Arshinov Park - a natural oasis in the Russian capital

Arshinov Park - a natural oasis in the Russian capital
Arshinov Park - a natural oasis in the Russian capital

It's hard to believe that within Moscow there are places where centuries-old pine trees grow, and the air seems unusually clean. Do you also think this statement is fantastic? Then be sure to take some time and visit Arshinov Park, located in the Tsaritsyno district, between Bekhterev and Baku streets.

Arshinov park

How did the dacha turn into a public park?

At the beginning of the 20th century, "country" dachas of we althy people were actively broken up on the territory of modern Tsaritsyno. The merchant Vasily Arshinov also settled here. Around the house, his son, who had an education in botany, decided to create a beautiful park. It took 20 years to bring this idea to life. A cascade of ponds was artificially created here and rare plants were planted. Not a trace was left of the personal dacha, and today only the name - Arshinov Park (in honor of the creator V. V. Arshinov) reminds of the merchant family. Only the pine trees planted at that time and the cascade of ponds remain. More than one generation of Muscovites has already grown up, whose best memory from childhood is walking in this beautiful recreation area.

Arshinovskiypark reconstruction

Green spaces and original water system

The real pride of the park is the Korneevsky ponds: Upper and Lower. They are connected by a pipe, thanks to which, when one reservoir is filled, part of the water naturally flows into the neighboring one. The ponds were created artificially along the mouth of the Kotlyakovka River, named after the village of the same name that once existed. Today, the river, which is about 4 km long, is almost completely enclosed in underground collectors. And just before the "entrance" to Gorodnya, its waters fill a cascade of ponds. Thanks to these reservoirs, Arshinovskiy Park seems even more comfortable. You can’t swim in the ponds, but in the summer, locals sunbathe on their banks, and fishermen can be seen here all year round. The recreation area also boasts a rich flora. Mostly coniferous trees grow here, including cedar pine. Of the deciduous plantations, the following are the most interesting: gray alder, black poplar and Siberian larch.

Modern park borders

Today the territory of the green zone is about 12.5 hectares. Since 1987, Arshinovskiy Park has been a natural monument. Today it is surrounded on all sides by residential buildings. Behind the ponds, residential high-rise buildings rise, on the other hand, the recreation area borders on the City Clinical Hospital No. 12. School No. 868 is also located nearby. Arshinovskiy Park is a favorite vacation spot for local residents. Many come here every day to walk alone, with children, dogs or entire families. After all, these are completely indescribable emotions and veryan unusual format of recreation: living in a big city and not traveling abroad, you have the opportunity to walk through the pine "forest" and admire the water surface of the lakes.

Arshinov park school

Beautification of the territory

In 2013, the park became part of the Kuzminsky Forest Park. Improvement of the territory was carried out in the recreation area before. Ponds were cleaned, their banks were strengthened, garbage was removed, paths were cleared. In the recreation area there are children's and sports grounds, as well as an equipped place for walking dogs. There is information that very soon lovers of outdoor recreation will be able to see the renovated Arshinov Park. A global reconstruction is planned, it is quite possible that cafes, attractions and other entertainments will appear here very soon. The main thing, according to local residents, is that any changes do not damage the old trees and the local landscape. Many people like the park in its modern form, perhaps it should be improved a bit and made more modern. The most important thing is to observe the measure and not harm wildlife.

Where is Arshinov Park

Where is Arshinov Park, who will like this recreation area?

The main entrance to the recreation area is located at: Bakuskaya street, house 26, building 9. The nearest metro stations are Tsaritsino and Kantemirovskaya. The park is open all year round, but in winter, not all paths are cleared in a timely manner. Today it is a natural recreation area. Fans of rides and other entertainment should choose another place to visit.It makes no sense to include Arshinovskiy Park in your excursion program for tourists from other regions. Believe me, in Moscow there are more interesting places for sightseeing and recreation. But it will be useful for residents of the surrounding areas to learn that there is such a wonderful recreation area in Tsaritsyno. The park is ideal for walking, sports, family picnics and visits with children. Fishermen will also like it here. According to the reviews of those who regularly fish on local lakes, sometimes they really come across a good catch. Attention: on the territory of the recreation area it is forbidden to leave garbage and make fires on the ground. Follow these simple rules of conduct and be more attentive to the environment, and then your grandchildren will also appreciate the beauty of this park.

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