Husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya - Maxim Matveev

Husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya - Maxim Matveev
Husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya - Maxim Matveev

Rising star of Russian cinema Elizaveta Boyarskaya got married in 2010. Her chosen one was the handsome Maxim Matveev, also a theater and film actor. What is known about him?

Student years

The future husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya Maxim Matveev was born in the city of Svetly, Kaliningrad Region. Unlike Elizabeth's acting roots, his parents are the most ordinary people: his mother is a teacher, and his father is a sailor. And he himself did not plan to connect his life with the stage. But chance helped.

Husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya Maxim Matveev

At the graduation party, his acting skills and outstanding appearance were noticed by the teacher of the Saratov Conservatory Vladimir Smirnov and advised the young man to contact his colleague Valentina Ermakova. At one time, she discovered the talent of Evgeny Mironov, Galina Tyunina and others. After listening to Matveev, Ermakova invited him to study immediately for the second year of the Saratov Conservatory.And he fully justified this advance.

First steps on the theater stage

Even while studying, the future husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya actively began to try himself in various performances and productions. The first role was Anne Boleyn's lover in The Royal Games. Then he was offered to play Vaslav Nijinsky, the famous Russian choreographer and dancer, in the play "God's Clown". The production included performing all kinds of ballet steps, but Maxim was good at dancing. Another of his skills, namely the art of swordsmanship, Matveev was able to demonstrate in his thesis work "Don Juan" based on Pushkin's work, where he also played the main character.

After graduating from the Saratov acting university in 2002, Maxim decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. He got on the course of Sergei Zemtsov and Igor Zolotovitsky. Among the roles played during that period, it should be noted the knight Geoffrey in The Piedmontese Beast and Dulchin in The Last Victim. He also took part in the following productions: "The Cabal of the Hypocrites" (Zachary Muarron), "King Lear" (Edgar), "The Holy Fire" (Colin Tebret), etc. Lord Goring from the play "The Ideal Husband" by Oscar Wilde.

Husband of Elizabeth Boyarskaya

After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater in 2006, the future husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maxim Matveev, begins working at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. The average audience is very fond of Matveev's acting, his performances are a success.

Cinema and charity

The future husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya made his first steps in the cinema in 2007, when he played Denis Orlov in the movie "Vise". Then a year later there was a musical "Dandies", where Matveev got the image of the expressive and charming Fred.

This role made him famous all over the country. Since then, Matveev has been invited more and more often, the list of films with his participation has grown every year, despite the fact that Maxim continued to play in the theater.

At this time, he marries his classmate Yana Sexta, the actress of "Snuffbox", but their family life was short-lived. A year later, they break up the marriage.

Together with Yana, Maxim Matveev began participating in the "Doctor Clown" project. Now he is the face of the eponymous charitable foundation. Together with a team of like-minded people, dressing up as clowns, they visit hospitals and entertain sick children.

Meet Liza Boyarskaya

It took place on the set of the movie "I won't tell", in 2009. They played a married couple. They were united by a common obsession with work, and from that time a stormy romance began. At first, the lovers kept their relationship a secret, but a year later they already got married. Maxim was warmly and cordially received into the family, Lisa's famous parents approved of their relationship and marriage.

elizaveta boyarskaya husband and son

Completion in the family

And in 2012, a long-awaited event happened: Elizaveta Boyarskaya gave her husband a son. The husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya was present at the birth. The son was named Andrew. He is said to have blue eyes and dark hairhe looks like his famous grandfather. In general, the Matveev-Boyarskaya couple do not like to advertise their personal lives, so the photographs of the heir are not yet exposed to the public. Elizaveta Boyarskaya, husband and son, first tried to live together in the capital, because Matveev works there, but the Moscow air did not suit the baby. Now he is at the Boyarskys' dacha outside St. Petersburg, where he is cared for by two grandparents. And Lisa and Maxim constantly visit their son.

In the families of actors, it often happens that someone is more famous and popular, and the other is talked about only in the context of the topic of his marriage partner.

Boyarskaya Elizaveta Mikhailovna: husband

Because of this, competition arises, the existence of the family itself becomes threatened. But it seems that this star couple is not in danger. Although at the time of their acquaintance, Boyarskaya Elizaveta Mikhailovna was more famous and accomplished, her husband, Maxim Matveev, is no less in demand now. Although, as many film critics say, the role of his life is yet to come.

To summarize, Maxim Matveev is known not only as the husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya, but first of all as a talented actor.

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