What kind of person can be called cultured in modern society?

What kind of person can be called cultured in modern society?
What kind of person can be called cultured in modern society?

"A cultured person" is a phrase that can often be heard on the street, in public places and so on. What kind of person can be called a cultured person? Today, being cultured is the duty of every individual who lives in society and interacts with other people. Of course, in order for a person to be included in this high rank, he must have a very impressive list of skills, abilities and qualities, as well as comply with many norms that have historically developed in the social environment. But it is necessary to begin discussions on this topic with a definition of what “culture” is.


There are over thirty definitions for this term. For example, a literal translation from Latin says that this is “education” or “education”. But if you choose the most convenient and concise definition, then you can choose the following: the human world, its values, knowledge, skills, traditions, and the like.

what kind of person can be called cultural

A cultured person is not an innate trait, but an essential component of human existence deserved by hard work throughout life. cultureinstilled in the child from the first days of his life in the family, kindergarten, school. But this process continues with growing up.

Modern cultured person

First of all, a modern cultured person must have manners and be polite to others. The behavior of a person often indicates whether a person is cultured or not. As sociology textbooks say, man is a bio-psycho-social being, and the latter component is extremely important for his culture. After all, if it were not there, everyone would behave like an animal, guided only by an instinctive base. Etiquette is taught to kids from early childhood, as mentioned earlier, but this science is so complex that even adults often cannot master it perfectly.

what does it mean to be cultured

By the way, it is worth saying that a cultured person around the world is represented in different ways. The rules of etiquette in one part of the planet are very different from those in another. Therefore, this topic is extremely complex, although, of course, there is a general outline. So what kind of person can be called cultured?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to decide what kind of knowledge and skills an individual should have in order to be considered cultural.

External signs

As the well-known Russian proverb says, “they are met by their clothes, but they are escorted by their mind”, therefore it is worth talking about external signs. What kind of person can be called cultured in this case? Presentation and neatness in dress is very important. Seeing a person wholooks according to the situation, behaves appropriately, in which there is no vulgarity, others immediately understand that he is cultured.

civilized man

Internal signs

It is also worth mentioning internal characteristics, such as character traits. A spiritually cultured person should be responsible, merciful, polite to others, sincere, generous, courageous, but able to control himself in any situation, confident in himself and in his abilities. All this appears in people with age in the process of socialization. In addition, such a person should be tolerant, have a sense of proportion, never be rude to other people, treat everyone with respect, sympathize, compassion, help as much as possible to everyone who needs it.


Culture is taken in a person not by itself. This is a difficult and methodical work of parents, educators, teachers and teachers. But the most important person who drives the process of socialization of an individual is himself - a civilized person.

spiritually educated person

There are many examples of Mowgli children in the world who were found in the jungle, but since socialization did not occur for a long time, even the most talented teachers could not help them become cultured people. A person personally must be aware of what is necessary for his formation as a cultural personality. It is possible to become erudite, educated, educated and civilized only if you make an effort yourself.

Collaboration with otherspeople

A cultured person is part of society, so he must be able to cooperate and get along with others. Such a person must at times forget about his own good for the sake of other people, what it means to be cultured. Helping a comrade is constantly present in the fate of cultured people.

Patriotism and citizenship

What kind of person can be called cultured in the context of this trait? It is extremely important for someone who wants to be called cultural, to know the history of his state, to be aware of himself as a citizen, to love his homeland and honor the laws that are present on its territory. You can not be "Ivans who do not know their forefathers." These qualities, of course, depend on education, what was laid down in the family, or on the traditions that are present around the individual.

modern cultured person

It is impossible to list all the signs that a cultured person should have in our time. And after all, everyone in this case will highlight something of their own, which they consider more important. But a few obligatory traits were mentioned above, they can be developed in yourself on your own or try to get rid of their antipodes within yourself, the main thing is to strive for perfection. And it is also important to remember that culture is not determined by words, but by deeds, so talk about your actions, done or planned, and be cultured!

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