Nelya: full name and meaning

Nelya: full name and meaning
Nelya: full name and meaning

Let's find out from what exact name the abbreviated form was formed - Nelya? The full name of the owner of which sounds right and where does it take its roots from? When studying this issue, it is worth digging deeper, affecting not only the science that studies names (onomastics), but also religion. And also plunge headlong into the history of this beautiful name. Then much will become clear.

General characteristics of Nelya contraction

The meaning of the name corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac Virgo, the patron planet is the Sun, among the talismans there are three stones - topaz, emerald and black opal. Favorite colors are green and black. The plant is a cypress, the animal is a mole or a turtle. Favorable day of the week is Saturday. The main character traits are loy alty, diligence, attractiveness, charm. Nelya celebrates her birthday according to the Orthodox calendar together with Elena, this happens on June 3 or November 13.

Nelya full name


In terms of compatibility with the middle name Nele is ideal: Maratovna, Pavlovna, Dmitrievna, Vsevolodovna, Valentinovna, Alekseevna, Tagirovna, Efimovna, Danilovna, Kimovna.

Nele is wonderful as life companionsfit: Oscar, Nazar, Arnold, Bogdan, Mechislav, Martin, Ernest, Felix.

But it will be difficult for her to build harmonious relationships with Terenty, Solomon, Tit, Martyan and Karp.

Meaning of the name Nelya

The meaning of the name is interpreted in different ways, but in the most general form it is defined as "light", "young". It is interesting to trace the interpretation of the abbreviated version of the name spelled.

Н - the letter of protest, willpower, inner core, legibility in people and life situations. A sign of independence, flexible mind, perseverance, determination, result orientation.

E - symbolizes the naturalness of being. It endows a person with internal and external attractiveness, charm. And if the name is under stress, as in our case, then this is a clear sign that the person is very sociable, easily converges with people and wins over.

Nelya name meaning

L is a letter characteristic of the names of those people who have a special sensitivity, are emotional, subtly feel beauty and style. They have a penchant for creativity, artistic nature. They do not like to waste time in vain, they try to find their true calling in life.

I - is characterized as a symbol of individuality, dignity, personal growth, the desire for universal respect, love. And also the ability to achieve all this without fail.

Diminutively, the girl is called Nelya, her full name depends on a number of factors: original origin, religious affiliation and general characteristics. There are several optionsoriginal meaning, but most often of them are Nelly and Naila (in the Muslim world). We will dwell on them in more detail.


How wonderful the full name sounds - Nelly! And it is customary to address the girl in abbreviated form - Nela, Nelia, Nelya, which is pronounced no less beautifully. What does the name Nelya mean?

The origin of the name initially has an ambiguous history. On the one hand, it is known that its roots originate in Greece. And from the language of this country, it is translated "bright". On the other hand, the historical fact shows that Nelly is an affectionate diminutive version of the names Eleanor, Elena and Anna. In our area, the name gained popularity in the 18th century thanks to the English nobility of that time. In turn, we approved it as a full-fledged and independent, which further contributed to its distribution.

Nellie is characterized by unpredictability and emotionality. You never know what to expect from her at one time or another. In an incomprehensible way, natural modesty coexists in a person along with impulsiveness, a picky personality and a creative nature, well feeling all the facets of art.

Despite her temper, Nelly quickly moves away, knows how to forget insults, so she has very few enemies. He argues a lot, but only on the case. You can safely trust her with any secrets. She is more of a careerist than a homebody. Nele is more interested in learning a useful thing, a profession, meeting the right people than sitting at the stove and embroidering with a cross. The name Nelly or Nelya helps his mistress to realize herself in such professions as a teacher,psychologist, artist, doctor, actress.

For family relationships, she is looking for a man equal to herself, with a difficult character, serious and capable of satisfying all her material needs. Jealous, but keeps herself in control, because she prefers calmness. Here she is, Nelya, whose full name is Nelly.

Nelya name origin

Nailya - Nelya

Naila is the Muslim full version of the affectionate abbreviation Nelya. The origin of the name originates in the Arab and Persian countries. In translation, it means "gift", "reward".

name Nelly or Nelya

The owners of this worthy name are distinguished by an unbalanced temperament, adherence to principles, and waywardness. They absolutely do not tolerate criticism, expressed in a particularly harsh form, they can remember all their lives.

Nailya is a proud person, straightforward but friendly, loves to be the center of attention. He takes an active life position, always takes the side of the weaker, helps the unprotected. At home, he tries to be helpful. Neat, looks after her appearance, loves sports. Completely open to communication and people, strongly attached to them, especially to children. The opinion of the chosen one is the most important for her. In the future, Nailya becomes a wonderful hostess, an exemplary mother and wife.

The most famous Nelechki

There are many celebrities among the owners of the beautiful name Nelly (Nelya). The first one that immediately comes to mind is Nelly Kobzon or Ninel, as she is subtly called at home, the wife of a famous Russian singer,cultural and political figure Iosif Davydovich Kobzon.

What does the name Nela mean?

Also comes to mind the name of the German poetess Nelly Sachs, who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1966. Together with them, I would like to say about Nelli Kim, a Soviet gymnast, Honored Master of Sports, multiple champion of the USSR, five-time Olympic champion. I recall an interesting fact from her life: the athlete was affectionately called Kimanelli.

If we talk about the Muslim version of the full name Nelya (Nail), then Nailya Galyautdinova can be cited as an example. She is a People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as an announcer for local radio and television. The well-known poetess from Kazan, Nailya Akhunova, and an athlete specializing in marathon races, Nailya Yulamanova, bear the same name. In addition, this nice name belongs to the chairman of the Union of Muslim Women of Tatarstan - Naila khanum Ziganshina.

Kind, conscientious, emotional girl Nelya, whose full name can be Nelly, and Nailya, and even Neonilla, is a multifaceted nature. And no matter which of the variants of the name its owner wears, each of them characterizes her in her own way. But first of all, as an extraordinary personality, endowing with certain human qualities, emphasizing individuality, helping to live in harmony with oneself and the world.

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