Mikhail Men: biography, career and family

Mikhail Men: biography, career and family
Mikhail Men: biography, career and family

The track record of the hero of our material is impressive. Mikhail Men is the former governor of the Ivanovo region, former vice-mayor of the capital, deputy chairman of the Moscow regional government, deputy of the State Duma, head of a number of cultural organizations. He currently holds the post of head of the Ministry of Construction.

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Biography of Mikhail Men

Date and place of birth - 11/12/1960, the village of Semkhoz (today it is the territory of the city of Sergiev Posad). His parents were Orthodox ministers. Father Alexander Vladimirovich - archpriest. Mother Natalya Fedorovna is a church warden. Mikhail's older sister's name is Elena.

The father saw his son as the successor of his business, he, in turn, dreamed of an acting fate. This desire only strengthened after the main film role played by him (it was the film "Deniska's Stories"). Mikhail Menu was then ten years old. The parents objected. Then I had to look for a solution that would suit both sides. They were studying at the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry named after I.Gubkin.

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But… she had to be abandoned. The reason is unsatisfactory exams and a firm personal conviction that he, as the son of a priest, should try his hand only in the field of culture and art. Behind Mikhail Aleksandrovich Me is service in Dalvoenmorstroy, correspondence studies at the Moscow Institute of Culture. As a student, the young man decided to create his own team "Bridge". He also played the role of vocalist and bass player in it. The band toured extensively, took part in festivals, and rock fans really liked it.

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Further plans

In 1987, after graduating from the institute and receiving the speci alty of a director, he left the musical group. At first, he managed recreation parks, then became the head of his own publishing cooperative. Later, Mikhail Alexandrovich Men learned to be a lawyer. He defended his dissertation for the degree of candidate of philosophical sciences.

Civil servant career

In 1993, Mikhail Men asked Metropolitan Yuvenaly (his father's former ruling bishop) for advice on the possibility of becoming a deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma. The blessing has been received. 1995 - elected to the State Duma. He became a member of the Yabloko party and deputy chairman of the culture committee.

1999 One of the candidates who ran for the post of head of the administration of the Moscow region was Colonel-General Boris Gromov. To make his candidacy more loyal to the liberal part of the population andchurch circles, he offered to become his deputy Michael Menu. The result of the last elections was the victory of these politicians.

My next position was that of Vice Mayor. In 2005, after joining the ranks of United Russia, he was appointed governor of the Ivanovo region. He was re-elected to this position. 2013 brought him a long-term retirement. Among the reasons that prompted him to move to another place, in addition to professional ones, Mikhail Men also named personal motives: a family living in the capital and a recently born child. In the same year, the official becomes the head of the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Private life and family

The first time he was married to the poetess, rock singer Inna Georgievna Petrova. The current wife of the head of the Ministry of Construction, Mikhail, is Nalimova Elena Olegovna. She is fifteen years younger than her husband. By occupation, the woman is an entrepreneur. This is a large couple - they have three girls and three boys. Children for Mikhail Men are the main personal achievement and constant pride.

Mikhail Men, head of the Ministry of Construction

The official remains a fan of rock music to this day. Collects a collection of electric guitars. Negatively refers to those people who do not know how to answer for their own words. He names Nikolai Gogol, Sergei Minaev, George Orwell as his favorite writers.

At the end of 2015, his annual income amounted to thirty-five million rubles. The property included two land plots (area - five thousand square meters), three apartments, a residential building, a summer house, two cars and an ATV.

According to the results of the same year, the volume of housing commissioned in the Russian Federation amounted to eighty-four million square meters. That exceeded the indicators of the Soviet era. The head explained such results by the working state program to subsidize mortgage rates.

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