Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow, on Lubyanka

Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow, on Lubyanka
Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow, on Lubyanka

The State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky is located in Moscow, on the Lubyanka. It is dedicated to the life and work of the poet. But its design has absolutely nothing to do with the standard museum canons, because outstanding artists, architects and screenwriters of the twentieth century worked on its creation.

Description of the room

The Mayakovsky Museum is designed in the language of metaphors and associations. An attempt to create a classical literary room dedicated to the poet was unsuccessful. But the second, non-standard design option, came to the taste of visitors.

Mayakovsky Museum

The expositions that are now within its walls are dedicated not only to Vladimir Vladimirovich, but also to all those who come to the Mayakovsky Museum. And this was done specifically so that every visitor could think about the fate of the poet, as well as how to treat great talents, geniuses of our literature and culture.

Unusual doors, similar to ribs, will open the entrance not only to the space of an unusual museum, but also to the secrets of the biography, the soul and inner world of one of the brightest poets of the early twentieth century.

Fans and opponents of the creation of the museum

Complex, ambiguous and multifaceted.Such qualities of Vladimir Vladimirovich are consonant with his work. The Mayakovsky Museum is visited by both loyal fans and ardent opponents, who compare it with a theater.

But the bright presentation of information does not deprive it of a scientific basis. Yes, and the tour begins quite traditionally. From the birth, the birth of Mayakovsky as a citizen, and already at the very end - the emergence of the personality of the poet.

Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow

Excursion to childhood

Vladimir Vladimirovich was born on the nineteenth of July, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three. And in this museum there is even an impromptu interior of the house of the Mayakovsky family. Table, chairs according to the number of family members. All these items have something to do with the poet. Even the stones were specially brought from Baghdadi. This is the same village where the future genius was born.

There are photos of the family, where everyone is assembled, track records of Vladimir's father, who held a high position and was a nobleman. Images of Mayakovsky's mother in a strict black dress. But in fact, this woman was very kind and affectionate. The poet had a very happy and cloudless childhood. Mom always surrounded him with care, forgave him many pranks.

Mayakovsky Museum on Lubyanka

Vladimir Vladimirovich constantly came up with a variety of games. One of them was fun, during which he hid in a huge earthenware jar, the size of a man, and read poetry from there. He did this because from there the voice sounded louder and more mature, and next to him he put his sister Olga, whommade everyone listen to it. It is such a vessel made of clay that is in one of the compositions of the museum.

Revolution and years of study

Mayakovsky had an excellent memory. All the stories and poems that his mother read to him, he remembered by heart. And the future poet learned to read independently very early.

The Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow has a huge number of archival documents belonging to Vladimir. Among them there is also a certificate with not very good marks, since the time of study fell just during the years of the revolution. And the active nature of Mayakovsky could not calmly give himself up to training, while the people fought for independence.

State Museum in Mayakovsky

Good marks are kept only in drawing, and after graduating from the gymnasium, the poet enters the school of painting, sculpture and architecture. The Mayakovsky Museum on Lubyanka carefully preserves one of the first works by Vladimir, made according to the classical canons of painting. And also there is a whole series of drawings, which display the various emotional states of the poet.

Soon Mayakovsky joins the club of futurists, creators of new art in all its manifestations. His first work is published in a collection en titled "Slap in the face of public taste", it is called "Night". And a year later he released the first book of his own poems under the modest title "I".

Another exhibit filled with metaphorical meaning

Mayakovsky's house-museum still keeps memories of those times,when friends, girls, colleagues came to Vladimir Vladimirovich and, passing through the front door, climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, to apartment number twelve.

house museum of Mayakovsky

And it is these steps that can be safely called one of the most important exhibits of the metaphorical museum. A symbol of the poet's immortality, his road to eternity. Next to the stairs there is a space filled with unusual structures that recreate the model of time and the world of Vladimir Vladimirovich. They were conceived as a life labyrinth, the heart of which is the poet's memorial room.

Vladimir's favorite apartments

The Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow presents an apartment of just over eleven squares. Even the poet himself, who lives in it, compared himself to glasses squeezed into a case. Since, with a growth of almost two meters, it was, of course, not very comfortable to be in such a room.

However, he was very kind to his dwelling. Even when in 1927 Vladimir receives a four-room apartment, the poet leaves this room behind him. This was his office. Here he liked to gather with his friends and acquaintances, to whom he often read the created works.

The Mayakovsky Museum on Lubyanka has many exhibits, reminiscent of the fact that Vladimir was an avid traveler. He visited many countries, but his favorite place was Paris. There he falls madly and passionately in love with a Russian emigrant Tatiana Yakovleva.

But even more he loves to travelin their own country. The Mayakovsky Museum keeps authentic posters of those years, designed by Vladimir, photographs of the poet and a collection of notes from the public, collected by him. Questions from listeners are grouped by dates and topics, and many of them are even very rude. The author was very upset by the misunderstanding of the public.

Vladimir Vladimirovich today is a huge number of publications in numerous languages, a lot of monuments, streets, squares named after him. And the Mayakovsky Museum is an attempt to show the spiritual tragedy of this outstanding personality.

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