Anastasia Bezrukova - a girl with the face of an angel

Anastasia Bezrukova - a girl with the face of an angel
Anastasia Bezrukova - a girl with the face of an angel

The most beautiful girl in the world Anastasia Bezrukova has a rare and stunning appearance. Many modeling houses and agencies are willing to pay her huge fees for her photographs. She deserved such fame only thanks to her unique external data. Although many tend to believe that she is the daughter of a famous Russian actor because of the same last name as him, but this is absolutely not the case.

Today, Nastya is considered the most sought-after model girl, and at such a young age she has already signed contracts with the best agencies in Paris and Milan.

Facts of life

The biography of Anastasia Bezrukova begins in Moscow, where she was born on January 4, 2004. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. The girl goes to an ordinary metropolitan school and has many peer friends.

Anastasia Bezrukova

Undoubtedly, Nastya has a very busy day, so she does not always manage to attend classes at an educational institution. But of course, a small model in her twelve years has learned to cope with many difficulties. Since it is no secret to anyone that one who seeks to get into the modeling business must be endowed with a strong disposition and great strength.will. And, looking at how Anastasia Bezrukova works with ease in different countries, you believe: she will certainly have a great future.

The beginning of a modeling career

The girl announced herself at the age of eight. It all started with the fact that when the young beauty took part in the talent festival, the director noticed her and strongly recommended sending bright and expressive pictures of a professional photographer Zhanna Romashka, which depicted Anastasia Bezrukova, to one Moscow agency.

After that, fame and popularity came to the girl, her career began to develop rapidly, and after some time she took part in her first serious shooting on the magnificent stage of the Yauza Palace Theater. The photographer was the famous Daniele Federici, who worked on a project for a famous Italian brand, where only children took part, so, in fact, Anastasia Bezrukova got there. The photo of the girl amazed many agents and received rave reviews throughout Europe, so she soon began to participate in various shootings and advertising shows.

Anastasia Bezrukova photo

Other projects

Three years ago, Anastasia Bezrukova appeared on the cover of a popular magazine advertising branded clothes for little beauties. The model at such a young age has already starred in a major photo shoot for the famous edition of Bambini Vogue, and also took part in numerous Italian projects, so boards with her image adorned the cities of Europe.

This girl could haveto see in clothes from the famous brand for children "Silver Spoon", as well as in publications such as "Baby Marlene", Moloko-Magazine, "Happy Parents" and others.

After that, the young model took part in an advertising campaign for the brand "Miss Blumarin", and her fashion show amazed everyone present at the shows "Benetton" and "Miss Grant Mona Lisa".

biography of Anastasia Bezrukova


Anastasia Bezrukova made her debut in the film called "The Milky Way". In this New Year's comedy, she got the main role. The girl's colleagues on the set were famous and popular actors of Russian cinema.

After this picture, Nastya was invited to play in the film "After You". In preparation for the filming of this film, the girl took dance lessons from the famous choreographer Radu Poklitaru, and also studied acting from the honored artist of the Bolshoi Theater Jan Godowsky. In addition, Anastasia Bezrukova played in the musical project "Insomnia".

the most beautiful girl in the world Anastasia Bezrukova


Before signing contracts with the best fashion houses, this bright girl has already posed for many magazines, catalogs and online stores. She was invited to participate in various videos, and in addition, she defiled at many shows, and also has several serious works in her arsenal in her homeland.

Another achievement in Nastya's modeling career was the collaboration with the world brand "Armani". She was invited to participate in his advertisingcampaigns. After that, Nastya's face appeared on many booklets and posters of this fashion house.

In her youth, the girl turned into a real fashion model. After all, even an adult model can not always boast of working with such global brands.


It's amazing that this little lady manages to combine her dizzying career with various other activities and hobbies. For example, she is fond of choreography and performs together with a creative ensemble, with which she became a laureate at a youth festival. In addition, the girl is seriously engaged in gymnastics, attending training sessions four times a week and participating in competitions. Despite such a busy schedule, she always has time for English lessons.

Anastasia Bezrukova model

Judging by such a rapid start, then undoubtedly, after some time Anastasia Bezrukova will be able to conquer many catwalks of European fashion capitals. Photos with her beautiful face will certainly grace the covers of the most prestigious magazines. But, according to the mother of the young beauty, the modeling business for the girl is just a hobby, and the main priorities in her life are studies and sports. Therefore, Nastya's future profession will depend only on what she herself chooses and what she prefers.

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