Lila Turanga - captain, animal lover and dreamer

Lila Turanga - captain, animal lover and dreamer
Lila Turanga - captain, animal lover and dreamer

One of the most interesting characters of the animated series "Futurama" is Turanga Leela. She is charismatic, good-looking, always ready to go to the end and has a surprisingly persistent character. Therefore, many readers will be interested in learning more about her.

Who is she?

She is the captain of the Interstellar Express ship of the company where all the main characters work. With the main character of the animated series - Fry - she met when she worked in the laboratory of cryogenics. But after that, the girl was fired when she did not want to fulfill her duty, allowing the unfortunate guy who had lain in a cryogenic chamber for a thousand years (from 1999 to 2999) to choose his own fate, and not become what the computer prescribes him to be.

Interplant Express

However, she did not stay unemployed for long. Philip Fry went to the only living relative - a distant great-grandson, who turned out to be 160-year-old Professor Farnsworth, the owner of a company for the delivery of various goods. He was just looking for a new team for his ship. As a result, Leela, Fry, as well as the robot Bender who joined themwere hired by him. They had no idea how many adventures they would experience through such work.


Lila Turanga is a rather conservative (for her time) girl. In clothes, she is unpretentious, she almost always wears (and this is 140 episodes) the same clothes: massive boots, black trousers and a tight white T-shirt. Only in bad weather does she sometimes wear a green jacket.

The physique is athletic, toned. Luxurious mane of deep purple hair is most often simply collected in a ponytail.

fan art

But the most unusual thing that makes Leela stand out from any crowd is the fact that she is a Cyclops. Yes, she only has one eye instead of two, which doesn't stop her from being a charming character. It is no coincidence that fans of the heroine Turanga Leela create numerous arts, some of which you can see in the article.

Alas, it is precisely because of her attractive appearance that she often becomes a victim of various adventurers and deceivers. But the girl just wants pure and eternal love, which she deserves.

On her right hand, she wears a massive metal bracelet, which is a portable computer. With its help, the girl makes calls, remotely controls the ship, checks the edibility of food, and, if necessary, even activates the built-in laser.


But Lila Turanga cannot boast of an easy character. Purposefulness, desire to dominate, readiness to get into a fight at any moment - these properties are much more suitable for a pumped-up guy, and notfragile girl.

A little romance

However, it is not her fault that she has become like this. Numerous trials that befell her fate hardened her, forcing her to be strong, resolute, not making any concessions.

Let's start with the fact that Lila Turanga spent her childhood in an orphanage, not knowing parental love. There she learned kung fu, which helped her more than once in the future - an elegant girl confidently breaks through many opponents, including quite experienced ones.

The girl was not very popular at the orphanage. There were many reasons for attacks - from a single eye to dental braces and glasses (yes, Lila Turanga went through this unpleasant stage in her life).

Despite external rigidity, she loves animals very much, she is always ready to volunteer to save, for example, penguins on Pluto. She even has a pet, Nibbler, whom she rescued from a doomed planet.

Her main dream is to find an educated, smart guy who loves her, marry him, have three children, live happily ever after.


The one-eyed baby was thrown into the orphanage in a basket along with a piece of paper covered with indecipherable letters. Everyone decides that she is a representative of an unknown biological species, most likely an alien.

Leela in an unusual style

Turanga Leela lived almost all her life with such faith. In reality, her parents are sewer mutants. Just seeing that a newborn has very littledeviations (only hair color and a single eye), the parents decide that she will be able to live among people, having a much better life than the one that is destined for her if the child remains in the sewer. Therefore, they go to the deception, parting with their only child for her own good. However, they did not stop watching her and, if possible, making small pleasant surprises.

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