Russians in the USA: work and life in immigration

Russians in the USA: work and life in immigration
Russians in the USA: work and life in immigration

Many associate America with a heavenly and carefree existence and think that if a person gets the opportunity to go there for permanent residence, then he receives the main prize in his life. But at the same time, a large number of emigrants are returning to their homeland, since living in the United States is not so easy for Russians. Some Slavs who came in search of something better in this state find it difficult to fit into the local American way of life, while others claim that they feel in America, as if in their own home. How do our compatriots really live in this distant country?

Years of active migration

The first Russians in the US appeared after the revolution of 1917, when people began to leave Russia en masse. Then the second wave of migration occurred in 1947, mainly among the settlers were former prisoners of war with their families and representatives of the Jewish people.

Russians in the USA

In the early nineties of the last century, the emigration flow changed significantly, as American citizens dreamed of becomingnot only those people who asked for political asylum, but also many representatives of the Russian intelligentsia. During the years of perestroika, talented doctors, architects, engineers and various scientists tried to leave the expanses of the former USSR.

How many "Russian Americans"?

Already in 2004, more than twenty thousand scientists who came from the CIS countries worked in America. But the number of immigrants continued to grow every year. Since Russians come to the US not only in search of jobs that require special qualifications, many get a job as various auxiliary employees in the hope of eventually finding something better.

According to the latest data, in 2010 more than three million Americans declared their Russian origin. But if we also count illegal emigrants, then the number of immigrants from the CIS countries living in America will increase significantly. Therefore, no one can say exactly how many Russians live in the USA.

work in the usa for russians

Who is attracted to life in America?

Freedom-loving citizens are trying to get into this state, as human rights are highly valued here. Also, those who are persecuted by the authorities in their homeland seek to emigrate here.

In addition, many Russian businessmen and low-skilled specialists often move to America, who receive a very small monthly salary for their work in Russia.

To date, Russians in the US have created several of their diasporas. The first years of the existence of immigrants in a foreign country, of course, cannot be calledlungs. But the American authorities are trying to take an active part in the life of emigrants, developing special support programs for them.

In addition, a holding company called "Russian America" ​​operates on the territory of this state. Employees of this company are trying to make life easier for many immigrants from the post-Soviet countries, assisting them in many issues related to obtaining a residence permit and acquiring real estate. Emigrants can also get help from psychologists during the period of social adaptation.

how do russians live in usa

Features of living in the United States

Judging by such a large number of people emigrating to America, it is not so bad for settlers to live there. Although immigrants from post-Soviet countries upon arrival face a lot of problems: they must quickly master a completely different style and rhythm of life, get acquainted with someone else's mentality, and also learn a new language and a different manner of communication.

Russians in the US, getting into Western civilization, will have to adapt to a new way of life and learn to lead their lives in a completely different way. In this state, everything is done in order to make life as easy as possible for its citizens.

Here, almost everyone uses only plastic cards, each of the shopping centers is equipped with a large parking lot, and for the convenience of motorists, multi-level highways have been built in many cities. Therefore, many things that any American citizen is familiar with since childhood, Russian emigrants seefor the first time. Of course, this standard of living is America's great advantage over the CIS countries, and thanks to this, Russians like to live in the USA.

But there are also disadvantages in such emigration, because against the backdrop of recent crises on the "Island of Freedom" it is also not easy to find a job, especially for people who do not have a decent specialization.

in which US state is it better for Russians to live

Adaptation period

Often, newly minted citizens of America are overcome by a feeling of depression and nostalgia for their homeland. In addition to all the above difficulties, our compatriots are faced with paid medicine. In this country, everyone has insurance, because without it there will not be enough money even for the most ordinary laboratory tests and various examinations, and operations can cost more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Also, having started living in the USA, a Russian person should be prepared for the fact that they will have to take permanent loans, since without them an ordinary migrant will not be able to survive here. Therefore, for many, such adaptation is painful and causes a feeling of severe discomfort. In order to survive this period, many are advised to settle in those areas of America where most people from the CIS countries live.

how many russians live in usa

Where do they live?

So, in which US state is it better for Russians to live? Settlers from Russia are trying to settle in the South and Middle Atlantic, as well as in the southeastern and central parts of the country.

The largest number of emigrants is concentrated in such states as: New York, Maryland, NorthernDakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey. In addition, many Russians live in Bergen County, Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston, the Bronx, Seattle and Miami.


Settlers choose these states, as there is work in the USA for Russians on their territory. But you need to take into account the fact that if an emigrant does not have a decent qualification, then he can only count on a vacancy rejected by American job seekers with a salary of five to seven dollars an hour.

Mostly local employers offer immigrants from post-Soviet countries to work forty hours a week and strictly ensure that a person does not overwork in any way, which is very surprising for Russian people. This is due to the fact that in America overtime is paid one and a half times more. Thus, a migrant who does not have special special skills can receive a weekly salary of three hundred dollars.

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Features of work

When an American employer accepts an emigrant for a particular vacancy, he first of all pays attention to how he speaks English. In addition, most often a position is offered that takes into account the combination of several duties at once.

In almost all American firms and organizations, wages are paid once a week and issued to the employee by check, which can be easily exchanged for banknotes at any local bank.

What jobs can I get?

Fewcan get a prestigious position in the United States. This opportunity is available only to those emigrants who came here at the invitation of the employer, or those who receive education here. The rest of the migrants, in order to get a well-paid job, will also have to receive various diplomas and certificates that will help them find a decent job, as well as eliminate the need to work all their lives as a security guard or cashier.

In addition, in the US, you can always get a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant, assistant waiter, maid, loader, salesman and other jobs that do not require special abilities.

Russians like to live in the USA

Visa processing

In addition to all the difficulties in finding a job, an emigrant must also overcome the difficult procedure of the American visa regime, since illegal immigrants in the United States have no opportunity to get a normal position.

The applicant will have to go through many different instances and collect a large number of documents. After that, a person who wants to go to America for permanent residence will have a difficult interview, during which it will be revealed whether he can live in the American state.

Concluding all of the above, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question: "How do Russians live in the USA?" Only those who can successfully pass the adaptation period and adequately withstand all the trials of the first years of their emigration can succeed in this country.

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