Tatyana Dyuzheva is the wife of Dmitry Dyuzhev

Tatyana Dyuzheva is the wife of Dmitry Dyuzhev
Tatyana Dyuzheva is the wife of Dmitry Dyuzhev

Tatyana Dyuzheva (nee Zaitseva) is the wife of the Cosmos beloved by millions from the Brigada television series popular in the 2000s. Before the girl, Dmitry was considered a ladies' man, who was not only not going to get married, but also did not think about a permanent relationship. Who is Dyuzhev's wife - Tatyana? And how did the young people meet?

Tatyana Dyuzheva: biography

Tanya was born on June 6, 1981 in Moscow in an intelligent family. Her father worked as an engineer-inventor, and her mother was a teacher. The girl's childhood was not rich, sometimes she even had to wear things for her older brother.

Dyuzheva Tatyana

Tatyana Dyuzheva has two higher educations. After school, she studied at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, after which she acquired the speci alty of a teacher-psychologist. The girl received her second financial education at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

At the time of meeting with Dyuzhev, Tatiana was 25 years old. She worked for an oil company. After the couple legalized the relationship, the girl quit the service and completelydevoted herself to her family. Young people began to gradually establish a family life in a rented apartment. However, over time, having overcome some domestic difficulties, the Dyuzhev couple acquired their own housing in the capital.

Now Tatyana Dyuzheva takes care of the house and children. The girl got a job in a comprehensive school, where she works as a child psychologist. Thanks to her convenient schedule, she can devote a lot of time to her family.

Meet Dmitry Dyuzhev

The actor met Tatyana back in 2006 at a Madonna concert. He noticed the girl in the crowd of spectators and immediately fell in love. According to the actor, Tatyana turned out to be his fate. During the concert of the famous pop diva, Dyuzhev approached Tatyana and started a casual conversation with her, at the end of which he asked the girl for a phone number.

Dmitry began to actively look after Tatyana, but she behaved very carefully and did not immediately trust the popular actor. The abundance of fans and an excess of attention from women greatly frightened Dmitry's future wife. However, after a while, the girl agreed to a date and answered Dyuzhev in return.

tatyana dyuzheva biography

4 months after they met, Dyuzhev suggested that Tatiana celebrate the New Year holidays in the United Arab Emirates. This trip became a turning point in the relationship of young people. Some time later, at the Sochi Kinotavr festival, the artist made a marriage proposal to his beloved girl, which she could not refuse.

Dyuzhevs' wedding

The solemn wedding of lovers took place after twoyears of dating. The couple legalized their relationship on February 14, 2008 at the Griboyedovsky registry office of the capital. Young people hid the date of the wedding until the last, but despite this, fans of his talent were waiting at the entrance to the Dyuzhev hall. After painting, Dmitry and Tatyana went to Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. The solemn event on the occasion of the official marriage was celebrated by young people with friends and relatives at the Metropol restaurant.

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Six months later, in July 2008, the couple sealed their relationship in the face of God. Young married in the church.

Children of Tatyana and Dmitry

The first child of Dmitry and Tatyana Dyuzhev was born on August 7, 2008. Now the eldest son of the actor is already 9 years old. The boy was named Vanya in honor of Tatiana's relative. The Zaitsev family believes that their ancestor was called Ivan Volyak, who was a Pole from the family of the Potocki princes.

The first son of the Dyuzhevs likes the exact sciences, as well as playing football with his father. Vanya really wants to be like his dad, but whether he will be an artist when he grows up, the boy has not yet decided.

Dmitry Dyuzhev

The second child in the Dyuzhev family appeared on January 26, 2015. The boy was named after the famous dad - Dmitry. True, the artist himself claims that he was initially against such an idea, believing that it was not entirely modest. However, Tatyana managed to convince her husband.

Today, the Dyuzhev family is a benchmark in the world of show business. So as not to leave the spouse onfor a long time alone, Tatyana visits the film sets, and spends all her free time between takes with Dmitry. The artist's wife is his reliable rear and faithful girlfriend, supporting all his beginnings and projects. For Dmitry, who has experienced various shocks associated with the loss of loved ones, his wife, Vanya and little Dima always come first.

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