Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich: biography, photo, position, contacts

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich: biography, photo, position, contacts
Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich: biography, photo, position, contacts

Deputy mayor of Moscow Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich, whose reception is located at st. Tverskaya, 13, supervises issues related to the media, interregional cooperation, sports and tourism in the city government. He has been in this position since the fall of 2010, until that time he headed the editorial office of Rossiyskaya Gazeta for about ten years.


Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich, a native of the city of Slavyansk (Donetsk region, Ukraine) was born on 05/11/1962.

After graduating from school, he continued his studies at the Sverdlovsk Higher Military-Political Tank Artillery School.

Since 1983, Alexander came to serve as a political worker in the Kantemirovskaya division. He started as a deputy company commander, soon he was appointed to the post of deputy battalion commander for political affairs.

Since 1988, Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich was transferred to the headquarters of the Moscow Military District, where he served as assistant chief in the military-political department. His job responsibilities included working with young people.

At the beginningin the 1990s, he was fired from the Armed Forces due to layoffs in the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich

Since 1992, Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich, whose biography is making a cardinal turn at this moment, received the position of vice president at the Russian publishing house "Book and Business". Two years later, he became the head of the Moscow publishing house "Illustrated Book".

Since 1996, he took the post of General Director of the publishing house "Kniga i Servis", and in 1998 - the post of director of the joint Russian-Canadian printing company "Kniga graphics".

Attempts to enter politics and further publishing activities

In 1999, Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich put forward his candidacy for deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the III convocation from the Medvedkovsky district of Moscow.

He lost the election campaign, losing to a competitor, which was Georgy Boos, nominated as a candidate by the Fatherland - All Russia electoral bloc.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich biography

In March 2000, Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich, whose photo at that time could be found in many Moscow media, headed the SoyuzKniga state unitary enterprise.

Since the beginning of 2001, he became the general director of the Federal State Institution "The Editorial Board of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta". In 1994, this publication received the status of the official press organ of the Russian government.After the publication of legislative acts in it, the latter came into force.

Gorbenko was also the general director of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta Information and Publishing Concern, which published this print edition.

From Gorbenko himself one could hear the statement that he is "a manager, not an official." In 2006, during one of his conversations with journalists, he noted that state funding is only enough to cover a small part of the cost of a newspaper, in connection with this, publishing "is also a business."

Professional growth

2005 was marked for Gorbenko by the end of the Civil Service Academy created under the Russian President, he became a specialist in "state and municipal management - information processes", as indicated in the diploma.

gorbenko alexander nikolaevich government of moscow

In the summer of the same year, he was put at the head of a committee in the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was engaged in entrepreneurship in the field of media and book publishing.

In 2006-2009, without leaving Rossiyskaya Gazeta, he headed the Guild of Periodical Press Publishers. There was an opinion among the media community that he was "appointed to control the processes taking place in this Guild.

It was believed that Alexander Nikolaevich Gorbenko, whose position provided for the presence of extensive connections and "administrative capabilities", was able to effectively defend publishing interests.

About Gorbenko's connections

Regarding Gorbenko's connections in the government, it was said that due to the need to publish adopted documents in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the leadership of the publication has to work closely with representatives of the legal department of the Russian government.

This department was commanded in 2009 by Anastasia Rakova, who was part of the team of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the apparatus of the Moscow government.

Gorbenko and Sobyanin met in 2005.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich reception

In 2008, the Information and Publishing Concern Rossiyskaya Gazeta, headed by Gorbenko, was given control over 26 guest printing houses, providing almost a third of the regional newspaper printing market.

A dissertation was defended within the walls of the Gorbenko Military University in 2008. He became a candidate of political sciences. The dissertation provided an analysis of the information confrontation in modern public policy.

After the election of Sobyanin as Moscow mayor

15.10.2010 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed to the Moscow City Duma for approval a new candidacy of the mayor - Sobyanin.

21.11.2010 Sobyanin officially assumed the office of the capital's mayor. Five days later, he took Gorbenko as his deputy, entrusting him with the media, interregional cooperation, advertising, sports and tourism.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich contacts

The opinion is expressed that this appointment hasthe attitude of Rakov, who took the post of vice-mayor and headed the government apparatus of the capital.

According to the new position, the press service of the mayor and a number of departments (physical education and sports, media and advertising, national politics, relations with religious organizations) fell under Gorbenko's supervision.

As Kommersant's correspondents noted, he was tasked with bringing order to the Moscow outdoor advertising market. Gorbenko also had to figure out how efficiently the Moscow government spent the money allocated for the maintenance of the media.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich, Government of Moscow

27.02.2011 Gorbenko's position was renamed, his competence as deputy mayor included the media, interregional cooperation, sports and tourism.

Since the beginning of 2011, Gorbenko was introduced to the board of directors of the TV Center. This federal TV channel has only one shareholder - the Moscow government. Then in January, Sobyanin was elected to the post of chairman of the board of directors, and Gorbenko - to the position of his deputy.


Soon, the Gorbenko-controlled department made major changes in the media resources of the capital's government. In particular, the Stolitsa TV channel was reorganized, and a round-the-clock information channel Moscow 24 was created on its basis. From "Evening Moscow", the newspaper "Tverskaya, 13" and publications available in the mayor's office, by the city governmenta new media holding was created.

Expansion of responsibilities

By the fall of 2011, Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich expanded his powers, he was instructed to represent the mayor's office when considering applications for organizing various actions and rallies in Moscow.

In the publication Sostav.ru, in connection with this, there was a statement that Gorbenko was instructed to head a kind of "propaganda department", which will allow the capital's mayor's office to provide more effective confrontation in the information war.

The press devoted quite a lot of space to the problems of coordination at the end of 2011 - beginning of 2012 by the Moscow mayor's office with the organizing committee of the routes of marches and actions during protest rallies "For Fair Elections".

The oppositionists said that meetings to discuss the details of holding rallies almost always ended late at night.

Gorbenko has repeatedly publicly declared the right of Muscovites to carry out authorized opposition actions.

When a discussion arose within the capital's government about the possibility of tightening legislation on holding rallies, which always end in damage to the city, Gorbenko expressed the idea that "the amount of costs to cover this damage is not critical for the capital's budget, while street activity helps build a sustainable civil democratic society."

In December 2012, Gorbenko's position was again renamed to Deputy Mayor in the Moscowgovernment on issues related to regional security and information policy. On 17.2013, he was again reappointed to this position, since until that time, since 06.06.2013, he had been acting.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich - contacts, awards, family

Gorbenko and his wife have two children. The son's name is Nikolai, the daughter's name is Anastasia.

In his spare time he likes to play football, billiards, on vacation he prefers diving and skiing.

Gorbenko Alexander Nikolaevich position

For achievements in culture, broadcasting and the press in 2006, Gorbenko received the Order of Honor.

A little earlier, in 2003, he was awarded the Media Manager of Russia award (Print Media nomination).

You can make an appointment with Alexander Nikolaevich Gorbenko in Moscow at 13 Tverskaya Street. Website

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