Nastya Reshetova - who is she? What does she do and why is she known?

Nastya Reshetova - who is she? What does she do and why is she known?
Nastya Reshetova - who is she? What does she do and why is she known?

“The sexiest hips of the Russian Instagram” - this is how the subscribers dubbed Anastasia Reshetova-Volkonskaya. She is also called the Russian Kim Kardashian for her similar style and images. Nastya Reshetova became popular recently, in many ways she owes her fame to the famous rapper Timati.

Anastasia Reshetova-Volkonskaya - who is she and where did she come from

The future model was born in Moscow on January 23, 1996. She has a younger sister, with whom they are very similar. Nastya Reshetova was born into a military family. Now she says that her father raised her in severity. However, she spent almost her entire teenage period on the outskirts of Moscow in the company of friends, arranging gatherings and painting walls with graffiti. This is evidenced by photographs and stories of comrades of youth.

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After graduating from school, Nastya Reshetova entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. But with the beginning of a career in the modeling business, she quit her studies due to lack of time. After some time, she entered again, but already at the MIEPP. There she receives knowledge in the field of state andmunicipal government. In parallel with this, he is taking courses at the Moscow School of Radio and Television.

Nothing is known about Anastasia's personal life until 2015. But already this summer, she and her lover become the heroine of star gossip. And all because the beloved person of Anastasia Reshetova is Timati. He regularly gives her luxurious gifts, but even after two years of close relationships, none of them comment on this.

Modeling career

Nastya Reshetova, whose height and weight correspond to model parameters, began to receive frequent offers to shoot in photo shoots and advertising projects.

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The girl currently has the following parameters: height - 178 centimeters, weight - 57 kilograms, chest / waist / hips - 95/60/91. She harmoniously looks in photographs and in sportswear, and in luxurious evening dresses. In her youth, Anastasia did not even think about a modeling career, however, having tried herself in this craft, she realized that she was born for this.

In addition to shows and photo shoots, Nastya Reshetova is actively promoting her beauty clinic. And in the near future plans to open another one.

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