Style Icon: Black Panther Naomi Campbell

Style Icon: Black Panther Naomi Campbell
Style Icon: Black Panther Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a black model who rose to worldwide fame in the 1990s. For many girls, she is now the standard of beauty and harmony. Do you want to know where the top model was born and studied? The article contains comprehensive information about her.

Naomi Campbell

Biography of Naomi Campbell

The future catwalk star was born on May 22, 1970 in London. Her mother, Valerie Campbell, was of Afro-Jamaican descent. She worked as a ballerina. Naomi never saw her father. It is only known that he left her 18-year-old mother 2 months after giving birth.

The nanny was engaged in the upbringing of the girl. And her mother constantly toured Europe. Soon Naomi had a stepfather. The obstinate child did not want to accept a new dad.

At the age of ten, our heroine went to ballet school. After graduating from this institution, she entered the London University at the acting department.

The Naomi Campbell Show

Modeling career

Friends and relatives of Naomi Campbell were confident that she would continue her mother's legacy. But the girl did not dream of a careerdancers. She was most attracted to the catwalk.

Thanks to her slender figure and exotic beauty, Naomi was able to get into the modeling business and find her niche there. She proved to the whole world that dark-skinned young ladies can also be the standard of style and attractiveness.

When Campbell was 15 years old, she was noticed by employees of the Ford modeling agency. Soon the girl had a portfolio. And her first major work in this area was shooting for the cover of Elle magazine.

Naomi has increasingly appeared in fashion shows organized by prestigious fashion houses. At this time, the girl finally moved to the United States. In a short time, she managed to build a brilliant career and stand on a par with such supermodels as Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. In the 1990s, these beauties constantly flashed on the covers of magazines.

In articles written about Naomi, she was called "black panther", "miss chocolate" and "queen of the night". The black fashion model loved the media attention.

Campbell never went on special diets or exhausted herself with exercises in the gym. But it was hard for her to get rid of bad habits. In between filming, the top model smoked and drank alcohol.

Our heroine has never been a shy lady. She participated in candid photo shoots, showing off her magnificent figure. The top model may have walked the runway with her hands over her breasts.

Film career

At some point, Naomi realized that the modeling business is not the only area where she can realize herself. Black Panther started filmingmusic videos. One of the first cooperation she offered director Herb Ritts. He worked on the video for In The Closet for Michael Jackson. Campbell gladly accepted his offer.

Together with other top models Naomi participated in the Freedom show hosted by outrageous George Michael.

Our heroine managed to try herself in a serious movie. She has 31 roles in feature films. Colleagues of the black model on the set were Whoopi Goldberg, John Malkovich, Antonio Banderas and others. Film critics did not perceive Campbell as an actress. For them, she has always remained just a silent fashion model walking the catwalk. But despite their attitude, the Black Panther movies were box office hits.

Glitter with Naomi Campbell

Project Gloss with Naomi Campbell

In 2012, one of the American TV channels announced the release of a new reality show The Face. The Russians know it as the project "Gloss" with Naomi Campbell. The main goal of the program is to find girls who could build a brilliant modeling career. Many celebrities and recognized fashion models claimed the role of the host. However, the organizers opted for the Black Panther.

"Gloss" with Naomi Campbell aired in November 2012 and immediately won huge ratings. The supermodel not only searched for long-legged beauties, but also showed the audience the behind-the-scenes life of fashion models. The result was a very frank show. Naomi Campbell wasn't the only guest star. Together with herThe program was also hosted by another world-famous dark-skinned model, Tyra Banks. The girls didn't miss a chance to tease each other.

the naomi campbell show

Private life

The exotic beauty and violent temper of the "black panther" has always attracted men. Even in adolescence, guys began to look after her. Naomi's first boyfriend, who was talked about by the press, was dancer Joaquin Cortez. Passion is what connected him and the black supermodel. The couple did not think about a serious relationship. And soon they parted.

At various times, Campbell dated Formula 1 manager Flavio Breatore, U2 bassist Adam Clayton, actor Robert De Niro and boxer Mike Tyson.

In 2008, the press started talking about the stormy romance of the "black panther" and the Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. This information was confirmed by their joint pictures and the recognition of the supermodel herself. Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin often flew to Moscow, where they visited expensive restaurants, museums and nightclubs. For the sake of her beloved man, a top model with Afro-Jamaican roots was ready to convert to Orthodoxy. Everything went to the wedding. But in the spring of 2013, the couple officially broke up.

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