Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich: biography, pedigree, education, position

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich: biography, pedigree, education, position
Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich: biography, pedigree, education, position

On the Russian political arena there are fewer and fewer representatives of the old Putin team, one of them, undoubtedly, is the statesman Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich. The politician's biography attracts public attention, but he does not like to talk about the details of his life path. This gives rise to speculation and rumors. We will talk about how the statesman and politician Sergey Evgenievich Naryshkin was formed, whose pedigree causes so much talk.

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich biography

Childhood and origins

The future politician was born on October 27, 1954 in Leningrad. Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, whose pedigree has repeatedly become the subject of journalistic research, never talks about his parents and childhood years. He does not like to let anyone into his personal life at all.Naryshkin is one of the most closed politicians in Russia.

It is known that Sergei Evgenievich Naryshkin is a descendant of the Naryshkins, he belongs to the descendants of the second wife of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and Natalia Naryshkina, mother of Peter the Great. However, Sergei Evgenievich himself speaks of this relationship only in a joking tone.

Journalists managed to find out little about the childhood of the future politician. He has been swimming since an early age and still visits the pool every day. Sergei's parents (mother Zoya Nikolaevna and father Evgeny Mikhailovich) were typical St. Petersburg intellectuals. The few who have met them say they were quiet and nice people.

The Naryshkin family lived in the very center of Leningrad, on the Fontanka. In an old house, in a tiny two-room apartment, opposite the Mikhailovsky Castle, the childhood of the future statesman passed. In those years, the future director of foreign intelligence Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, whose parents did not have large incomes, lived modestly. But it was quite typical for that time. The boy went in for sports, played hockey, swam, skied, studied well.

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich State Duma

Youth years

In middle and high school Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, whose nationality and origin was never discussed, was an active, very athletic and diligent student. His classmates and teachers remember him as a bright, intelligent and interesting person. He played the guitar a little. Sergey even wanted to organize a musical ensemble at school, but he couldn'tfind the right equipment.

At school, almost all classmates were secretly in love with him, but no one can remember Naryshkin's novels at that time. All teachers speak out loud about his seriousness and responsible approach to any business. Although schoolmates note that Sergei has a good sense of humor, he could take part in the draw, he always loved jokes. Therefore, to imagine Naryshkin as a dry "nerd" is not true. Already in his youth he was very purposeful and serious, but at the same time he knew how to make friends and was not alien to many "boyish" activities: sports, music, interest in technology and politics. But from his youth, he had a negative attitude to bad habits.


Secondary education Naryshkin Sergei Evgenievich, whose parents could not take him to school far from home, received in an educational institution that was located closest to their home. Despite the fact that Sergei from his youth demonstrated the ability to exact sciences, he studied at a school with an artistic and aesthetic bias.

In 1972, he graduated with honors, although without a gold medal, and easily entered the prestigious Military Mech. In 1978 he graduated from the university with a degree in radio-mechanical engineering. As a student, Naryshkin was very thoughtful and serious. The teachers remember him with great pleasure and give him an excellent reference.

He was actively involved in social work, was the secretary of the institute's Komsomol organization. At the institute, Naryshkin was the head of the construction team. For his activity in the Komsomol work he received the badge of honor "Youngfive-year guard." Even in his student years, he became a candidate member of the CPSU, he was clearly aimed at a career.

However, Sergei Evgenievich Naryshkin, for whom education was a very important part of his life, could not work in his first speci alty. At the end of the university, there is a "failure" in the biography of Sergei Evgenievich. Some journalists say that at that time he graduated from the KGB School, but there is no direct evidence or confirmation of this.

Later he received another diploma in Economics from the International Institute of Management in St. Petersburg. Sergei Evgenievich is fluent in English and French. In addition, in 2002 Naryshkin defended his Ph.D., and in 2010 - his doctoral dissertation in economics. Although, of course, he did not become a great scientist, he was accused of incorrect borrowings in his dissertations, but this topic did not receive any resonance.

naryshkin sergey evgenievich pedigree

Beginning of a working biography

After graduating from the Military Mechanical Institute, Sergei, whom everyone expected to enter graduate school, disappeared from the "radar" of biographers. It is this mystery that makes it possible to think that he studied in a closed institution. In 1982, he came to work at the St. Petersburg Polytech, to the position of assistant rector for international relations.

Naryshkin Sergei Evgenievich, whose position again makes biographers think about his connection with the KGB, quickly gained authority and became deputy head of the foreign economic relations department of the LPI. In those days, such positions almost always went to people who had passedspecial training in intelligence school. In such places, young KGB officers underwent training and additional checks before being sent abroad. Little is known about this period of Naryshkin's working biography. Colleagues note that he worked actively, was very responsible, but at the same time he was always very correct and intelligent. He clearly did not demonstrate the ideological zeal that is sometimes characteristic of representatives of the special services, although he was always loyal to the authorities.

In 1988, Sergei Evgenievich received a new appointment, this time abroad. He became an employee of the apparatus of the Soviet embassy in Belgium. This appointment once again confirms that Sergey Evgenievich Naryshkin, for whom the KGB was not a foreign organization, had a certain relation to foreign intelligence.

At the embassy, ​​he was engaged in economic relations, in particular, he worked in a team that concluded an agreement on Russia receiving international foreign exchange assistance. Naryshkin worked in Brussels until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

naryshkin sergey evgenievich parents

Working at City Hall

In 1992, Sergey Evgenievich Naryshkin, whose biography is ascending, returns to Russia. He receives an invitation to work in the government of St. Petersburg. At that time, the "Sobchak team" worked in the mayor's office of the northern capital, a kind of team of young, promising, educated and progressive people. Many major statesmen will come out of this company. For Naryshkin, getting into such a team was the key to a good start.

It is clear that Sobchak was not invitedjust people "from the street", it is obvious that acquaintance with V. Putin played a role here. It took place in the late 80s at the St. Petersburg KGB school. Sergei Evgenievich came to the Economics Committee, which was then headed by the now well-known Alexei Kudrin.

In Smolny, Naryshkin's office was located next to the place of work of Vice Mayor Vladimir Putin. In the mayor's office, Sergei Evgenievich impressed everyone with his elegant suits and a very simple, but not familiar, manner of communication. He did not get lost in such a stellar team of Sobchak and worked with dignity in it for 3 years. During this period, he was able to make acquaintances that would later become the key to his successful career.

But in St. Petersburg, not everyone was enthusiastic about the transformation of the Sobchak mayor's office, there were often conflicts and scandals with various economic and political forces. Naryshkin has not yet claimed any role in politics.

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich KGB

Economic activity

In 1995 Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, whose biography gradually led him upstairs, leaves the mayor's office. He is invited to the Industrial Construction Bank by the owner, a good friend of V. Putin, Vladimir Kogan. Sergei Evgenievich occupies the chair of the head of the investment sector of this solid financial institution.

Naryshkin himself never talks about the reasons for leaving the mayor's office. But informed colleagues claim that he left for purely practical reasons. The bank had a significantly higher salary. And in the city hall, Naryshkin, because of his decency, could not extract large incomes.

SWith the advent of Naryshkin, the bank managed to obtain loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In 1996, he was on the Board of Directors of Philip Morris Izhora, the largest tobacco company. He worked there until 2004. The economic activity allowed him to gain practical experience, which was later required when he returned to public service.

Work in the Government of the Leningrad Region

In 1997, a new head of the investment department appeared in the government of the Leningrad Region - Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich. A new appointment to the team of Vadim Gustov was another career step for him. Experts attribute this transition to the fact that Kogan's bank actively supported Gustov during the governor's elections, and after Naryshkin's victory he became "their own man" in the government. Although he continued to do his main, familiar business - attracting investments.

A year later he gets a promotion and becomes chairman of the committee on foreign economic relations of the government of the region. During his work in the region, such large investment projects as the construction of factories "Ford", "Philip Morris", "Caterpillar Tosno" were implemented.

Naryshkin actively used his established connections in the Benelux. In particular, he oversaw the implementation of a joint project with the Dutch to grow vegetables in greenhouses. After V. Gustov left his chair, Naryshkin was able to retain his position under the new governor V. Serdyukov. He was the only member of the old teamkeeping his seat.

The secret of such unsinkability was the highest professionalism of Naryshkin. All the major investment attraction projects that he led successfully worked and brought money. Serdyukov simply did not dare to destroy such a fruitful alliance between the government and foreign capital.

naryshkin sergey evgenievich family

Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

In 2004 Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, whose biography makes another breakthrough, receives an invitation to work in Moscow, in the Government of the Russian Federation. He was appointed deputy head of the economic department of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation by the head of this structure, Dmitry Medvedev. Having worked in this position for only a month, Naryshkin becomes deputy head of the presidential administration.

In the fall, the new Prime Minister M. Fradkov, whom Naryshkin knew from his work in Belgium, appoints Sergei Evgenievich as the head of the Russian government apparatus with the rank of minister. The implementation of administrative reform fell on his shoulders, he solved the problem of reducing the huge number of state bodies and optimizing the functional duties of officials. Also, the minister, as a representative of the state, was a member of several large joint-stock companies, such as Channel One, Rosneft, Sovcomflot and others.

In February 2007, Sergei Evgenievich received an additional appointment and became Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, but also retained the post of head of the administration. Now he is additionally engaged in foreign economiclinks with CIS countries.

In 2008, Dmitry Medvedev becomes President of the Russian Federation, he appoints Naryshkin as head of his administration. Knowledgeable people, chuckling, said that Naryshkin should "keep an eye" on the young president. During this period, Sergei Evgenievich heads the Board of Directors of the United Shipbuilding Company, leads several projects to reform the civil service, to create a positive image of the Russian Federation abroad.

According to colleagues, under Naryshkin, the presidential apparatus has become a well-functioning, well-functioning body. At the same time, the head of the administration did not participate in any inter-clan showdowns and was always positioned as a man of "Putin's reserve".

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich wife

State Duma

In 2011, in the elections to deputies, the list of the United Russia party is headed by Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich. The State Duma of the 6th convocation became the new place of work for the statesman. At the first meeting of Parliament, he is elected speaker of the lower house. 238 out of 326 people voted for him, that is, only the United Russia faction supported him, but this ensured passage.

Naryshkin, as chairman of the State Duma, was remembered as a non-conflict, calm and very friendly person. He was perceived by everyone as a member of Putin's team. By and large, his candidacy satisfied all political forces, which was very important after the violent unrest at Bolotnaya.

In 2012, Sergei Evgenievich was unanimously elected to the post of Chairman of the Parliamentarymeetings of the Union of Russia and Belarus. In 2015, Naryshkin was included in the sanctions lists of America and Europe. The reason for this was his unconditional support for the events in Crimea in 2014.

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich, for whom the State Duma became the place for the realization of all his diplomatic talents, successfully worked in the lower house for 4 years and went to the next elections. In 2016, he again goes to the polls from United Russia and successfully passes to the Duma of the 7th convocation. However, he did not succeed in being a deputy, he immediately refused the mandate in connection with a new high appointment.

Foreign intelligence

In September 2016, the President of the Russian Federation appointed his faithful colleague head of the Foreign Intelligence Department. There have long been rumors in political and journalistic circles that Sergei Evgenievich "stayed too long" in the Duma.

Political scientists say that as a speaker, he could not realize his full potential. And in 2015, everyone stubbornly speculated about where Naryshkin would move. But, to the surprise of many, he again went to the deputy elections from the Leningrad region and won them. But the conflict was finally resolved, and Sergey Evgenievich Naryshkin, for whom foreign intelligence became a new assignment, moved to a new level of his career. He replaced his old acquaintance Mikhail Fradkov in this post, who highly appreciated Naryshkin's professional and personal qualities.

Foreign intelligence is a specific institution with its own traditions and rules. Naryshkin Sergei Evgenievich became its unique leader. Military rankhas always been mandatory for the person at the head of intelligence. But Naryshkin did not take the oath and remains a civilian leader. So far, he has not yet had time to prove himself in a new position, but the forecasts of specialists are optimistic. After all, Naryshkin has the necessary qualities and experience for this job.

naryshkin sergey evgenievich foreign intelligence

Private life

All acquaintances and friends unanimously claim that if monogamous people exist in the world, then this, of course, is Naryshkin Sergey Evgenievich. The statesman's wife, Tatyana Sergeevna Yakubchik, was his classmate. The future head of foreign intelligence immediately noticed a thin, serious brunette from Belarus and seriously fell in love with her. The couple got married right after graduation.

The first years the young family lived quite modestly. A year after the wedding, the Naryshkins had a son, Andrei, and 10 years later, a daughter, Veronika, appeared. Tatyana Naryshkina, candidate of technical sciences, information technology specialist, taught in her native Voenmekh before leaving for Moscow. Then she was engaged in various types of business.

The son of the former speaker Andrei lives in St. Petersburg, in the historical center, works as a deputy director at CJSC Energoproekt. By the way, one of the founders of the company is Vadim Serdyukov, the son of the governor of the Leningrad region. Andrew is married and has two daughters. He says that there are few people in his environment who are interested in politics, so his father's position has little effect on his life.

The Naryshkins' daughter Veronika graduated from the Academy of National Economy. She, like her father,she has been passionate about swimming since childhood and today she works as a coach in the Russian Swimming Federation, has the title of Master of Sports.

Character and hobbies

Naryshkin Sergei Evgenievich, whose family is a reliable rear and support, is known not only for his love of sports, but also as a great theatergoer. He regularly attends theater premieres, is friends with some actors.

Also, Naryshkin has a long-standing passion for bard song and music in general. He has been close friends with the singer Larisa Dolina for many years. The character of Sergei Evgenievich is a mystery. He is known in political circles as a responsible and serious professional. But at the same time, everyone who gets to know him better notes his cheerful and easy character, some artistry. Everyone talks about him as an exceptionally decent and intelligent person.


During his long professional life Sergey Naryshkin received many awards. He is a holder of the Orders "For Services to the Fatherland", "Friendship", "Alexander Nevsky", "Honor". He was repeatedly awarded by foreign countries for establishing friendly relations between countries.

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