The most unusual flower. Unusual flowers: top 10

The most unusual flower. Unusual flowers: top 10
The most unusual flower. Unusual flowers: top 10

Every day we see many beautiful flowers that grow in the fields, in flower beds, in pots or indoors, and despite the fact that they are very beautiful, for us they are ordinary and everyday. And in general, speaking about these representatives of the plant world, we begin to list roses, carnations, daisies, tulips, daffodils, chrysanthemums, lilies and many others that you can buy in a store at any time of the year. Nevertheless, in different parts of our planet there are many flowers that, with their originality and unusual appearance (giant size, bright color, non-standard shape, etc.), can even lead to a state of shock. Yes, yes, this also happens. We bring to your attention the top 10 most unusual flowers in the world.

Rafflesia - corpse lily

This is the largest and perhaps the most unusual flower in the world. It is otherwise called the lotus, or corpse lily. Rafflesiafound on such southern islands as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, etc. There are only 12 species of these flowers. Among them, the most famous are Rafflesia Arnoldi and Tuan Muda. They have the largest flowers, the diameter of which can reach 60-120 cm, and weight - 11 kg. This unusual flower, or rather its genus, was named after the botanist T. S. Raffles. But the name "Arnoldi" was given to him in honor of the naturalist and tracker exploring Sumatra, D. Arnoldi. However, the local natives called these giant plants "bunga patma", which means "lotus flowers" in the local dialect. Rafflesia can be safely called a parasitic plant, because it likes to live on stumps or tree fellings and get food from them. This is how this flower lives.

unusual flower

Features of Rafflesia

What is the originality of this plant? It turns out that it has neither roots nor green leaves, but the flower itself is very beautiful and colorful. It has five bright red, fleshy petals that look like thick pancakes, but instead of holes, they have growths like warts. From afar, Rafflesia resembles a giant fly agaric. After the flower is fully bloomed, it lives only 3-4 days, no more. He, unlike roses, violets, daffodils, lilies, etc., has not a pleasant, but simply disgusting smell, which resembles the stench of rotting meat. However, this helps him attract pollinators - dung flies. Thanks to this, he can reproduce.

Wolfia is a water dweller

This unusualThe flower is the smallest of all flowering plants on earth. It looks like a tiny bead. Its size does not exceed 0.8 mm. It lives on the surface of water bodies of North Africa, Asia and America, located in subtropical latitudes. It seems to some that these flowers are somehow related to the wolf family, due to their name. However, this is not the case at all. Wolfia is named after the German botanist J. Wolf. There are not so many of this plant in the world - only 17 species. All of them are "waterfowl" and feed on nutrients dissolved in the reservoir. Many people are unaware that these small green balls are flowers.

most unusual flower

Amorphophallus (titanic)

This plant is a competitor to Rafflesia and also claims to be the largest flower in the world. He, like the other giant, has a disgusting "aroma" and spreads over many tens of meters. For the first time this unusual flower begins to bloom at the age of 5. It is also called the voodoo lily, the tongue of the devil, the "corpse flower" or the snake palm. As for the name "amorphophallus", it means "shapeless phallus" in Greek.

beautiful unusual flower

This flower grows in height and can reach more than two meters, but the width is about one and a half meters. For 40 years of its existence, it can bloom only 2-3 times, and this lasts only 2 days. In the wild, amorphophallus can be found inmainly on the island of Sumatra. However, this original flower can also be seen in many botanical gardens around the world. The only thing is that not every visitor to these gardens will be able to approach him at a close enough distance, because sometimes his smell can even make you vomit.

Kalania Orchid

Like all orchids, this beautiful flower is unusual and even a little funny, because it looks like a flying duck. It can mainly be found in Australia, on the so-called Green Continent. The locals called him the "flying duck" for his resemblance to one of the representatives of the feathered world. Studying this plant, scientists were again surprised by the wisdom of mother nature. Such an unusual form is needed by the Kalania orchid to attract sawflies - small flying insects. It turns out that male sawflies see this flower, which is only 2 cm in size, as a female and rush to her to mate, but instead are covered with its pollen, which is then transferred to other "ducks". This results in pollination.

indoor flower unusual

Psychotria sublime

Another unusual flower is Poppig's psychotria or elata. This plant, perhaps, can be called the most original and most piquant in the world. For his appearance, he was nicknamed "hot sponges" by the people. Its bright red inflorescence is exactly like voluminous voluminous painted lips. This is a tropical plant. It loves warmth and moisture. The birthplace of Sublime Psychotria is America, and it can bemeet both in the central and southern regions of the New World. Most often it is found in such temperamental countries as Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, etc. If you create all the conditions, then this plant can be grown at home, and then it turns into an indoor flower. Its unusual appearance will delight everyone who gets into the house and sees this miracle: a lot of red sponges among the green foliage of a plant growing in a tub. It belongs to the Marenov family. This family is one of the most widespread worldwide: more than 1700 species. "Hot lips", by the way, is not a shrub, but a dwarf tree. And you can grow this unusual flower with your own hands. However, in order to bring him from his homeland, you will need a special permit-certificate. Therefore, many are content with admiring only his photographs. By the way, today you can order a 3-D photo wallpaper with the image of this passionate flower and contemplate its image every day.

unusual flower with your own hands


This beautiful flower grows in Latin America. It has a very attractive look. But its main feature is that, when looking at it, it seems to us that it consists of two fused buds. However, this is just an optical illusion.


This is quite a pretty, but unremarkable flower. However, it attracts various insects, and all thanks to the special liquid it secretes during the flowering period.

Sexy Orchid

But this flower is very similarin its form to Kalanya. However, in addition to being reminiscent of female wasps, he also releases special pheromones that attract them to him.

African Hydnora

But this plant, which mainly lives in the deserts of Africa, looks like the mouth of some mythical monster. It is a parasite and lives on the roots of other plants.

Mousetrap flower

Nepenthes Attenborough is perhaps the most unusual flower in the world, as it feeds on small rodents. The scientists who figured this out 14 years ago are really confused.

unusual flower


Our life becomes brighter and more interesting thanks to some unusual things that are rare, but leave an impression for life. Such unusual things may include the above flowers.

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