Cheremushkinsky registry office in Moscow: description, advantages and disadvantages

Cheremushkinsky registry office in Moscow: description, advantages and disadvantages
Cheremushkinsky registry office in Moscow: description, advantages and disadvantages

When mentioning the registry office in the minds of most people, pleasant images of a wedding procession, a solemn marriage registration ceremony, congratulations, toasts, and the like pop up. But there is much more to these institutions than just marriage. The birth of a baby is marked by the receipt of a certificate, registry offices draw up other important events. Cheryomushkinsky registry office of Moscow is presented to our attention.

General information

ZAGS Cheryomushkinsky is located in the south-west of the capital, near Cheryomushki. It is located in a residential high-rise building, on the first floor.

The opening of this department took place on October 1, 1969. Since 1980, it has been located on Miklukho-Maklaya Street (Belyayevo metro station).

Opening hours of the Cheryomushkinsky registry office: from Tuesday to Saturday - from 9:00 to 18:00, lunch break - from 14:00 to 15:00. On the fourth Thursday of each month, a sanitary cleaning is performed. Solemn holding of the event of marriage is possible on Friday and Saturday, on other days a standard procedure is drawn up.

REGISTRY OFFICE Cheremushkinsky


Outside the registry office, Cheryomushkinsky is not very noticeable. But the interior design delights with its splendor!

Guests are greeted by a cozy soft-beige lobby. Already in itthere is a sense of celebration. Chic leather sofas attract guests with convenience. The ceiling is decorated with ornate lamps. The original niche contains flowers and a large mirror.

The interior is decorated in pastel colors, which calms visitors and removes unnecessary excitement. There is nothing superfluous in the interior design of the Cheryomushkinsky registry office, only the most necessary items, everything is done with taste.

The solemn ceremonies are held in the main hall. Here guests are greeted by friendly employees of the registry office. The closest people are usually invited to the ceremony, since the area of ​​​​the hall is small. Despite this minor flaw, the atmosphere of comfort fills the interior space of the registry office.

One of the walls of the hall is decorated with a panel depicting wedding rings. The furniture is made of natural wood. There is a patterned carpet on the floor.

Cheremushkinsky registry office of Moscow


Specialists of the Cheryomushkinsky registry office are true professionals with high qualifications. Each employee of the institution has a specially designed education and the necessary work experience. They are also endowed with such moral traits as friendliness, politeness and attentiveness. They not only know but also love what they do.

Staff of the registry office will be happy to advise visitors before submitting documents. They can ask any questions about the ongoing events.

Each registry office registers a separate act. Specialists are equipped with computers with an electronic base and everything necessary forwork. This is very convenient and allows employees to serve customers as quickly as possible, without queues.

Services provided

ZAGS Cheryomushkinsky performs the following services:

  • state registration of marriages;
  • state registration of name change;
  • termination of marriage;
  • childbirth;
  • adoption and adoption;
  • marital anniversaries;
  • amending or changing documents;
  • recreating and eliminating entries;
  • re-issuance of documents from the archive.

To write an application for marriage, you must apply a month before the desired date. In some cases, urgent registration is required, then the registry office employee will offer the earliest date. The day for the event can also be celebrated on the Internet, on the website of the registry office.

Cheryomushkinsky registry office

After the festive ceremony, you can take a walk in Vorontsovsky Park or Sparrow Hills.

Among the celebrations held by the registry office are marriages, naming, anniversaries of married couples.

The naming ceremony is held when a baby is born in the family. The event can be arranged for several families or held individually. The staff of the registry office will do everything possible to make this memorable day stay with you forever. Date and order of the ceremony are discussed in advance. An interesting scenario, pleasant music will be remembered by family members and guests. On this day, the baby receives his first document and becomes a citizen of Russia.

The ceremony of honoring the anniversaries of living together is held for those who have been married for 50, 55, 60 or more years. Mendelssohn's march also sounds for spouses, but they enter the registry office not as newlyweds, but as anniversaries.

In addition to the main ones, additional services are offered:

  • order live music - a professional ensemble will decorate the holiday with pleasant music at the request of customers;
  • photo and video filming of celebrations;
  • designing beautiful covers for documents when registering a marriage.
  • Cheryomushkinsky registry office opening hours

Pros and cons

The benefits of this institution include:

  • interesting design;
  • close to subway;
  • no queues during submission of documents.

Among the shortcomings are:

  • no separate parking area;
  • unattractive appearance of the building;
  • modest area of ​​the main hall;
  • photography allowed from one angle.

Despite these shortcomings, the Cheryomushkinsky department is popular with citizens.

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