Dmitry Twitter: biography, photo, personal life

Dmitry Twitter: biography, photo, personal life
Dmitry Twitter: biography, photo, personal life

Dmitry Twitter is a creative and extraordinary artist. In all his projects, he loves to break stamps and makes a splash, thereby winning the hearts of many viewers. Dmitry is an excellent choreographer, he puts on dance numbers and takes part in them.

Biography of Dmitry Twitter

Dima was born on April 21, 1992 in the city of Ridder, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The future artist was brought up in a large family: parents Anna and Eugene, older brother Sasha and sister Alena.

Since childhood, Dmitry has been involved in several sports: swimming, biathlon, volleyball and basketball. In addition, he studied English hard and was passionate about dancing.

Dmitry Twitter photo

In the end, dancing forced out all other activities from the life of Dmitry Twitter and moved to the fore. At first, he had to study in the hall of the Belovodie leisure center, which had a rotten floor covered with carpets.

Dmitry's parents didn't like it very much, the father was even embarrassed that his son was growing up as a dancer.

After school, Dima entered the College of Arts with a degree in socialcultural figure. Constant rehearsals forced the young talent to miss classes, and in the end the guy was expelled from the educational institution. After that, Dmitry gave his all to the choreography.


Dmitry was invited to star in one of the episodes of the film "Forbidden Dances". There he was noticed by Konstantin Dikhnov and called the artist to his choreographic theater. Soon Dmitry again appeared on television. He got into the Ukrainian TV project "Everybody Dance". On this show, he reached the final and took third place.

Since 2013, Dima has been dancing with the Apache CREW team. As part of the group, the dancer starred in the videos of several fairly well-known performers. In 2014, the team took first place at the LKS festival, receiving $5,000.

Dmitry Twitter

Highest hour

When Dmitry Twitter came to the project "Dancing", he was already quite an experienced artist. Casting was given to him very easily, two mentors even competed for a talented young man. Dmitry joined Miguel's team.

The artist considers the dance with Ira Kononova, staged by choreographer Vasily Kozar, to be the most difficult number for the entire project. During the week, the partners rehearsed for twelve hours a day, constantly walking around in bruises. Dmitry and Ira beat each other at every rehearsal, because, according to the director's idea, this dance showed how a girl and a guy kill each other.

Dmitry became the winner in the project, the owner of the main prize in the amount of three million rubles and the title of "The Best Dancer of the Country".

Dima said that he was going tothe project is to win. With the money he won, he planned to give his beloved mother a new house.

Private life

Dmitry Twitter is a handsome, intellectually savvy and very talented young man. No wonder most of his fans are girls.

For some time Dmitry met with Elena Golovan, a colleague in the project "Dancing on TNT". In a joint interview, it was clear that the artist was cautious about joint plans for the future, while Elena Golovan was completely absorbed in feelings.

After the project, the couple broke up. As Dima explained, feelings have cooled down.

Dmitry Twitter and Elena Golovan

There are many photos of Dmitry Twitter with different girls on the World Wide Web, but at the moment the heart of a talented blonde is free.


Dmitry continues to dance and work as a choreographer. In 2017, he participated as part of his team at the Eurovision Song Contest. He often gives master classes at the PRO-DANCE school.

In 2018, Dima worked as a teacher at a choreographic camp in the city of Tuapse. Dmitry Twitter quite often appears at dance competitions, but now - as a member of the jury. The young man has no idols, but he is very inspired by the famous artist Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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