Actress Irina Rakshina: biography, photo

Actress Irina Rakshina: biography, photo
Actress Irina Rakshina: biography, photo

Irina Rakshina is an actress who first attracted the attention of viewers thanks to the mini-series “Jack Vosmerkin is an American”. In this TV project, she embodied the image of Ekaterina Vosmerkina. By the age of 55, she managed to play in more than fifty film and television projects. "Brother", "Morphine", "Presumption of Innocence", "Master and Margarita", "Family Album" - famous films and series with her. What is the story behind the celebrity?

Irina Rakshina: the beginning of the journey

The future performer of the role of Katya Vosmerkina was born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It happened in May 1962. Irina Rakshina lost her mother when she was only four years old. The girl was too young to understand what had happened.

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From Monday to Friday, Irina and her sister were forced to be in a round-the-clock kindergarten. The girl learned to cope with housework herself, she washed, ironed, cooked. The father practically did not take care of his daughters, drank a lot, was constantly sick. Its notbecame when the future actress turned 12 years old.

Irina Rakshina was supposed to go to a boarding school, but this did not happen thanks to the intervention of a neighbor. A woman took custody of her orphaned sisters.

Choosing a Life Path

Irina's interest in dramatic art arose as a child. In the round-the-clock kindergarten, which she attended, theatrical performances were regularly organized. Her other hobbies were playing the accordion, athletics. At school, the future actress studied for one five.

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After graduating from the eighth grade, Irina Rakshina continued her education at a sewing vocational school. The guardian pushed the girl to this decision. She successfully graduated from vocational school, worked in her speci alty for some time. However, dreams of the acting profession, fame and fans did not leave Irina.

Rakshina went to Moscow, made an attempt to enter VGIK. The girl was refused admission because of her age, but she did not give up. Irina settled in a hostel, began attending acting classes. She made a living working as a cleaning lady in a tourist complex.

Education, theater

From the biography of Irina Rakshina it follows that the very next year she repeated her attempt to enter a theater university. The aspiring actress wanted to become a student of the Moscow Art Theater, but she did not pass the competition. Then Irina submitted documents to LGITMiK, and unexpectedly entered. She was enrolled in a course taught by I.P. Vladimirov.

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Back instudent years Rakshina began to play on the stage of the Leningrad City Council Theater. At first, Irina was trusted only with episodic roles, then they began to entrust more responsible tasks. The actress became a graduate of LGITMiK in 1986. At the same time, Vladimirov invited her to join the troupe of the Lensoviet Theater, and also helped her get her own housing.

It is difficult to list all the bright roles that Rakshina performed on the stage of the Lensoviet Theater. “Tomorrow there was a war”, “Enough simplicity for every wise man”, “Death of a salesman” - sensational performances with her participation. In 2007, Irina won the Golden Soffit award, which was presented to her for the role of Glafira Glumova.


Fame came to Rakshina in 1986, when she starred in the mini-series "Jack Vosmerkin -" American ". Irina's success was helped by the picture "The Presumption of Innocence", in which she played a slightly strange conductor who does not stop for a minute.

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The filmography of Irina Rakshina contains film and television projects, the list of which is given below:

  • Roaming Bus.
  • "Vaska".
  • "The dream of a virgin".
  • "Austrian field".
  • Russian Symphony.
  • "The arrival of the train."
  • "Brother".
  • “About freaks and people.”
  • "Bitter!".
  • "Farewell, Pavel."
  • Black Raven.
  • Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.
  • "Russian horror stories".
  • "Last Train".
  • "Lines of Fate".
  • "The Master and Margarita".
  • "Lostsun.”
  • Re altor.
  • "Dream".
  • "Paper Soldier".
  • Morphine.
  • "Don't think about white monkeys."
  • "Last meeting".
  • "Cat-and-stepmother".

Relatively recently, the actress starred in such series as: "Family Album", "Police Station", "Under Electric Clouds", "Christmas Happiness", "Mother in Law".

Private life

Is Irina Rakshina, whose photo can be seen in the article, married? The actress broke up with her maiden name in 1986. Her chosen one was the famous humorist Yuri G altsev, whom she met in a construction team in Kazakhstan. In 1992, Irina and Yuri had a daughter, who was named Maria. The girl did not follow in her parents' footsteps, she preferred to become a fitness trainer.

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