What should be the appearance of an Aryan?

What should be the appearance of an Aryan?
What should be the appearance of an Aryan?

The term "Aryan race" is not truly scientific. It was introduced in the nineteenth century, and its authors were specialists in the study of racial theory. The term was most widely used among the Nazis, for whom the Aryans were the highest people. Their appearance almost completely coincided with that of an ordinary European. The only thing that made them stand out was the light color of their hair and eyes. That is, the non-existent Aryan race was assigned the Nordic type, that's all. However, even being a myth, she was very popular and revered. Hitler and his followers generally believed that only the Aryans (to which they, of course, belonged) have the right to fully live on earth, while other races are imperfect, and therefore only suitable for the role of slaves.

Typical Aryans: appearance, photo

Aryans appearance photo

So let's take a closer look at this mythical race. There is a certain stereotype according to which the appearance of an Aryan has precise distinguishing features that make it possible to distinguish its owner from the "gray mass".

1. Face. A typical Aryan has pale skin, although without signs of albinism, light eyes (green, gray and blue spectrum, brown color is not allowed), the skull should notbe deformed or thickened, the nose is straight or with a slight hump, graceful, the lips are rather thin, the brow ridges are absent, the forehead is high.

Aryans appearance

2. Hair cover. The appearance of an Aryan is in no way comparable to that of a monkey. Vegetation on the body is weakly expressed in both sexes, on the face in women it is completely absent (with the exception of eyelashes and eyebrows). Head hair thin and thick, preferably straight, cannot be black, acceptable colors: white to light brown, red is possible, but not bright.

3. Body type. The appearance of an Aryan should be refined, graceful, but not fragile. Men are tall (about 1.8 meters), women can be slightly lower. The bone is thin, the fingers are long. Women are often thin, men can be built more densely, but fullness is unacceptable.

4. The appearance of the Aryan creates a pleasant impression. The face does not express malice, narrow-mindedness, rudeness and other negative features. Body odor is pleasant, natural discharge is not disgusting. Her demeanor is noble and benevolent, as is her voice.

5. Religion is complex (not primitive), there is a tendency to philosophy, idealization, self-improvement.

Appearance of an Aryan

6. Mental capacity. The mind of the Aryan is highly developed, not perverted, critical thinking is present. Characterized by easy learning, pedantry, the ability to trade and conduct their own business, cleanliness, kindness, nobility. There is no selfishness, greed, cruelty,"herd" feeling, the ability to hard physical labor and the ability to complete submission.

7. He alth status. The immune system is good, there are no genetic diseases, as well as a tendency to alcoholism and drug use.

8. Personal life. The Aryan does not accept a worldview and religion alien to him, is incapable of interracial sexual contacts. Deprived of hypersexuality, craving for perversion and excessive concern. Having entered into marriage, the spouses are always faithful to each other, caring. The very idea of ​​the superiority of men over women is missing.

After studying all the above signs, we can conclude that the appearance of the Aryan corresponds to his moral qualities - both are on top. It is not surprising that such a race was considered by many to be the ideal.

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