What is she, an African beauty girl?

What is she, an African beauty girl?
What is she, an African beauty girl?

The girls of the African tribes of the Russian people, frankly, are frightening. This is due to their unusual standards of beauty, which are fundamentally different from ours. Because of this, we have a stereotype that all black women are not as attractive as ours. However, is this really true? Or maybe behind the shocking photos we stopped noticing the true beauty of Africa?

To understand this issue, you need to weed out the truth from fiction. To do this, let's compare the various categories of black girls living both on the territory of the Black Continent and beyond.

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African girl: why is she scary?

African beauty standards seem at least strange to a Russian person. Pierced ears, which can easily fit a 10 cm plate. A spiked nose that looks more like the body of a hedgehog than a lovely part of the face. Elongated, like giraffes, necks, girded with copper hoops. All this scares our man and also makes him breakhead over why they disfigure themselves like that?

However, one point needs to be cleared up. Such excesses are the usual norm for local tribes. This is part of the cultural heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation over the past 2-3 millennia. And they seem strange only for us, but for them it is a familiar part of the aesthetic image of their ancestors.

African tribal girls

Exception to rule

But not all native Africans are prone to self-flagellation. So, among all the others, the Himba tribe stands out, because the most beautiful African girls live in it. At the same time, their appearance is appreciated not only by black men, but also by most Europeans.

The fact is that women from this tribe have a surprisingly slender body, which is extremely unusual in those parts. Also, they do not “disfigure” their body, but rather, they follow it. So, girls daily rub a special extract of clay and natural oils into their hair, thereby forming amazing pigtails, somewhat reminiscent of dreadlocks.

In addition, in this tribe, women are used to wearing a lot of jewelry. And this gives them even more elegance and nobility. No wonder one of the tourists noticed that they all look like dark-skinned princesses of antiquity.

beautiful african girls

Dawn of a new era

And yet, even native Africans are slowly beginning to realize that such eccentricities are no longer in vogue today. As progress takes over the wildlands, so does theculture of the Black Continent. Now beautiful African girls are in no hurry to disfigure their body and face. Through television, they acquire new views and beliefs that differ from the usual for the better.

In general, despite all the originality of Africans, they are increasingly striving to become like Americans and Europeans. After all, their image is a symbol of we alth and prosperity, which are so lacking here. Therefore, one should not be surprised that a modern girl will prefer a set of high-quality cosmetics as a gift instead of plate-shaped earrings.

African Model Girls

Such changes in the culture of African peoples have led to the fact that their women began to transform before our eyes. From wild and neglected she-wolves, they turned into graceful panthers, able to compete on equal terms with European beauties. As proof of this, here is a small list of African natives who can surprise everyone with their lovely appearance.

  • Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid - this African girl was one of the first to show the world the true beauty of the Black Continent.
  • Kate Manson is a Ghanaian top model who won the 2008 Face of Africa national pageant.
  • Oluchi Onwigba is a Nigerian beauty who has conquered the catwalks of many prestigious shows.
  • Yasmin Warsame is a native of Somalia who moved to Canada and became famous there as one of the most attractive girls in the state.
  • Genevieve Nadji is another African girl from Nigeria who is a famous singer and model outside her homeland.

It is noteworthy that this list can be continued for a very long time, as there are many stunning beauties on this continent. But more importantly, today the world has begun to accept these women as worthy rivals of white models. Therefore, the myth that all black girls are unattractive is also slowly starting to dissipate.

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Africans famous all over the world

If in the previous chapter the conversation was just about the beautiful women of Africa, then this one will focus on the most famous of them. About those whose beauty once and for all changed the world around them, forced them to kneel before the "black goddesses".

  • First place goes to Ethiopian supermodel and designer Liya Kebede. This African girl is so popular that Forbes ranked her as the 11th highest paid model on the planet.
  • The second place of honor is occupied by Agbani Darego, a native of Nigeria. She is the first black woman to win Miss World.
  • Flaviana Matata is a Tanzanian model who won 6th place in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant. Today, her face represents the trademark of one of the most famous fashion houses - Vivienne Westwood.
most beautiful african girls

Past and future

In conclusion, I would like to say that Africa is a continent of stunning contrasts. Here the past and the future, the strange and the understandable, the beautiful and the ugly are harmoniously intertwined. Therefore, it cannot be said that soon allAfrican girls will look like European girls. Most likely, most of the original tribes will continue to follow the ancient customs and norms.

However, those of them who still dare to change will forever change the world's view of the women of this region.

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