Mist is what? What can be darkness?

Mist is what? What can be darkness?
Mist is what? What can be darkness?

Despite the fact that fog is a fairly common atmospheric phenomenon, many people consider it a mystical omen. The reason for this is ancient myths that describe it as a bad omen or leprosy of evil spirits. Fortunately, over the years, people believe less and less such stories.

And yet, what is darkness? Is this just a cloud of dust, or is there something else? How is this atmospheric phenomenon formed? And does it pose a threat to people? Well, let's get to the bottom of this.

haze is

Meaning of the word "haze"

As you know, nothing can appear from the void. This rule also applies to this phenomenon, so you should not believe the tales, but you need to listen to proven facts. So, fog is clouding of the air caused by a large accumulation of dark particles. For example, it can be dust or the same snow.

What lifts them up? In fact, many factors can serve as the reason for this: wind, fire, blizzard, and so on. More importantly, due to their low weight, they float in the air for a long time, thereby forming a kind of veil.

Depending onthe number and type of these particles is changing and the haze itself. For example, a sandstorm in Dubai can leave behind a haze that can hide objects hundreds of meters away from view.

Sandy or dusty haze

If we talk about the causes of this atmospheric phenomenon, then often ordinary sand or dust is to blame. And if sand is mostly a problem for those who live in hot countries, dust is ubiquitous.

Quite often in big cities, after a strong wind, haze appears in the air. This is a punishment for the way of life that a person leads. And the larger the city, the more impenetrable is the darkness in it.

haze meaning

Snow shroud

However, darkness is not always a bad thing. For example, in winter, such a phenomenon causes only joyful feelings. After all, the haze of snow is millions of snowflakes slowly circling in the air, as if under the guidance of an invisible conductor. On days like these, even the biggest skeptic begins to question his beliefs.

Smoke from fires

Another type of mist is the smoke screen caused by fires. In 2010, due to the burning of forests, the residents of Moscow felt the brunt of this phenomenon. Acrid smoke and burnt particles filled the airspace so much that sometimes even the rays of the sun did not reach the surface of the earth.

Unfortunately, such darkness quite often disturbs people's peace. Especially during the hot season, when forest fires become quite common.

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