Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The height and weight of the Russian actress

Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The height and weight of the Russian actress
Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The height and weight of the Russian actress

Elizaveta Boyarskaya flashes on TV screens with an enviable frequency. She has long been loved by the audience, because her smile conquers everyone. The daughter of famous parents successfully continues her career as an actress at the age of 29.

Biography of Elizabeth

Liza was born in winter: in December (20th) 1985 in the city on the Neva - Leningrad. The girl's childhood passed like all children: she was a kind and active child. Despite the classes of her parents, Lisa did not want to be an actress. She attended dance clubs and graduated from modeling school. She devoted thirteen years of her life to all these activities. At school, she did not shine with knowledge - she was an ordinary, calm child. Only at the end of her studies did the girl take up her head and make up for the gaps in the knowledge of the necessary subjects.

elizaveta boyarskaya height and weight

The girl doubted the choice of profession, because she initially wanted to be a journalist. I attended preparatory courses, read the necessary literature. But, suddenly, she realized that journalism was not for her. And in the end she decided to enter the acting department.

Passed the entrance exams perfectly, without any concessions.

Studied theatermastery at the State Academy of Theater Arts in St. Petersburg. Roles in productions and studies were easy for Lisa: she worked hard and showed excellent results.

"The Key to Death" is the first film in which Elizaveta Boyarskaya made her debut. The height and weight of the actress perfectly helped to cope with the role. Since Lisa is quite skinny, she fits perfectly into the life of a drug addicted girl of we althy parents.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Height, weight, age

At 28, Lisa weighed 52 kilograms with a height of 170 cm. We can say that she is a rather fragile girl.

Everyone thinks that Lisa makes herself out with diets, but this is absolutely not the case. Thanks to genetics, the actress got a slim body and does not resort to any diets. Elizaveta Boyarskaya prefers to eat well and satisfyingly. The height and weight of the actress have an excellent ratio, so she does not need to worry about losing weight.

However, the girl had such parameters before she gave birth to a son.

Actress's personal life

boyarskaya elizaveta mikhaylovna height weight

For 25 years, Lisa has been waiting for her one and only. They met on the set of the film, but neither he nor she could immediately think that they would become spouses.

Young people did not want to advertise their relationship, since at that time Lisa's boyfriend was married. But his marriage fell apart. After the divorce, everyone started talking about their romance.

The husband of the daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky was the actor Maxim Matveev. He received his well-deserved fame thanks to his role in the film "Hipsters".

elizaveta boyarskaya height and weight after childbirth

After dating for about a year, the couple went to the registry office and signed in the summer, in 2010. The well-deserved status of the most beautiful couple in Russian cinema was received by Maxim Matveev and Boyarskaya Elizaveta Mikhailovna. The height, weight of these two people are the standard for the rest of the married couples.

After marriage, the actress soon became pregnant, but continued to work for six months during pregnancy.

April 2012 gave the couple a son Andrey.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Height and weight after childbirth

The happiest time for a woman is the birth of her child. In springtime, on April 7, on Saturday, Elizaveta Boyarskaya gave birth to a boy. The height and weight of the baby are quite standard: 3600 grams, 55 centimeters. Excellent parameters for a he althy baby.

The husband of actress Maxim was also present at the birth. The happy grandparents immediately congratulated their grandson on his birthday.

Surprisingly, the baby looks like his famous grandfather - Mikhail Boyarsky.

It's hard to imagine, but the actors continue their activities in two cities: Lisa in St. Petersburg, and Maxim in Moscow.

elizaveta boyarskaya height weight age

Three months after giving birth, Boyarskaya Elizaveta Mikhailovna regained her shape. The height and weight of the girl became the same as they were before the birth. Only the figure has acquired more feminine forms, and now Lisa is even more beautiful. This could be noticed by all the "New Wave" present. She looked chic in an evening dress, and traces of fatigue orthe lack of sleep on Lisa's face was completely invisible.

What helps an actress to be slim?

All women who are overweight are probably jealous of Lisa's aspen waist and fragile shoulders. When asked about how she manages to keep herself in such great shape, the girl says that she has never arranged a diet for herself. But even after giving birth, the figure of the actress is simply perfect.

In fact, Elizabeth inherited such a constitution from her parents. But in everything, and especially in food, you need to feel moderation, according to nutritionists and Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The height and weight of the actress is proof of this.

After all, despite the fact that the girl does not exhaust herself with food restrictions, she leads a normal life. She loves sweets very much, but her diet also contains: greens, meat, fish, vegetables. Any woman should follow such a diet to keep herself in shape.

Therefore, Boyarskaya Jr. has no special secret of harmony, you just need not to overeat, know when to stop on time, eat not only carbohydrates, but also dilute them with proteins.

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