagues know her as an intelligent and beautiful woman who is able to put anyone in their place. More than one fact from her biography confirms this.

Olga Bakushinskaya


Olga Bakushinskaya was born on June 3, 1965 in Moscow. The girl was raised by one mother, her father left the family when Olya was very young. But this did not prevent her mother - a candidate of sciences - from raising Olga as an intelligent, well-read girl. The father, although he did not take a special part in the upbringing, nevertheless left a good heredity. He, like his mother, was a scientist, had a Ph.D. Therefore, Olga had good data in her blood. At school, Olga Bakushinskaya was distinguished by a quiet, calm disposition, studied well, and read a lot. none ofclassmates could not imagine that in the future Olga would become a famous person in the world of show business, would lead tough, harsh programs and be seen in social scandals. The girl was credited with the future of an accountant. However, after graduating from school, Olya entered the institute as an engineer-economist and, after graduating well, immediately got married.

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First marriage

Olga Bakushevskaya at the age of 19 became the wife of the writer Leonid Zhukhovitsky. The crazy and passionate love of a young girl in an experienced and hardened man became the basis of their marriage. Olya's parents were a little scared: without any transition, a candy-bouquet period and a gradual development of relations, the daughter simply did not come home to spend the night one day. Since then, the girl's life has changed a lot, given that she never walked anywhere, did not go to dances, but sat at home in the evenings.

The marriage of this couple lasted about ten years. At first, Olya simply looked into the mouth of her adored husband and accepted all his statements as the truth in the highest instance. But over the years, scandals began to occur in the family, the husband cheated and deceived that Olga Bakushinskaya could not bear. Her biography was replenished with a serious change in life - she packed her suitcase and left her husband.

Olga Bakushinskaya biography

Career start

A failed marriage left a deep wound on her heart, but spurred a 30-year-old woman to take decisive action to change her life. Now everything depended only on Olga herself, she neededI had to feed myself, pay my rent, and start living anew. Journalist Olga Bakushinskaya did not immediately discover herself. At first she worked in small publications, writing articles for small newspapers. Olga still had talent and literary abilities, and there is no getting away from this. The received education in the speci alty "engineer-economist" has sunk into oblivion. Olga got absolutely nothing out of the Institute. Her path in life was different, and the woman always knew and felt it. Years of life in a writing environment made it even more clear that Olga should open herself in this particular area. At first, working as a correspondent was difficult. To call a person and arrange a meeting with him, you had to break yourself every time and force yourself to shake off embarrassment and shyness. But Olga Bakushinskaya also overcame this obstacle. Over time, she got a job at Komsomolskaya Pravda, where she worked for 11 years.

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Scandals at work

Olga changed not only her life, but also her character over time. From the quiet excellent student she was in childhood, Bakushinskaya turned into a sharp, strict woman who did not miss the opportunity to scandal. Olga has such a property in her blood, according to her beliefs, the surname comes from the Polish distant ancestors of the Bogushevskys, who appeared in Russia with False Dmitry and are known for their intrigues and scandals. Once, because of such an ardent character, Olga was fired from her job. After Komsomolskaya Pravda, the journalist got a job at Izvestia, butdidn't stay there for more than 8 months because of the incident. Publicly, Olga splashed water in the face of a journalist who spoke disrespectfully about the memory of a deceased colleague. Later, Bakushinskaya commented on this act on a page on the Internet. The newspaper's management decided to fire the brawler.

TV career

After leaving the newspaper, a new stage in life began. Olga Bakushinskaya is the host of a TV program on the TVC channel. One could only dream of such a turn of events. Nevertheless, thanks to the talent and a little help from a friend who knew perfectly well what Bakushinskaya was, and brought her to the channel, the program "Scandalous Life with Olga B." found an indispensable leader. The actual topics of the program were simple situations concerning the life of citizens and sometimes causing a storm of emotions when injustice is discovered. For example, topical issues of housing and communal services, prices for small services. No one, except Bakushinskaya, could so sincerely and impulsively draw people into conversation and stir up interest in the show. Later, the program gradually grew into a project called "PRO life".

olga bakushinskaya biography list of books reviews

Happy marriage

Already being a well-known journalist, Olga met her current husband, with whom she was able to start a family, give birth to a child and find true happiness. They became Andrey Razumovsky, producer and artist. The couple met at the House of Cinema Veterans, at a seminar where Andrei spoke at a lecture. He noticed Olga, whom he had already heard about, and throughfriend Bakushinskaya learned her phone number. Having met and got to know each other closer, the two people realized that they fit each other one hundred percent. The acquaintance took place in 2000, in 2001 Masha was already born to happy parents, and in 2009 the couple got married. Before the wedding, Bakushinskaya Olga Anatolyevna became a Catholic. Quotes from the Bible, rites and foundations of the faith of Catholics were much closer to Olga than Orthodoxy, and she converted to Catholicism. The wedding took place with an Orthodox husband, mixed marriages are allowed in the Catholic Church.

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Olga Bakushinskaya as a writer

In the work of a journalist there is a place for writing books. One of them is called "The Scandalous Stories of Olga B." The book describes various incidents that took place in reality. The writing style fully corresponds to the character of a famous journalist named Bakushinskaya Olga. A biography, a list of books, reviews of what you have read can always be found on the pages of the network in disassembled form, and specific interesting stories are collected in the book. "Ladybug" and "Flights of a ladybug" - another literary creation of Olga together with the Catholic monk Eduard Shatov. The work discusses in the form of an interview our life itself and its manifestations, a look at this or that situation through the eyes of different people.

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