Who can count on better living conditions?

Who can count on better living conditions?
Who can count on better living conditions?

Improving living conditions… Is there at least one person in the world who would never want this? For someone, finances allow you to buy an apartment, build a new beautiful house, or at least make repairs. And for some, this is not available. Many citizens of Russia live literally "on top" of each other. It is not uncommon for four or more people to live in a one-room apartment of thirty square meters. Such families may well expect and hope for better living conditions. Consider who is en titled to state assistance.

  1. improvement of living conditions

    Persons who have neither their own nor social housing.

  2. Citizens who own housing or rent it under a social tenancy agreement, if the total area for each family member is less than the minimum limit set by the state (this number varies in different regions, the approximate threshold is 12-15 square meters per person).
  3. People living indoors are notcomply with he alth and safety standards.
  4. Citizens living in the same room with a chronically ill person, if such a neighborhood can be dangerous to life and he alth, that is, contrary to sanitary standards.

All these categories of citizens can join the queue for the improvement of living conditions. But there are also people who have the right to receive social housing, bypassing the queue. These are orphans, seriously ill people with chronic diseases, living in emergency housing, which can become dangerous.

housing improvement subsidies

In order to register and in the future be able to improve your living conditions, you must provide a passport, an extract from the house book, an apartment plan from the BTI, financial account data, a property registration document or a certificate confirming its absence, medical documents if necessary. After a certain time, the commission will decide whether or not to recognize the citizen as in need of housing.

home improvement programs

The state provides assistance in various ways. So, there are programs to improve living conditions. These include not only social housing, but also a number of others. For example, social mortgages, housing certificates, subsidies for improving housing conditions, buying housing not from commercial organizations, but from the city with installments. A program aimed at providing decent housing for young families is very popular.where the age of each of the spouses is not more than 35 years. Also, everyone knows such a thing as "maternity capital". One of the directions of its use may be to improve the living conditions of families with two or more children. Money under this certificate can be spent on the purchase of an apartment or house, repayment of principal or interest on a loan, participation in shared construction…

Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to provide housing for all those in need. The lines of waiting for improvement in living conditions stretch for years, despite the fact that the construction of new properties is rapidly gaining momentum. At the same time, the number of people who need new housing is also growing rapidly every year.

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