Proverb about knowledge is the great wisdom of the people

Proverb about knowledge is the great wisdom of the people
Proverb about knowledge is the great wisdom of the people

Knowledge has been a great value since ancient times. Scientists, figures of culture and art have always sought to obtain answers to questions of interest to mankind. People with knowledge were revered in every nation. Many cultures have preserved proverbs that encourage learning, being curious, and being active. Wise sayings from different countries often echo each other and have the same meaning.

proverb about knowledge

What is knowledge for?

They are the basis for reflection. They help in everyday life, at work and during leisure. As Leo Tolstoy said, "knowledge is a tool, not a goal." A person learns the world around him not only with the help of experience, but also thanks to books, information received from other people. After the advent of the Internet, gaining knowledge has never been easier. The main thing is to choose the right information. The proverb about knowledge is one of the main teaching tools.

Maxim Gorky argued that proving to a person the need for knowledge is the same as convincing him of the usefulness of sight. A well-known Russian proverb about knowledge says: "He who has not known the small, will not know the great." It is important to be able to find benefit in any event, constantly increasing your erudition.

Proverbs aboutknowledge

Russian culture has a special attitude towards knowledge. Folk art constantly called on people to accumulate useful experience and pass it on to future generations. As the saying goes, "he who has little knowledge, can teach little." However, a variety of information is needed not only for mentors. Anyone can benefit from their actions if they are based on knowledge.

Proverbs about knowledge (Russian):

  • "As is the mind, so are the speeches".
  • "Action is always the result of reflection".
  • "Knowledge is not water, it will not pour into your mouth by itself."
  • "If you do business without knowledge, don't expect fruit."
  • "The book is the bridge to the world of knowledge".
  • "The sun illuminates the world, and the mind illuminates the head."
  • "Those who do not know the road are constantly stumbling."
  • "It's easy to forget what you don't know."
  • "Where there is no knowledge, there is no place for courage."
  • "You can defeat one with your hand, but a thousand with knowledge."
  • "From knowledge and life is more beautiful".
  • "There is no knowledge without effort".
  • "Knowledge does not put pressure on the shoulders".
  • "Who wants to learn a lot, he will have to sleep little."

A proverb on knowledge is an integral element not only of Russian creativity, but also of the culture of other peoples.

proverbs about knowledge

Proverbs from different countries

As the English say, "live and learn". Also in the culture of Great Britain there are similarRussian expressions about knowledge:

  • "There is no more dangerous knowledge than half knowledge".
  • "No man was born trained."
  • "There is no royal path to learning."
  • "It's never too late to learn".

Japanese wisdom says: "To ask is a momentary shame, not to ask is a shame for life." Also in the Land of the Rising Sun they know that "there are no easy ways to science." A Persian proverb about knowledge says that “a thousand swords can be obtained with the mind, but little can be obtained with a sword.”

Erudition (having knowledge from different areas) helps to develop the mind.

Proverbs about smart people

The smart one loves to learn, but the fool loves to teach. Every Russian child knows this from childhood. The portrait of a smart person is characterized by the following proverbs:

  • "A smart head has a hundred hands".
  • "Smart rich without money".
  • "The keen sees far, the wise sees farther".
  • "Don't leave your son gold, leave your mind."
  • "You can't take your neighbor's mind".
Russian proverbs about knowledge

Any proverb about knowledge encourages a person to develop curiosity, increase enthusiasm for life. Without these qualities it is impossible to become happy. Knowledge is the key that can open any door for a person.

Folk wisdom has collected many sayings that help a person navigate everyday situations and improve the quality of his life. become happysimple - you need to use the mind given by nature to everyone.

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