Slush is no joke

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Slush is no joke
Slush is no joke

The formula for slush is simple: some liquid (most often rain or sleet) plus soil. The mud formula is almost the same, with the exception of one important point. It can also be dried at the appropriate temperature. But slush is an exclusively liquid substance and a clear sign of certainly wet weather.

Word in Russian

This can also be called the weather. Usage examples:

  1. "Slush on the road is impossible" (M.E. S altykov-Shchedrin).
  2. In the slush it is better to put on rubber boots.

In a figurative sense, the word "slush" means something despicable and miserable, a nonentity. For example, in such expressions: “It’s useless to cry - only to breed slush”; “The local society is such, the right word, slush!”

The emphasis in this word falls on the letter "I".

Slush is a danger on the roads

In poems and songs - also slush

Like any other natural phenomenon, such an unattractive, it would seem, sign of the off-season is sung by lyricists.

Classic lines of the brilliant Boris Pasternak about the "rumbling slush", which "in the springburns black" - a highly artistic description of February in Russian poetry.

"And wow - what a mess!" exclaims Nobel Prize winner Yevgeny Yevtushenko in Road to Rain.

The idol of fans of the author's song, Vladimir Vysotsky, telling "About the royal procession", throws the crowd "prone, into slush and mud…"

“Slush for you,” contemporary singer Dima Vasiliev calls out, “but it’s rain.”

But not only pop artists tend to breed it. Aggressive rapper Ernesto Shut up drops "thought services into human slush." And so on and so forth.

But no matter how much the servants of the pen poeticize this natural phenomenon, traffic police inspectors invariably warn: slush is dangerous!

Hold on tight to the steering wheel, driver

These are the words from another popular song. It is called "And the road winds like a gray ribbon." And although the brave driver is not afraid of "neither rain nor sleet", such weather invariably poses an increased danger on the roads.

Slush on the roadway can absorb headlights at dusk. And pedestrians, whose clothes in the off-season are predominantly dark tones, are almost invisible.

Wet snow creates slush

For road users, the forecast “it's raining outside, it's slushy outside” doesn't sound romantic at all. Such a road makes it much more difficult to control the car.

The roadbed is dotted with deep ruts. This slush was kneaded by heavy vehicles. And the roadsides are a skating rink at all, getting on which is a big risk.

It's not for nothing that Vladimir Dal, a connoisseur of the living Great Russian language, supposed that the word "slush" comes from "slush". That is a cripple. At such a time, it is better to concentrate on the road and not be distracted by poems and songs.

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