How should I dress if my legs are short? Useful tips and tricks

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How should I dress if my legs are short? Useful tips and tricks
How should I dress if my legs are short? Useful tips and tricks

As you know, there are no ugly women, just as there are no the most beautiful and ideal. Each has its own uniqueness and advantages over other representatives of the weaker sex. But any, even the most beautiful girl, you can find a flaw. It all depends on the ability to focus on your winning sides, while skillfully hiding everything that causes embarrassment.

Unfortunately, not everyone can correctly identify their strengths and skillfully hide certain shortcomings. This leads to the fact that a woman does not reveal her full potential, and, as a result, does not feel complete confidence in her appearance. To get rid of all doubts about their facial features, figures, girls should determine what specifically does not suit them, and think about how to hide their little imperfections.

About sore pain

For example, many women face the problem of disproportionate figures, complaining that their legs are short. At the same time, they take it for granted and mask them as much as possible with incorrectly selected clothes, giving way and male attention.ladies with naturally long legs. It should be understood that girls with short legs can also, with a little more effort, visually lengthen them. A few tips on the proper selection of clothes, shoes and accessories will come to the rescue. They work wonders, visually aligning the figure.

Picking up skirts

This piece of clothing should be in the wardrobe first of all if it seems that the legs are short. When choosing a skirt, you also need to take into account the complexion, because girls with more appetizing shapes and ladies who have short thin legs will wear completely different styles. The guidelines common to the two options are:

  1. Preferred to vertical cutouts and stripes.
  2. Noble solid colors.
  3. Fabrics - cashmere, cotton, linen, denim, viscose materials.
  4. A categorical rejection of frills sewn on the bottom of skirts.
  5. Avoidance of horizontal patterns, stripes.
short slender legs

Attention to detail is the guarantee of a successful look

Show selectivity to belts and belts: they should be not bulky, matching in color with clothes, thin. Wear brighter belts with high-waisted items; they will help to shorten the torso and visually lengthen the female legs. Wide and decorated belts will immediately divide the figure in half and only flaunt all the imperfections.

Separately, I would like to talk about tights and stockings. On short legs, too bright, mesh and multi-colored tights will look ridiculous, because this way they will be attracted toSpecial attention. And the task of a woman with short legs is, on the contrary, to shift the emphasis from them. Therefore, it is optimal to wear socks, stockings and tights as follows: their color should be the same color as the shoes. If the shoes are black, then the tights should be the same. Nude, respectively, are worn with a light pair of shoes.

Options for plump legs

So, owners of plump legs in stores should pay special attention to:

  • strict pencil skirts with maximum knee length;
  • classic straight skirts also to the knee;
  • long with a wrap and large pleats (slightly asymmetrical in length), with a high waist;
  • maxi skirts (anything below the calves);
  • high waist is also welcome.

Skirts for short slender legs

If even with model parameters you are prevented from feeling luxurious by nature short legs, then this situation can be easily corrected. To do this, take into service the following types of skirts:

  • straight or pencil - knee length and high waist;
  • tight pleated skirts;
  • skirts with a little peplum;
  • smoothly flared to the floor;
  • wrap-around waist;
  • mini length allowed, but with a high waistband and paired with a matching long-sleeve top.

At the same time, in both cases, it is necessary to avoid the so-called lantern skirts, balloons and tulips, as well as models with flounces, frills, bows and ruffles, as they visually expand the hips. Trapezoidal and shapedSet the model's bells aside as well. It is better not to consider the length of the mini and 7/8, but to lean on the classic samples to the knee, to the floor. Say a categorical no to low-rise skirts, if you don’t want short legs, make them even shorter. Half-sun skirts or with a yoke will be appropriate only if they are high-waisted, not puffy, and the length is strictly knee-length. But in any case, they look less advantageous on a plump figure.

girls with short legs

Pants choice

Whether plump or skinny ladies who complain about their short legs should get the right pants. This piece of clothing always magically corrects all the problems of crooked, thin, full, short or too long legs. In particular, short legs allow you to stretch out the pants that fasten at the waist, while the low fit of the pants will exacerbate the situation. Without exception, straight trousers with classic arrows will suit everyone, especially if they close them when worn with heels. From colors, stop at black and dark shades.

The ideal option is to get a striped suit in a formal style: vertical lines will stretch your legs several times, and a jacket with the same print will smoothly continue their length. The stripe, however, should neither contrast sharply with the background color nor be too wide.

female legs

If the figure allows, feel free to wear skinny pants, jeans. The latter, in turn, like shorts, buy exclusively with a high waist, otherwise you risk looking even shorter. Various breeches and caprisand short female legs are incompatible things. Such outfits land the figure even more. But the jumpsuit, on the contrary, has the ability to correctly emphasize the proportions of the figure, without highlighting anything superfluous.

Competently select the top

short skinny legs

It is logical that by shortening and lifting the top piece of clothing, you can make the bottom appear longer. In accordance with this truth, a girl with short legs will need cropped sweaters, blouses, jackets. Well-chosen boleros and tops, blouses with loose sleeves ("lanterns") with bright prints will divert attention from insufficiently long legs. The principle should work here: a bright light top and a simple discreet bottom. No long cardigans and tunics should be in the wardrobe.

Which outerwear to buy?

Even a properly composed image for a girl with not quite long legs can easily be spoiled by incorrectly selected outerwear. Then all efforts to get rid of this shortcoming will be in vain. Therefore, it is worth checking out a couple of tips on choosing jackets, coats, raincoats, etc.

heel height
  • Length - not mini, not maxi, the most suitable - just below the knee
  • Outerwear with a belt is more welcome than items with or without a zipper.
  • Inconspicuous strict colors. Solid-colored things and with a minimum of decor in the form of rhinestones, stripes, and drawings are best suited. Classic is always considered fashionable.
  • We do not focus on the color of the upper garment, but play withaccessories. For example, we use a bright silk scarf, a scarf, an interesting handbag, an umbrella or gloves to match the boots to complement the look.

Properly purchased shoes - 50% success

She plays, perhaps, a key role in solving the problem of short legs. After all, the heel most effectively contributes to their lengthening. It remains to determine which models you need to focus on, and which ones will have to be abandoned for the sake of a perfect image.

So, the shoes must meet the following characteristics:

  • Round and neat nose. Unfortunately, classic pumps with a pointed nose, due to their elongation, look spectacular only on long-legged ladies.
  • The optimal heel height is 7-10 cm. Shorter heels make the bottom heavier and sometimes spoil the overall impression of the image with their absurdity. Hairpins are the destiny of the owners of thin, albeit short legs. And plump ladies are advised to definitely have a pair of shoes with stable, thick, but high heels, with which a luxurious look and male attention are provided.
legs are short
  • Wedges, rock, all sorts of climbs will never go out of fashion. Firstly, they instantly solve the problem of short legs, and, secondly, they give comfort to the legs, and airiness and charm to the image.
  • No matter how elegant shoes with straps and bindings, they will do a disservice to a woman whose legs are a little shorter than the accepted norm. An alternative could be the most open shoes of the same color with tights, made in a classic style.
  • Trendboth ankle boots and half boots have shortened legs. You should not despair, because you can always pick up sophisticated knee-high boots with a stable heel.
platform boots
  • And platform boots are guaranteed to lengthen your legs. However, when choosing them, you should follow the color restriction: after all, models of dark (black, blue, brown, burgundy) colors look good on any, albeit slightly short, female legs. But with light and flashy shades you can miscalculate.
  • Besides, it is not advised to choose boots on the platform with all kinds of applications, rivets, rhinestones, because with them the "long legs effect" loses its effect.
  • As for such a category of shoes as over the knee boots, you need to forget about their existence if you are aiming to visually lengthen rather than shorten your legs.

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