Veronika Erokhina: biography, personal life, husband, children

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Veronika Erokhina: biography, personal life, husband, children
Veronika Erokhina: biography, personal life, husband, children

Behind every great man is his woman: loving, supportive, understanding and encouraging. It was precisely such a muse that his wife, Veronika, became for the midfielder of the Russian football team Alexander Erokhin. Despite a fairly young age, Veronika Erokhina is a wise woman who should be followed by an example. It is about her that we will tell in our article.

Biography of Veronica Erokhina

Veronica Erokhina
Veronica Erokhina

The wife of a Russian football player, a candidate for master of sports and just a beautiful girl. was born in 1989 in Barnaul. Veronika Erokhina spent her early years and youth in her hometown. There she graduated from high school and became interested in choreography. Classes in sports ballroom dancing became a serious matter for the girl: due to successful performances at competitions, Veronika received a rank and became a candidate for master of sports.

After school, the girl decided to join the ranks of outstanding economists, and in 2011 she successfully graduated from the University in Barnaul with a degree in Marketing Manager. However, on this the path of a successful business lady was temporarily over. Russian footballer Alexander Erokhin proposed to Veronika, and after the wedding, the girl devoted herself completely to her husband and home.

Private life

Veronica Erokhina
Veronica Erokhina

Young people met in their hometown of Barnaul. Once in 2006, Veronica came to wish her friend a happy birthday, and ended up in the same company with a nice young man. Alexander at that moment was not yet a famous football player. At that time, he only managed to unlearn 2 years at the Moscow Lokomotiv Academy and decided to relax in Barnaul during the holidays.

Veronika Erokhina once admitted, giving an interview to Hello magazine, that it was not love at first sight at all. However, the tall curly-haired young man intrigued her.

There was no direct exchange of phone numbers. But Alexander decided to take the number of the girl he liked from his friends, and the next day he wrote to her. Communication developed rapidly. Sometimes, when Erokhin came to Barnaul, or when Veronika flew to Moscow for dance competitions, the guys saw each other.

It became a little easier to communicate with the advent of social networks. But the time difference made it impossible to communicate during the day: most often young people talked at night. Veronica Erokhina said that once she even found an angry note from neighbors, urging them not to laugh so loudly when the whole house was asleep.

But, despite the good relationship, Veronica until the last did not believe in the successful ending of a relationship at a distance. Instead of thinking about marriage, she devoted herself to her studies.

Veronika Erokhin - wife of Alexander Erokhin

Veronica and Alexander
Veronica and Alexander

The idea that simple communication can grow into something more came to Veronica a little later. A young 18-year-old footballer, who signed a contract with the Sheriff club, invited the girl to come and visit him in Moldova. Veronica's parents did not dare to let their daughter go unaccompanied, and the girl went on a trip with Alexander's mother. It was this trip that changed Nicky's view of the relationship with the midfielder.

The story of how the offer was made is hardly extraordinary. But there is no doubt that it was done very romantically. That summer, the couple decided to visit Alexander's grandparents, who live in Germany. They, in turn, gave Erokhin two tickets for a bus tour to Paris.

During an excursion to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, Alexander got down on one knee and proposed to Veronica. Tourists standing around applauded with delight. The stunned but happy girl said her "Yes!" and, after some time, the couple officially registered their relationship, and the maiden name of Veronika Erokhina has sunk into oblivion.

The wife is the main supporter and support

Veronica Erokhina
Veronica Erokhina

During the period that the couple is together, they changed 6 cities. And if at first moving Veronica inspired and entertained, then over time they began to oppress. But the football player's wife did not give in to the blues and decided that, by all means, she mustsupport and help her husband.

Veronica took all household chores on herself so as not to distract her husband in his sports promotion. She even made repairs in rented apartments on her own, which is why she jokingly called herself a foreman.

The couple speaks best of Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. Both of these cities surprised Veronica and Alexander with their openness, good nature of the residents and devotion of the fans to their teams. This fact is confirmed by the case of 2016, when Rostov beat Bayern in one of the Champions League matches. Then grateful neighbors pasted over the entrance, in which at that time the couple's apartment was located, with enthusiastic notes. Nika posted a photo of all the messages on her Instagram.

Veronika Erokhina is the most devoted fan of Alexander Erokhin. She is almost always present at his matches. But, even if, for some reason, leaving the house is not carried out, Nika watches live broadcasts from home.

A new addition to the family

happy family
happy family

In the first autumn month of 2017, Veronika gave her husband the first child - the heir. The boy was named Fedor. Judging by the revelations of a happy father, Fedya began to show interest in the ball almost from the first days of his life. Yes, and the child visited the first match in his life even before the christening: at 6 months, Nika let her son go to the podium with her.

About how much he liked and remembered what he saw there, we are unlikely to know. But maybe one day, in 18 years, we will hear about the talented midfielder Fedor Erokhin, who will enter thethe victorious composition of the Russian national football team.

It is worth noting that, despite the fact that Nika has recently become a mother, any girl can envy her figure. And it's not just that once in her life there were ballroom dancing. Veronica knows how to take care of herself and keep herself in shape. It seems like a trifle, but nice.

Veronica today

After Alexander signed a contract with the St. Petersburg "Zenith", the family was forced to move to the northern capital of Russia. Veronica was present at all matches of the 2018 World Cup and, thanks to this, entered the top 10 most beautiful halves of football players supporting their husbands from the stands, according to the Daily Mail.

In addition to Veronica, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguesi and Alexandra Ivarsdottir, Miss Iceland 2008 midfielder, joined the list.

About Natalia Oreiro's statement

Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro

After the whole world managed to contemplate at the World Cup 2018 the wife of Veronica, a Latin American actress who fell in love with the Russian audience for her role in the TV series "Wild Angel", Natalia Oreiro called Alexander Erokhin the sexiest football player of the Russian national team.

The wife of the midfielder immediately reacted to the statement of the actress. Veronica posted her photo on social networks and signed under it: "Tastes match".

Future plans

Before the birth of the child, Nika completed advanced training courses, thereby updating her knowledge of accounting and the restaurant business. Later, VeronicaErokhin plans to open a beauty salon in Barnaul.

Besides this, the couple often visit the administrative center of the Altai Territory to hold the Alexander Erokhin Children's International Cup. The decisive tour this year took place in March.

We will learn from his upcoming games how the career of the Russian midfielder will develop further. But, if such inspiring wives, girls, girlfriends as Veronika Erokhina always go hand in hand with our athletes, then there will be much more victories and triumphs.